Semen Retention and Seduction. How To Effortlessly Seduce Women
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Semen Retention and Seduction. How To Effortlessly Seduce Women

December 26, 2019

Uncle C, back in the office today. And today
we’re going to be talking about semen retention and seduction seduction as yourself as a man.
So that way you can make sure you put your best foot forward
with women. Okay? Now, during these videos, I tend to
get worked up, sometimes I tend to kind of, you know, really get into it. And what I’m
going to try to do today is I’m going to try to take a bit more of a relaxed approach because
I just woke up and I’m just, I’m trying not to get super fired up. So we’ll see. It’s
going to give you the step by steps as far as semen retention and seduction. And one
of the reasons I want to kind of talk slower to is I got to work my way through these topics.
Okay, I got to work my way through it. So I can think about this clearly so I can speak
the right way. I’m really big on using the right choice of words when it comes to this
stuff because not only is it real quick to offend people in the comments, but also people
very polarizing opinions on stuff like this. Give me a second. Okay. Many, many men want
to become better with women. They want to become better in their dating lives, they
want to become better as a man overall. But oftentimes from what I’ve found from doing
multiple strategy sessions, multiple phone calls with people multiple times where people
are telling me their exact problems so that’s the thing you guys don’t get. This isn’t me
just winging this off the top of my head. Before I gave masculinity and dating advice
and dating coaching, I was a fitness coach. And I coached over 300 men one on one personally.
Now throughout these fitness programs, I got to know one, or I got to I got to know these
men one on one 300 people over
so I have a very good idea of what men are going through. This is an off the dome. This
is from real life experience. Okay, men want to be better at seducing men want to be better
at seducing women, they want to be better in their dating lives. The fact is, though,
is they have these mental blocks. They have these mental blocks, why they can’t seduce
why they can’t be a sexual being why they’re scared or ashamed of their sexuality. And
at the end of the day, what it really comes down to is it comes down to them not being
confident, it comes down to them being too afraid to say what they actually want to say.
Now, if you look at why this is happening, it’s happening from multiple of reasons. Now,
the first is that men were not taught how to actually raise a woman’s interest, how
to give her the right type of emotional spikes. See, this is what really separates me from
everybody else on YouTube, is that when I give dating advice when I give masculinity
advice, you don’t just get one part of not rst and I’m going to only talk to you about
the game. Okay, but I’m also not some sort of own way. group that will tell you that
you have to just say screw all the women. Okay? But I’m also not a different color pill
that you guys want to associate yourself with these groups. You see, what I’m about is adaptation,
adapting to the actual circumstance, because no matter what group you want to associate
yourself with, no, no matter what method, you got to realize one thing and one thing
only in that it’s only one piece of the puzzle. And to turn a blind eye to the other pieces,
you’re, you’re crazy. Because in order to be a good man that’s respected and that has
really his shit figured out his shit together. You got to cover your bases on all ends. And
I think that people don’t talk about this. Now seduction is going to come from knowing
how to do it. men aren’t taught by their fathers men aren’t taught by anybody how to actually
do this. men aren’t taught that when you get to know a woman, the more you get to know
her the more it probably turns her off because you’re not giving her those anymore. Emotional
spikes. Now what I mean by this is on the strategy sessions when I talk to men, because
obviously, you know, at the end of these videos, I say book a call with me so I can help you
out. When I’m on these calls with these guys. One of the things that one of the questions
I was asked, I said, What are you doing to maintain attraction throughout the interaction?
Or what are you doing to create attraction during the interaction? One of the things
that they always say is they go, Well, I try to be a gentleman and I try to really get
to know her, you know, ask her where she’s from, ask her all that stuff. So here’s the
problem with this. All of you guys go right to the rational thinking, you go right to
the rational mind. You ask questions, you say things like, Where are you from? What
occupation are you? What What year did you graduate? and deep down, you don’t care about
these answers. And she knows that you don’t care about these answers. That’s the funny
thing. She knows you don’t give a shit about where she’s from or where she went to school.
