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Semen Retention and Anxiety

January 5, 2020

I’ll see back in the office today. And in today’s video, we’re going to be talking
about semen retention and anxiety, and how semen retention can actually help this person
or help you or help any person get through anxiety and become a less anxious person in
general. Now, what this means is that this means that
you’re going to be able to finally walk the streets with confidence, you’re going to be
able to walk, you know, wherever you are with confidence, you’re gonna be able to carry
yourself with that next level of step, you know, in your charisma and in your tonality. So what do I mean by this? Well, one of the biggest things that I found
that helps people with anxiety is that, you know, I’m just a big believer, don’t try to
change the person, what you want to try to do is you want to try to change their surroundings. Okay? Now, if you look at an individual’s surroundings
as to why they’re anxious, it’s typically a very, very clear cut reason as to why that
is. And the reason why they’re anxious is because
if you look at their surroundings, it’s oftentimes lots of low level behavior. Now, what is
Low Level behavior, low level behavior is anything that gives you lots of dopamine spike
or anything that gives you lots of pleasure, you know, but there’s very, very low work
that goes into it. So there’s no amount of delayed gratification. You see, most of the times when people feel
successful, or most of times when people feel really grounded and strong, it’s because they’ve
done enough work to know what they can put themselves through. And the problem that a lot of anxious people
have are people with a lot of anxiety. The thing is that I’ve noticed is they will
just do what is really, quote unquote, feel good in the short term. So the thing is, one of the things I like
to say always is porn. Okay, so porn for a lot of guys, what it does
is it takes all of the work out of sex, all of the workout of sexual energy, I should
say, meaning that in real life, you know, to find a woman of that caliber that you’re
probably stroking it too on the screen. The thing is, is that you’re going to have
to put in a lot of self improvement. A lot of a lot of work in yourself, you’re
probably going to have to improve your body, you’re probably going to have to improve your
charisma, you’re probably going to have to improve your tonality and how you carry yourself. And all of a sudden, you have to demonstrate
things that are attractive to a female. Now you see what I call those steps as I call
those steps, the BTY. Okay, and when we go through this alphabet,
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, i, j, k, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? The thing is, is porn removes all that porn
to Stacey from A to Z, it’s turn on phone, to orgasm. Now, the reason why you’re anxious is when
you turn off that cell phone when you turn off, you know, that website, you can’t manifest
that in real life. And the thing is, fellas is all men have the
same internal desires, all men are deep down are going to want to be successful. All men are going to want to be successful
with women. All men are going to want to be successful
in their personal lives and what their families Okay, it’s just it is what it is. It’s all the same internal desires. The more a person will give in to the low
level lustful behavior, the low level barrier that gives no return on investment, the less
work that God puts in, the more anxious and sad he’s going to feel day by day. Now, if you take a look at you know, things
like socializing in the party scene will oftentimes what that’s going to include is act, it’s
going to include alcohol. Okay, so, fellas, people who have social anxiety,
it’s like, if you look at how people in like third world countries are anything like that
social anxiety doesn’t exist, okay? The reason for that is because they don’t
have barriers like we do. So you get so many people that get anxious
in big crowds are anxious around other people. And that’s because they feel very awkward. They’re not confident in their selves because
they’re constantly giving into low level behavior as in blocks, that makes it really hard for
them to socialize. So what I mean by this is that humans naturally
should be able to socialize, whether it’s males and males, you know, as bros whether
it’s males and females that are Coming together thing is, is that everybody
should just be able to get along and really just, you know, feel comfortable in their
skin. But the reason why we can is because there’s
too many blocks. So the first block is going to be alcohol. Now every time you get drunk in order to go
socialize, what that is doing is that’s going to tell the brand Hey, hold up for a second,
we cannot have fun, we cannot talk to others, we cannot socialize until we get to Xyz state,
and that XYZ state is going to be intoxicated, you know, or if you’re smoke weed or something
like that, it’s going to be high. Right? Then if you’re high now you can go do it for
a lot of people to you know, they get so used to snap chatting and so used to Tinder and
so used to all these online stuff, you know, Instagram is that now they’re comparing themselves
to either what they look like or what maybe they sound like, you know, even if you watch
me on the camera, you watch other people, you might start to compare yourself and your
speech to me or something like that. And it’s like, you can’t be doing that. Because now what you just did is you put up
another block, and you’re socializing. So before we
It should be natural and you shouldn’t have any anxiety. Well, now it’s like, the whole block is the
