Semen Retention and Why Men Struggle With Women
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Semen Retention and Why Men Struggle With Women

February 25, 2020

Uncle c back in the office today and I’m ready
to drop some absolute bombs on you guys. Because this keeps coming up. Men are getting soft men are getting weak. Why is it that you struggle with women? Well, I’m about to tell you why is it that
so many men struggle with women? Well, it’s because men these days haven’t
set a standard. Now be sure to stay until the end of this
video because at the end of it, I’m going to show you how to get a link to my free case
study. And that’s a staple that I put in a lot of
my videos because I want to show you that next step and help. But getting back to the original topic, why
is it that men nowadays are struggling more with women than ever? Well, fellas, it is for the sole purpose in
fact that you do not set a standard with women. You don’t set a standard for what you will
put up with. You don’t set a standard for what you won’t
put up with. You see guys are pushovers guys are constant
pushovers guys are self serving. Two women guys will do anything for a woman
at that woman. beck and call instantly. Now why is that? It’s because men nowadays don’t do the work. Men don’t do the self improvement fathers
aren’t teaching their men how to do the self improvement how to set a standard. Now, what men need to have when it comes to
women is men need to have set boundaries, set guidelines for rules that they will and
won’t abide by. And the reason why your girl is acting out
of pocket the reason why your girl is acting out a line the reason why your girl is searching
for strength, the reason why your girl Snapchat username is in her Instagram bio is due to
the fact that you are weak. You are a weak male with no standard and no
boundaries. And because of that you struggle with dating. And if you struggle with dating, there’s a
very good chance you struggle with your body and there’s a good chance that you struggle
with your business. And what happens is when you struggle with
all of those things where you are now a lower value, man, and she realizes that what’s between
her legs and now has power over you. So what do I mean by this when I say men are
so afraid to set the standard What I mean by this is when a guy enters into a relationship
with a girl or when a guy starts seeing a girl, and by the way, fellas, you like you
You see the retention, right like, do you see what retention semen retention does for
you? Okay semen retention starts to build that
male testosterone it starts to make it so you feel strong again so that way when you
look at your girl when your girl looks at you, she sees a man okay? Not a little boy. Now how do you set the standard with women
what you set the standard by setting direct tonality and direct the guidelines for what
you will and will not put up with what I mean by this is guys are so non willing to offend
guys are so scared to piss off the girl guys are so scared to lose the girl. What I mean by this is men have a scarcity
mindset. And they have a scarcity mindset because you
don’t have options. Men today do not have options and because
of this, the girl wins the dating game, the girl wins and every single aspect. Now what happens is when the Sky meets this
girl. At first she may be viewed him as that alpha,
that strong dominant guy, that leader guy. And what happens is that as she pushes his
buttons, he turns soft. He turns emotional, he starts to say things
like, well, who else are you talking to? Or where do we stand? Or where are you going next weekend? What are you doing? Who are you hanging out with? Where are you going to be? He starts getting needy, he starts making
every interaction about where she is and what she’s doing. He starts questioning himself as to if he’s
good enough for her. And guess what, fellas, the girl can sense
that. Now for any of you businessmen out there for
any of you guys that are into sales that are into selling to somebody that have a product
or have something that you want to sell. What happens when there’s a shift in energy
during the sale, when that client that prospect that person can all of a sudden tell that
something’s off that you don’t know what to say or you don’t know where to go or you don’t
know what their needs are, you don’t know what it is that they’re needing out of you
during that interaction. You feel that pullback You feel that shift
in energy? you feel that? Well? Yeah, let me get back to you. I’ll think about it. And that’s exactly what happens when your
girl notices that there’s a shift in masculine energy. Because you didn’t set the standard you didn’t
set the boundary. When you start to slip up and you start to
become more feminized more in your emotional state or you start arguing with a woman one
of the worst things possible, he will notice that she will notice that you’re slipping
up, she will notice how much you’re putting her on the pedestal and she will slip back. She will be searching through those DM searching
through that Instagram searching through the Tinder messages to find the next alpha to
find the next guy to just tell her what he wants out of her. Because women are searching for the strength
more than ever, fellas. If you can actually tell a woman what it is
that you want out of her. She doesn’t look at you as weak or soft. She looks at you as strong because you set