You know, deep down that you don’t give a shit about that either. So let me ask you,
why are you asking it? You’re asking it because you’re scared to offend. You’re asking it
because you’re scared to say how you really feel. You’re scared to look her in the eyes
and say, I think you’re cute. And I’m trying to get to know you are Hey, I think you’re
cute, but I’m not really sold on you yet because you got this like, wacky kind of style and
it’s kind of thrown me off. Okay, you’re scared to flirt. You’re scared to raise emotional
spikes. You’re scared to talk non logical, and this is the exact reason that you’re not
getting success. Now. One of the reasons that I found that men are afraid to offend or are
afraid to flirt or are afraid to start seducing to start to be in this khaki kind of frame
where they feel entitled to the girl is due to the fact that they haven’t done the work.
They haven’t done the retention and they’re still looking at women the wrong way. Okay,
so there’s three parts Can’t forget this I cover all okay, haven’t done the work, haven’t
done the retention and the rod. They’re, they’re doing it the wrong way. Okay, so let’s start
with number one. They haven’t done the work. See, this is one of the things that I preach
a lot on this channel as you still have to do the work. You can’t just learned game,
you can’t just learn retention, you can’t just learn you can’t just pick a color pill
that you want to talk about. Now all of a sudden, you’re that, like you got to make
yourself the best version of you possible. So one of the things that I’ve always realized
is it’s like, you know, if you compare this to women, let’s say women go purse shopping,
and she wants a Louis Vuitton purse. Okay. She’s walking through the mall determined
she has this Louis person deep in her skull. And she just has this ingrained in her what
Louis will do for her and maybe her parents gave her a credit card for the day. Maybe
she earned it herself, whatever the case may be. She’s looking to drop $1,000 On a purse
and she’s just pumped about it because she knows what that’ll do for it’ll show status
that she can afford it. It’ll look really nice the handcrafted leather will complement
the brown suede jacket that she has. She has an image and an idea of what Louis Vuitton
will do for her. Here’s the problem though. Every single time she walks down the mall
on the way to Louis Vuitton she’s going to get hit with seven to eight mall kiosk people
trying to sell her off brand. They’re trying to sell her michael kors they’re trying to
sell her coach they’re trying to sell her Kate Spade you know, I don’t know a lot of
purse brands IN a chick. They’re trying to sell her all those. Okay, but the thing is,
is she doesn’t want any of those brands in her head. She still wants Louis Okay, this
is what you’re doing every single time you try to just approach a girl and you haven’t
done the work is that you know you’re not good enough yet and she knows you’re not good
enough yet. But you’re trying to use game or you’re trying to manipulate your words
to make yourself up here higher value than you are She doesn’t want it. She doesn’t want
it because she already has the image of what she thinks she deserves of what Louis Vuitton
will do for her. So as every mall kiosk guy needs to now approach 150 women a day to get
three sales of this off brand purse, the other hundred and 47 women just go right over to
Louie baton. Okay, you get what I’m saying yet, instead of trying to be the salesman,
you have to just become Louis Vuitton. This is going to include getting your money, right?
This is going to include building a really good body, this is going to include losing
all the excess body fat off of your body. So that way when you do walk, you look like
a V and you have broad shoulders and you represent true masculinity. This is going to include
you talking slow in your speech. And instead of rushing through interactions, you actually
start to understand where the other person is coming from. So you can come from a standpoint
of true rational thinking true, truly a good rational dominance. strong leader and a male
type figure. See, this is what women don’t get. Because if you look at what a mall kiosk
clerk does they go Hey, one second one second one second, give me your tongue. Give your
tongue give me a time. Right on bias like she’s got the blinders on. It’s like when
you see a YouTube ad and at the bottom it says 543 and even if the ad is great, they
have might have a great product, you’re just like ready to hit the button on it and when
it turns zero to skip it, that’s what she’s doing. So every time she has one of these
approach dudes at a bar, like you’re just not good enough yet. Because if you were good
enough, she senses that aura. She senses that you’re a high value guy. Okay, like if you’re
just sitting back show with your with your friends or with your bros if you’re out and
like you, you seem like the type of guy that already gets women will women only want what
other women have. If she senses that you’re the type of guy that does this a lot or that
you already are high value. She’s going to be more drawn to you. That’s the first thing
you can’t skip doing the work. Okay, the work is the most important Like I tell a lot of
people on here to bank two years worth of cash and people look at me like I’m crazy.
