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February 26, 2020

I sent you one fan what’s going on
what’s going on man just waking up man to a commotion man where is H T oh everybody want to know angels in the outfield if you build it
they will come hto set of vibration you all know what
the vibration is semen retention semen retention reaches back to earlier times
maybe as early as the ten commandments means of controlling your liquid light not to expend and put it all over the
universe which is your energy that you have to go back in sequester and get
back that you let go you wondering why you can’t do nothing you did spend all
your energy all over the place bro that’s why you can’t do nothing that’s
why you can’t manifest none that’s why you can’t do nothing heo said that for a
lot of you cats and I commend their brother for doing what he did because a
lot of people don’t talk about this cuz you got that glow that field and so
you got that glow power love it Shawn y’all know HT o started that man I just
jumped in here man because I’m all about health myself and when I took see more
attention for myself I got on the net I started looking and I seen a lot of
people talking about it but I seen that young brother doing it in the black
community it no matter what community come from but a lot of people that my
culture man and we was raised to get our damn freakily the music what music push
drugs sex and alcohol we was coerced in jeered in the corner
in that direction the biggest moneymaker is hip hop y’all see it in the
commercials y’all see it in the movies but they also pushed that sex drive get
us out here expending our law powers all our energies and stuff like that so he
he went in and I seen a lot of y’all start following which is great good
message semen retention angels in the outfield maybe he came and said to
vibration and it’s time for y’all to keep it going
i’ma cover at all semen retention sexual health mental health economical health spiritual health all around sexual health is the
beginning because if you suspend why I’ll tell you what physical health comes
first because if you ain’t physically able to go freeze nothing ain’t going
down so physical health which comes from diet and eating is number one and I must
say it’s for sexual health mental health spiritual growth mental physical
spiritual economic y’all already know man mental physical spiritual mental
physical spiritual economic let’s just say sexual health
ain’t no it ain’t no numbers man I’m gonna take that back man all this is one
that’s the problem we keep separating everything everything comes to one
culmination man it all comes to one big cataclysmic operation it all comes back
to one the power of one you see that in all my videos the power of one let’s
bring it to one that may instead of vibration man if it’s a publicity stunt
then come on back htl with a brand make that million because this is this is a
this is a billion dollar industry man when I say billion dollar industry on
some on anything that’s out here that you feel like you can put your mind to
market you can do that and this right here is actually one of those things so
if you guys out there you know I’m paying attention to some of the UH some
of the comments somehow he was they started not liking them and he was pure
comedy and you know trying to learn there about where he had where he was at
right here don’t worry about where he was at right here because he was he was
he was further than a lot of you cats so stop questioning them that’s hate that’s
envy and fall back off there it is what it is man I bet y’all they had the balls
to say that on his page and under his comments and if you did you probably had no
picture up there you’ll fish account so with that said man big up to that
brother for doing what he did coming down into the to the took to my culture
of our community letting us know put a stop to it take it back to the days of
Oh get a holy old semen man and when you do it ain’t like you’re gonna be met
you ain’t missing I don’t know you actually gaining you gaining you’re
gaining brother you gain and when you’re going to see them semen retention your
powers within your manifestation powers multiplied by the kilojoules y’all know
about kilojoules light frequency energy ah y’all ain’t ready
y’all just want to be entertained man we done with entertainment we do this man
for real eight one phone I represent them phones
and I’m always throw that for cuz I’m in that photo energy I’m on the top side of
81 nutrition fo healing the a stands for scent you get with then run with this
vibration man and if you get off of her you go into hell and don’t don’t don’t
don’t don’t think the hell that I’m talking about is the hill that was
explained to you the fiery devil down below once you die no man Hill is on
earth so is heaven are you gonna create your kingdom in hell or are you gonna
create your kingdom in heaven build your kingdoms but be careful of your
foundation because hell’s a foundation and heavens a foundation see y’all ain’t
ready y’all ain’t ready man I’ve been on the semen retention thing for a minute
man and I long HT oh yeah y’all y’all making your videos we’re here this that
other getting your views up but for real don’t y’all know y’all
got y’all some of y’all got y’all fire from him he said the vibration angels in
the outfield that God came to deliver the message and if he gone
I had situations where somebody came and helped me and vanished into thin air
changed my life can’t find him angels in the outfield did some things
for me that nobody ever did state vanished can’t find him
the day of sin to another real or they just go somewhere don’t even know man
y’all better get on this world is ever changing it’s magical
anybody ever helped you and you can find him change your life in a major way like
the movies angels just come out of nowhere here you go here you go here you
go just that take this take this take that and can’t find him at my BHT old
man angels in the outfield you build it they will come
it’s my quicklaw blow man hto with the glow appreciate that brothers you got me
senior cuz you got that glow a finish so you
got that glow power of elevation elevation ascension the vibration has
been set man I don’t know how to tell you this
but uh put your dick up get into manifestation
taking care of your kingdoms protecting these women and children out here
because it’s a lot going on a lot going on
they trafficking humans reaches back to low sexual nature
whoever’s taking part in this you got the porn industry Playboy magazines porn
hubs even go anywhere and find porn on the internet lower nature beings making millions off
of magic that is made to pull things into this world sex magic what y’all
know y’all ain’t ready man I’m gonna go over here get up out of here man let
y’all know you got that glow the power is yours
peace peace of sent you one family it’s day three 144,000 in my body has healed
me it’s a three days man to fully get that out my sister I’m good I’m up and
running the globe after what might have been a flu virus is gone cuz I’m playing
I’ll run the energy in my body do you do the same anyone nutrition for healing
the a stands for ascension these peacefully

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  1. I hear ya big bro. HTO made some amazing work. I don’t know what he is up to. But fact of the matter, we keep pushing. Anyone who falls off bc of HTO disappearing, is weak and wasn’t about this in the 1st place. Like I said, this is an Elite thing.

  2. Keep up the good work champ I want you to know your videos are definitely the truth and speaking for myself i appreciate all of em brother 💪🏽

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  4. Im doing cucumbers on my eyes and its amazing guys, no more puffy circles. Stay hydrated too all with SR and there u go

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