Semen Retention and Finding Purpose as A Man
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Semen Retention and Finding Purpose as A Man

January 4, 2020

Uncle see back in the office today. And one thing that I want to talk about is
that semen retention is a sacrifice to find purpose. Okay, now let’s take this step by set. Think about this, think about what I just
said semen retention is a sacrifice to find purpose. Now, what does this mean? What is most guys purpose in life? What is your purpose? And the fact is that most guys do not have
a purpose. And similar attention can save you to actually
find a purpose. So what does a male’s life mainly consist
of today, in society or in America, throughout the nation throughout the globe? What is a guy’s purpose? Well, a guy’s purpose typically is to find
women. And he will go through any means to do this. Now I’m not talking about the alpha males
out there. I’m not talking about the one percenters. I’m not talking about the guys like you on
this channel. worth thinking about doing the work or putting
in the steps every day to do the work? No, no, no, this is for the mass majority
people, the mass majority thinking because one of the statements I’ve always said is
that if you do what the mass majority of people do, you’re just going to get the mass majority
of results, which is basically zero. Okay? The mass majority of men have no success,
no results, no nothing. So why is retention a sacrifice? And how does it help you find purpose? Well, if you take the steps of what a man
does on his cell phone, everything that he uses that cell phone for is typically to find
women. How can I pick through Facebook messages to
find women? How can I pick through Instagram messages
to find women? How can I get on Tinder Snapchat Bumble, to
find women? OK, so the whole cell phone that he has is
to find women then not only that, he takes it a step further, he goes on that cell phone
to now get sexual energy and sexual release. Once again, it’s about women. It’s about that porn website. It’s about him stroking it, it’s about him
feeling that sexual energy of releasing. And he’s not in control of his outcome. He’s not in control of his body. what is between his legs is now taking control
of them. And the idea of feminine behavior, the idea
of a soft, sweet, feminine female is now his purpose. Why does this man start going to the gym this
man said it’s going to the gym to find women to either hit on women or to build a better
body. So he’s most, you know, suited to have that
strength. Look, that warrior look to find women. Do you get this you get this process? He’s not making any sacrifices for himself. He’s not doing anything for himself. What does he do on the weekends when he hangs
out with friends while they all drink a six pack of beer and now they go downtown to the
bars to chase women to find women. You see everything a guy does. is now for
the women. And the reason why they can’t get women is
because they’re not doing anything for self improvement to make themselves a better man. You see, they have no purpose. Men need purpose. Men need drive, men need strength, men need
commitment. Men need set boundaries, men need guidelines
to follow and adhere to because if you don’t have them, your women, your woman will now
view you as a soft, weak male, because you haven’t set the foundation for your own life. You see, women do not care about your losses. Women do not care about your struggles. Women do not care about any of that. They’re going to hang out at the finish line. And they’re going to pick the winners and
the winners are the guys that have done the work. The winners are the guys who have done the
self improvement. You see the retention is a huge sacrifice. The retention is a sacrifice is saying hey,
I’m not where I want to be. I’m not where I want to be and I’m okay with
that. Okay, I’m not where I want to be and I’m completely
fine. Fine with not being where I want to be. In fact, I’ve owned it. I’ve made it a well known statement to myself
that I’m not okay where I want to be. And not only that I know deep down that there’s
much more that I can be. Okay? That’s what you’re telling yourself. When you’re on that retention journey, you
know that you can be better. I know that I can be better. I know that I can be better than I was yesterday,
I know that I can be better than I was last week. I know that tomorrow, I’m going to be better
than I was today. And that’s how you set the foundation for
masculinity. That’s how you set the foundation for a better
future. You see, the retention is a sacrifice to find
your purpose. Because now what you did was you take the
whole world and you just inverted it. Before the whole, the whole world screwed
up. The whole world screwed up. All men are screwed up men only qualified
women on their looks and their sexuality and how promiscuous they are and how fast they
can close the deal to get them in the sheets. And then when they do have intercourse with
them, it’s not even about taking The time to make it feel right. It’s about how fast you can bust. You see, that’s what it is. It’s low level behavior. It’s low level behavior. And when you’re just so willing to just get
rid of your seed, get rid of your, Jackie that that woman has full control over you. Because not only did you only put in all the
work, not only did you put in all the steps just to seduce her to get her in that spot,
she now knows that you just reach your climax and the climax is the top the climax is the
top of the mountain, the asymptote and from there, it’s on your way down and then you’re
on the come down. And the same repeat process. It’s like a drug addict having to re up. So when you take that world that everyone’s
so screwed up, and then you invert it, you make it upside down, you take it upside down,
you say so now no longer is it about me busting. It’s no longer about me chasing tail. It’s no longer about me finding all these
women. Well, now it is your year on your journey
of masculinity now, because now you’re on your journey of finding the steps that it
takes to make you a man. So what does this mean? are doing well, this
man is probably going to start building things. He’s going to start building stuff. He’s going to start developing himself and
developing his character and developing the things that he cares about. But he was only able to do that because he
sacrificed with the retention. Because now when he goes out and hangs out
on a Saturday night with friends, he knows that he has no intention of taking a woman
home. He knows that there’s no longer the sexual
pressure of feeling good enough to make himself have that ego fulfillment of Yeah, Bro, I
pulled that. Okay, now he’s connecting one on one with
his mates, his Bros. He’s helping them be better. Maybe they collaborate and they plan something
to where maybe they’re going to build and develop a business, a career, they’re going
to level up their life. Maybe they’re going to collaborate together
and start reaching out with others and now make a web of men that are all on the same
journey. You see, this is how movements start. Because why is it that Instagram gets to rule
your mind when it comes to these women? Why is it that all of these women on these