People look at me like I’m crazy. They’re like two years I’m like yeah two years for
some of you that might be 40 grand for some of you that might be 50 grand for some of
you that might be 60 grand like dude bank the cash because then when you sleep in the
bed at night, you sleep nice and sound knowing that you’re a person of so much value that
you have two years worth of resources to carry you through this world with your head strong
dominant and confident and know knowing that no one can mess with you. If your boss fires
you you’re not held victim you’re not held slave to it. If let’s say you’re you broke
you break your leg in a car accident you’re not held victim to these long term debt and
bills you’re not you’re not held slave to it, you can now pay Yes, getting your money
right helps because it gives you that internal feeling that hey, I have the confidence to
know that I’m a man of value. What’s funny is all these rst guys talk about how money
doesn’t necessarily matter. Yet the owner of it is worth multiple Millions of dollars
from selling this dream. You don’t think that that affects his confidence? You don’t think
when he walks Hollywood people don’t know that’s a multi millionaire rst. Come on. You
can’t get mad that the woman already has an idea of what attractive looks like she already
has an idea of what she wants. She has a guy who’s probably a little bit on the taller
side, who is probably ripped, who probably works out who probably makes a good amount
of money. You can’t be jealous of that. You can’t be mad at that. Because what she is
is she’s being open and honest. And that’s what she’s attracted to. And you guys get
mad you go well, she doesn’t like me for me. And it’s like
Yeah, dude, but you don’t like her for her. You like her because she has a big but you
like her cuz she has a really small waist and super big thick hips. You like her because
her. Her boobs look really good. Like, dude, you have to be real. This goes both ways.
Humans are materialistic people. At times. Humans are attracted to different things.
You can’t do the work. You have to do the work. You can’t skip the work. That’s what
I was going to say. That’s, that’s number one. You can’t skip the work number two, you
have to do the retention to be a great seducer. The reason why you have to do the retention
is because you have to be in masculine frame. I get I see so many guys go on dates. I hear
so many guys like that are friends with girls. And every every time they screwed up so bad.
They’re the mall kiosk or they talk very fast. They talk very feminine. They try to make
her laugh and make her giggle by talking fast and girly and flirty. Okay, I’ve seen it happen.
I don’t even want to imitate it. You know what I’m talking about? You know, the dude
at the coffee shop. They got a date finally and he’s sitting there very nervous talking
very fast smiling the whole time. He’s not strong or confident. It’s like what are you
talking so fast for you car she’s gonna run out the door if you don’t hold her attention.
Like Dude, what are you doing? What you have to do is you have to sit there calm and cool
and collected. You have to Breathe. You have to realize that, hey, if we sit here for 30
minutes, we sit here for an hour, whatever, like, this is our time. I shouldn’t have to
be talking really fast and constantly trying to hold your attention. If anything, girl,
you should try to hold my attention because I’m here to with you sit in the coffee, you
know, and here’s the thing, let’s say you have done the work. Because what you want
is you want confidence. Well, if you’ve done the work, meaning you have your finances in
order, you dress nice, you look good, because you go to the gym, you eat healthy, so your
skin’s clear and you have low body fat, your face is Angular, like you feel like you’re
masculine. Well, if you’ve done the work, she’s going to equally be as nervous and want
to hold your attention because let me tell you guys, some it’s not very often women get
a true high value guy anymore. It’s not very often that women actually have the option
of a guy that really makes them what that they really want. Their sacrifice, they sacrifice.
Maybe the guy has a beer drinking problem. Maybe the guy doesn’t eat healthy, maybe the
guy doesn’t have his life together. Maybe the guy isn’t dominant in direct one. He’s
in the bedroom with her and she has to always take control of the sex if she doesn’t want
that you got to realize feels like women very, very rarely get a guy that has it all. Instead
of worrying about what to say and how to say it, I would rather you guys just make yourself
all of it. Now the reason why you have to do the semen retention is because of this.