the framework for how the relationship will go. Men need to explain to their females and you
know, I’m getting more Like you can tell I got a lot of emotion in this topic you can
tell this pisses me off, because I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sick of men not putting in the work in
their bodies. I’m sick of men not putting in the work in
their business. I’m sick of men going to the bars and draining
out a six pack. I’m sick of me having no friends. I’m sick of me not being able being able to
connect with anybody. Because no guy follows the self improvement
journey. No guy follows anything. I sit by myself and I work all day and I improve
my market value I do just fine with women. But I can’t get you know guys guys will start
to hate you. People get envious. It’s because like you actually have rules
and guidelines. Everybody nowadays is so free. Yeah, you can do whatever you can sleep with
whoever you can see whoever Feel free to do drugs. Let’s legalize pot. Let’s legalize alcohol. Let’s legalize drugs. Let’s start. You know, it’s like when is enough enough. I think we need more rules and more boundaries. That way people can stay in guideline with
what is right versus wrong. Now when a guy enters into a room relationship
with a girl they’re set things that need to be set. He needs to tell her, Hey,
if this goes like this, I’m not going to be willing to invest my time and energy and effort
with you or my resources, you’re not going to have me as a man. Meaning whenever she pushes your buttons and
she starts talking to that ex boyfriend, you notice that the Snapchat username goes in
the Bible, all of a sudden she pulls back in is extremely slow to return texts and you
tell her up front, you say Listen, if you play games with me as a man, if you try to
play games, and you do what every other girl does, if you do that, to me as a man, you
will not get to have me as a man. Do you understand? Do you understand? She has to understand where you stand with
her. She has to know what you will and won’t put
up with. Because what happens is guys enter into the
relationship with no rules, no boundaries, no guidelines, no expectations, absolutely
no expectations of what’s expected of that other person. Now what happens if you give stuff away without
them investing? You get no return, no fucking return. I’ve been a fitness coach for three years. Every time I’ve told somebody to workout a
specific way and eat a certain way that will give them a specific result for free, they
have not followed it. Why is that because they never invested. There was no guideline of what I needed in
return to give that advice. There was no set guideline of what that girl
is needed to do for you to be part of her life. And every time I’ve charged somebody $1,000
for my fitness advice, I’ve gotten absolutely ripped. You guys don’t make your females invest. You guys don’t make your females invest in
you as a man. And so many of you are so quick to have sex
with women. So many of you are so quick to just throw
your seat away, throw away what makes you a man throw away the things that give you
testosterone and confidence and strength, your semen, your testosterone, your male hormone,
the things that you need to feel satisfied and secure in yourself. You just give that away. You give that away to people hub, you give
that away to the computer screen, you give that away to every girl on Instagram, you
give that away to your girlfriend’s mouth, you give that away to the back end of your
girlfriend between the legs, you just give it away. And because of that she doesn’t respect your
essence as a man, she doesn’t respect what’s between your legs, because you haven’t set
a standard and you’re willing to put that thing between anybody’s legs, you’re willing
just to stick it out there, you’re willing to waste it on a computer screen. And because of that, you’re weak. Because of that your heads all screwed up
because of that you need a six pack of beer every weekend to interact with that female
because you know, you’re not tough, you know, you’re not strong. You know, you have work that you have to do. You know it. And instead of actually doing the work, you
delay it. Y’all go to the gym next week. I’ll stop smoking pot next week. I’ll stop drinking alcohol and next week,
I’ll stop watching porn next week. And guess what, you never do it. And not only that, when the girl enters into
your frame and your boundaries and your guidelines, you never set the standard with her. You don’t say hey, this is what’s expected. I’m a high value man. You gotta say, Hey, I’m on my passion, I’m
on my purpose. I’m building my brand. I’m building my career, I’m passionate, I’m
strong, I’m going to the gym. Okay? I have stuff that I’m focused on in life because
I’m going somewhere as a man. So if you can’t respect my value, you will
not be in my life. You have to be willing to walk away the person
who has the ability to walk away in the interaction has the upper hand and Phil is you guys never
have the upper hand nowadays because you’re constantly scared to lose her and she can
feel that and a man who’s scared to lose a woman is a weak man. And she will sense that and she will pull
away from you. Now most of you guys think that it is alpha
to go throw your little thing between your legs between as many women as you can you
think that that’s alpha? You go Yeah, bro. I pulled that. Yeah, bro. I pulled that. Yeah, bro. I pulled this. It’s like really? Really Did you? Awesome. Did you maybe catch an STD? How many How much money did you have to spend