websites and these Google searches, why is it all these voluptuous women get to take
control of everything that you do? from how many minutes you’re stroking it at
night, to the first thing that you wake up about, to the only thing that you look forward
to on a Saturday or Friday night as to how to get it’s all about the women. And when it’s all about the women, you now
become needy, you’re a needy little boy. And when you put yourself in that needy boyfriend
well now what happens is that she recognizes that everything’s about her, everything’s
for her. Because it’s no longer about you. Of course, she’s not going to want to stick
around. You have no strength. It’s like you built a house from the top down,
and there’s no framework, there’s no framework as masculinity. It’s like the framework of the house. You got this pillar, that strength. You got this pillar that is purpose. You got this pillar, that’s ambition. You got this pillar that’s hustle this pillar
The warrior NU this pillar is the you know, boundaries in you. Granted, I’m floating this off the top of
my head but you get what I’m saying. It’s like pretty soon you have alignment as
a guy like this is how you live. This is what you do. Like I the woman like I’m I’m so on my shit. I want you guys to be on your shit. I want your guys’s calendars book, the women
that are in my life, I tell them from 7am to 7pm do not text me Do not call me This
is my time as a man, this is my time I’m building. This is my time I’m working. This is my time I’m developing. Okay? This is the time not only am I developing
to be better, but I’m also figuring out how I can connect with others in the right way. Okay, so when men start to qualify themselves
on other things and women when they start to quite qualify their females on other things,
then sexuality will pretty soon we have a better world we have a better planet. You see it I’m not some hippie saying Oh,
you got to be biblical you can’t you can’t have sex before marriage, you can’t you can’t
do any of that. Because you can’t everybody has their own
their own beliefs, you know, and people do it. And there’s a lot of good people out there. But what I’m saying is that just because there’s
good people doesn’t mean that these people can’t be better. And just because it’s the norm to sleep around,
it’s the norm to be a low level messy, like that’s the thing too, is all men, all men
are portrayed in the stupid way. You know, oh, he’s the man of the house. He’s the dad bod beer drinking guy who farts
and just doesn’t care. It’s like no since wonder men viewed as this
dumb week thing. Like Whatever happened to the leaders of the
household, the leaders of the family, the men who are strong when times are stressful
that other people can lean and depend on. It’s like, you have to make the sacrifices
as a man and the first sacrifice needs to start with retention. It needs to start with retention is the fact
that you’re not good enough as is you’re wasting that seed on low level behavior. And the only way to get to that next step
as a man to start to put in the work for self improvement is to really Realize that you’re
not enough as is. And you need other things you need other people
you need other hobbies and other purposes. And you need one big goal and ambition to
where when you get to the top of that asymptote, whether that that top of that Pinnacle, whether
that be at 50 years old, six years old, 80 years old, you can look back and see those
years of layers and foundation. And pretty soon that framework to the house
that was scattered all over ready to cave in from the top down. Well, now it’s set. Now these foundations are met. And take a second and imagine this what would
your life be like, if you were happy with the successes that you were putting in? Because your time on this earth is very valuable,
fellas, that’s what I don’t want you to forget. You’re not going to be 27 forever. You’re not going to be 28 forever, you will
die one day. What are you going to look back on? Are you going to look back on all of the six
packs of Miller Lite that you drank and the women that you slept with? Like Imagine if you start to put pillars of
success in the right format Imagine what that could actually be like for you. But nobody thinks they can get it. They think oh, well, my friends aren’t like
that my surroundings isn’t like that. My, my no matter like they make up an excuse,
it’s a barrier. And it’s like, That doesn’t matter. Like don’t get rid of the friends then be
alone. be the only way to be elephant separate yourself
from the pack is to be okay with being alone to be okay with going your own way. You know? Pretty soon what’s going to happen is people
are going to look up to you and go Damn, Johnny. Damn him. Damn, Jonathan. Damn, Henry. Damn, Sam, how did you do it? And now you have a story to tell. Because whether your format of business was
you blogging on YouTube, or you going and cold calling people and telling people you
know how to get what they want, you know, whatever the story is, like, I don’t care
you you laid a journey. You laid a foundation. You laid stuff that you believed in and until
people can do this Going to keep having the same repeatable failures. And a month is going to turn into a year a
year is going to turn into five years. And that’s going to turn into a decade. And that’s how men go from 18 to being in
the same boat at 22 to being in the same boat at 27 to being in the same boat at 35. And pretty soon they look back at 40 and go
Where the hell did my life just go? And now you got two kids and you got a wife
that you don’t really care about. And you guys just settled down together because
it was convenient. Fellas, if you want options, you need to make
yourself high value. You need to put in the sacrifices. Now. I had somebody comment on my YouTube and say,
well, Casey, this doesn’t count because you’re attractive. It’s like bro, did you see my before picture? I had to make myself any bit remotely attractive. I was not good looking. I did not have a body. I did not have speech. I did not have anything. The Pillars of success are laid when you decide
that you want to be better than the rest of the men. biggest strength as a look and those of you
out there that think that you can Cold approach women are go talk to women and that’s going
to give you the confidence. Like do come on now. Like who she gonna pick? Who she gonna pick the guy that did the work,
or the guy that’s the salesman with his words and can cold approach really well. Like what are you guys even doing? Get off the internet I hope you’re out at
the gym, I hope you’re out building your business, I hope you’re all building your brand, I hope
that you’re out telling other people what you’re doing so that way they can see that
you’re on the same path of self improvement. So like I do, at the end of every video, I
plug my stuff I plug my ship, I plug my ship because it’s good. So if you hit the case study button below,
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never left on read. That’s what I’m wrapping up like, comment,
subscribe. I hope you enjoyed the video.

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