Want to put your guys’s brain into fight or flight mode with women fight or flight mode
with dating? Because when you’re in fight or flight mode, that’s telling your brain
Hey, Casey, hey, john. Hey, Timothy, we haven’t he jacked in the past six weeks, you better
step up your game of attraction, because we’re trying to release this not a set. Now if you’re
constantly stroking it, if you’re constantly releasing, not only do you constantly release
all of that male energy and that male drive, but you’re also not as attractive because
your brain doesn’t have a reason to be. You might be in a more feminine state. You might
be more You know, unsure of yourself, you might be less grounded, you have to do the
retention to give your body a reason to maintain this frame to maintain these pheromones to
maintain this aura about you. So that way you look strong and masculine. If you’re constantly
busting every night, not only are you wasting your seed, not only are you lowering your
masculine energy, but what you’re also doing is you’re creating a disconnect between real
human flesh and the cell phone. Because you see, here’s what happens. I’ve done strategy
sessions with men who sleep in bed with a woman every night that they are married to,
and they’re hiring escorts to take care of their needs. And they have three to four kids
and you would look you would look at them like there’s no way they would ever be like
this. The reason what, like I got a guy down below he goes, you charge way too much for
your fit for your dating program and Laura, and I’m just looking at him like really? I’m
one of the only people here that gives real advice. I’m not just saying Taking one side
of the game, I’m not just picking one part of how a person needs to be. I’m taking. I’m
giving the whole kit and caboodle in there. How to Learn female dynamic and how to master
male masculinity and male dynamic and self improvement? The whole kit, I tell you exactly
what they’re thinking, I tell you exactly how you need to be. And if you can’t afford
the 500 bucks that I’m charging for that, then you shouldn’t be buying it. Because what
if if it was if you can’t afford it for 200 there’s probably no chance you can afford
it for 500 and if you can’t afford it for 300 there’s probably no way you can afford
it for 500. Like what I’m saying is, you either have money or you don’t. And if you don’t
have money, the last thing you belong is buying my end more program. You belong using your
money to learn how to make more money from my business coach and a business investor.
That is not me. What I’m saying fellas is that your self improvement is important. Your
Money is important. You know what you do is important. If you’re on the retention, you
have to have that masculine driving that masculine aura about you. The only way to do it is to
get your finances right, to get your body right. But you can’t turn a blind eye to the
whole game, you have to also learn the female dynamic, you have to also learn what makes
her tick. The reason why I say this is because let’s say you’re shy and awkward and don’t
know how to talk to women, but you do get your fitness together. Well, now you’re a
shy, awkward guy trapped in a ripped man’s body. Let’s say you do build an amazing business.
Well, now you’re a multimillionaire and a shy, awkward man’s body and you still can’t
finesse with that women because you haven’t learned how to seduce you haven’t learned
how to retain the seed. You haven’t learned how to actually get what you want in real
life without using the phone as the bridge of the gap to manifest these women in your
head that you think is going to do it for you. This is so backwards. The last part of
this is that you weren’t taught how to actually talk to her. Your dad never Told you because
oftentimes if your dad’s married, your dad doesn’t know. I mean, there’s a lot of reasons
you just weren’t told how to talk to women. I wasn’t told how to talk to women. I had
to put all these pieces of the puzzle together for myself. Let me tell you something, I relate
everything to sales because that’s what I do. It seems as if a lot of you guys don’t
like that. You don’t like that. I market my products on this camera. You don’t like that
I do that which it’s really funny because I’m telling you all about the self improvement
you don’t think I’m on my own stuff. When I charge $500 for anymore it’s because I have
a monetary value behind it that I think it is worth its value. And its supply and demand.