on dates. How much time did you have to spend out of
your life to seduce all these women that went nowhere. And not only that, what made these women even
qualified to sleep with you in the first place? You see when you make the shift that you want
higher quality women now you have higher quality sex. Now you have women that are higher quality
and don’t sheet. Now you have professional women that are actually
interested in you because you’ve set the framework in the boundaries. And the thing is, is you guys are scared to
lose the woman if you don’t sleep with her fellas, women know that men look at them for
sex. If she can’t get sex out of you and you refuse
to sleep with her, she will fight like hell for your validation. She will think what is wrong with me is my
ass not big enough? Or my boobs not perky enough? Is my hips not shaped good enough? Am I not voluptuous enough? Am I not sexy enough? Am I not flirty enough? Because you’re the one guy she couldn’t get. You’re the one who made her qualify herself
on other things other than looks. Now imagine if every single man after This
way for a second, imagine if every single man qualified on women on things other than
fucking looks on things other than looks. Because now that girl has to show other humanistic
qualities not just how hard she can throw her ass around on Instagram, she has to show
what she is made of as a woman. The thing is, is you don’t qualify these women
on everything. You don’t say, Hey, what do you have going
for you? What can you do for me? Because I’m stressed 24 seven, I’m high strung. What type of feminine energy can you bring
to me? So that way I can be that strong, masculine
leader in your life and you can be the soft, sweet, feminine woman in my life. And it can coexist and be awesome. None of you guys do that though. And you don’t do it because you don’t set
the standard with women. You don’t do the self improvement you don’t
work out you don’t eat healthy, your testosterone levels are off the charts and low and you’re
riddled with estrogen because you’re overweight and you waste your seat on porn and low level
behavior and because of that, you will continue to stay stuck in your Current trapped. So fellas like I do at the end of every single
video, I plug my shit. Why do I plug my shit because my shit is good
enough to plug. So if you want to work with me go down below
and hit the case study button where you can get my free case study. Now in this you can book a consultation call
with me. But you have to realize something. If you’re not willing to invest in yourself
financially, I don’t want to work with you. Because you won’t take my advice if I give
it to you for free. So I only want to work with people who are
committed to becoming strong and masculine. I only want to work with people that want
to get their fitness figured out their health figured out their relationships figured out
their masculinity figured out and their brain rewired to be positive, strong and dominant. That’s who the case studies button for is
for if that’s not you don’t touch it. Okay, also what I do is if you want to check
out my fitness programs, I have a lot of testimonials and transformations below. Or you can pick up and law my dating course
to teach female dynamic and yes, I believe that you need female dynamic. I believe you need semen retention I believe
you need to learn male dynamic. I believe you need female dynamic. I believe you need every dynamic because how
else you navigate the world if you can’t interact with everybody, if you can’t maintain frame
with every type of person you see fellas you can’t just get semen retention and be done. You can’t just get MiG towel. information can be done. You can’t just get red pill nature and be
done. You can’t just get blue pill versus red pill
dating advice and be done. You need the whole package you need the whole
kit and caboodle. You have to make yourself a man. Hit the links, subscribe like it will see
you in the next one.

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    When the average man finishes the average woman is just beginning to start to cum. This is what is causing women the world over to be (sexually) frustrated with their MEN (in general) bc they cannot do anything about it since they are supposed to be the object of the man's affection but don't stay long enough to satisfy her. A guy's number one enemy is having to work 8 hours a day.
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  5. Thank U Casey for being so honest! I personally needed to hear it. I just stumbled across your channel yesterday and am so glad I did. I just recently started semen retention and have made it ten days. Almost relapsed today but fought the urge and it went away. I am not going to release! I already see some amazing benefits and am very excited for what the future holds! Subscribed to you today! God bless you Brother!

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  7. Young man you are going to be raising and you will achieve many many things I feel it from here good job !!! I also love everything you said believe me I am almost twice your age and THANK YOU.

  8. Young man you are going to be raising and you will achieve many many things I feel it from here good job !!! I also love everything you said believe me I am almost twice your age and THANK YOU.

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