It’s what somebody is willing to pay for it. If you want to work with me and you want time
what I’ve done is I’ve dedicated the past five years to understanding masculinity. And
I think that that’s worth something here’s why relate everything to sales is because
everything in life is a sale. If you’re speaking to women, it’s a sale because Here’s the thing
that people don’t buy offs, facts and statistics people buy off of emotion. Okay, the thing
is, is when I talked to a client, not only do I want to bring the emotion out of them,
so that way I know what their needs are and how I can help them. But I have to bring out
the emotion to know actually in how much pain they’re in. Because if they’re in a lot of
pain, they need the service even more. The fact is that in sales, in YouTube and
anything, you have to be polarizing, it’s way better if half the people love you and
half the people hate you. Because the half the people that love you, if there’s 100 people
that love you, and 100 that hate you, chances are 20% of these people are going to do business
with you. The other ones they weren’t even your clients in the first place. Now, here’s
what happens if you stay neutral. If you stay neutral and you try to appeal to everybody.
nobody buys from you. Why is that? Because you didn’t create an emotional spike that’s
high enough to get their attention. I can’t stress this enough. This is the same with
females. By the end of the interaction. I want that female to say the Two things to
me I want her to either say I I love you. I freakin love you like we’re going home together
right now or I want her to say I hate you get the Get the hell out of my face your dick.
And if she says that, fellas, that is one step closer to love than the words. Hey, it
was nice to meet you. Hey, it was good seeing you. Hey, I’m glad we talked. Because if you
she says, Hey, I’m glad we talked what the hell does that even mean? That means you didn’t
make you weren’t polarizing in your message. You didn’t make her love you or hate you.
You didn’t make her feel a certain way you didn’t give her that emotional spike. You
were neutral. You were neutral because you were scared to pick a side you were neutral
because you were scared to show your masculinity. You were neutral because you were scared to
offend you finally get this yet everything in life is linked. Everything. Everything
is linked in life. If you’re good with women, there’s a very high chance you’re probably
good at connecting with men because you understand both sides you understand the masculinity
and you understand the femininity. If you’re good with women, you’re probably good with
sales because now you’re good with words you’re good at understanding what that person Going
through you’re good at understanding where their emotions are at and where you’re at
in the interaction. If you’ve done the self improvement Well guess what? Now you can build
the business because you know like with me all those years building my body I’ve learned
slavery and dedication is the key to the success and the long term payoff. Do you get what
I mean yet? Everything is interlinked. If you want to learn this stuff, you can’t just
learn one piece of the puzzle. All these retention bros out there screaming that that’s the key
there glowing faces the key to getting women. Like dude, get out of here. What happens when
you slip up and over validate for a little while and she realizes you’re emotionally
weak. She’s going to leave just like every other time. You have to learn this stuff.
The reason why I have my coaching prices at that is because I’ve done the work all these
years to understand this stuff. I’ve been through heartbreak. I’ve been through being
pissed off. I’ve been through low points. I’ve been through financial distress. I’ve
also been through a point in life when I had no body and physique and I know what it feels
like to build a body and physique. That’s why it all encompasses What I’m offering,
make sense? Like the video, comment, subscribe, check out my transformations below for fitness
scoop and more. Because I’m telling you, it’s life changing. Here’s some of the three testimonials
I’ve gotten this week from it. It’s like people are just saying that, hey, I appreciate for
once the honesty, I appreciate the fact that this works. I appreciate the fact that now
I get a very good understanding of women and male dynamics, so I can be my best self ever.
If you can understand this stuff you’re going to do great in life in every single aspect.
So get that if you’re needing a little bit more one on one help. What I would recommend
you doing is booking a call with me and filling out an application. And the reason for that
is because the people that are really needing help. The thing is, is they’re probably coming
from a standpoint where they’re scared, they feel suffocated and they feel repressed. They
can act out how they want to act, they can’t bring out their true masculinity because they
feel like it’s not them. It feels like they can’t get to it yet. You might need to work
with a coach. You might Need some help? That’s what that call link is for us for people who
are ready to actually invest in themselves.
If you’re not there yet, whether that be financially or whether that be just ready to pull the
trigger and work with somebody, don’t click that button because that buttons not for you.
Okay, I want to work with people who are ready to actually get nitty gritty with this stuff.
So just know what the console called like, comment, subscribe. We will see you in the
next one.

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  15. When he speak, why do I envision him wearing a smoking jacket with a pipe sitting on a leather recliner with one leg crossed over the other saying "I don't bust often but when I do I prefer Dos skeet skeets…"

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