phone. Right? The whole block is the social media. So now you have alcohol and you have social
media before that was your only ways of communication was I Hey, what’s up, through dm through texting
now, it’s like you go in the real world, and you’re like a scared little turtle. Okay, that’s another reason social anxiety
is at an all time high. Another reason why people have so much anxiety
is because they feel weak. But if you look at their health habits, the
thing is, is that they feel that way because they have absolutely no reason to be strong. You see, they aren’t lifting weights. They aren’t developing themselves as a person. And they’re not building a strong body. So if you’re a man and you’re not developing
a strong body, why do you think that you’re automatically going to feel strong? Why do you think that you deserve to actually,
you know, not have the anxiety you don’t because you’re not putting in the work. Now whether you want to believe it or not
fellow strength as a look Now either you look strong, and you look like
you’ve developed a body that’s capable and able and powerful or you don’t. And if you don’t, you’re going to have to
deal with the repercussions of that. Now, the other thing that I’ve noticed is
the nutrition. So, so many people right now, in today’s society,
what’s happening is that they’re eating a lot of bad food. Now these food is filled with like estrogen
and compounds and chemicals. And not only that men are at an all time high
for body fat percentages. Now, fellas, if you’re not taking care of
your, if you’re not taking care of what’s in your mouth, if you’re not eating the right
food, the thing is, is that your body is going to get fat and you’re going to be riddled
with estrogen. Because the more fat you have on your body,
the more stress hormones you’re going to be having in that body. And the stress hormones is going to release
fat storing hormones like cortisol. It’s going to release other fat storing hormones
like insulin, okay, insulin every time you eat those carbohydrates, all those noodles,
all that white bread, all that possible. Sending a huge rush of insulin to the bloodstream. And the thing is, is insulin is one of the
most fat storing hormones in the body. Now, the problem with this is like, well,
now you have guys that feel like shit, and they look like shit. And not only that they have no mental clarity
because they don’t have high enough testosterone levels. Right? They don’t feel strong and aggressive. Now they feel weak. And it’s and now they feel anxious. They feel emotional anxiety means that you’re
anxious. If you’re anxious, you’re in an emotional
state. That means you’re in a feminine state, you
are no longer masculine. So you see, you have to really have the whole
package as a man Now where does semen retention come in with this? Why does that help you? Well, fellows, first and foremost, at minimum,
you should be doing no fat. Imagine your hands are just cut off. Okay? Imagine you don’t have hands and that way,
the only reason you’re gonna The only way you’re going to get a sexual release is if
a woman does that for you. Okay, that should be your first priority is
to make sure that that doesn’t mean Get out of hand. Because if you start using your hands so much
to pleasure yourself, what’s going to happen is, once again, it’s signals to the brain,
hey, we don’t have to do any work to get sexual release, we don’t have to do anything. It signals to the brain that the quickest
way to get sexual energy and dopamine release is going to be through pleasuring yourself. So fellows, if you want to develop yourself,
you have to go through the sacrifices to do the work. And the work is going to include not doing
what feels good in the moment. what feels good in the moment is going to
be sitting there stroking it, and what’s going to be a lot harder is you having to take the
time, build yourself up as a man first and go on and actually seduce a woman. Now, that’s no fat. No fat is when you’re holding back that and
you actually make it to where you have to develop yourself good enough, further enough
to make sure that it’s with another human being. That should be first and foremost priority. But if you’re on retention,
you see here’s the thing with retention is that you’re taking it one step further because
What you’re doing is you’re totally, you know, saving that for yourself, you’re saving all
that seed for yourself the sexual hormone, the sexual release all of it. Now, the reason why this can help with anxiety
too, is because you get a lot of benefits from retention. First off, first and foremost is that you
start to really do some soul searching because you’re not constantly thinking about women. Right? If you go out on a Saturday night, even if
you’re on no fat, you know, you can still sleep with her. But the thing is, is if you’re on retention,
well, all of a sudden, it’s like you no longer have an agenda to get women. And that’s a lot of your guys’s biggest problem
is the way you carry yourself in life is always to try to get women it’s always to try to
finesse women to try to maneuver women to try to act as if you’re high value when in
reality, it’s fake high value to try to get women. Now, when you’re on retention, you can do
some soul searching to find yourself and find your own interest. If you take ass out of the agenda. All of a sudden it’s like well now think of
what you have to do as a man To find your purpose, because you’re not watching
porn stroking it, you’re not getting a release that way. And not only that you’re not planning on taking
anybody home or sleeping with anybody, all of a sudden, it’s like, well, what does a
man fill his day with? He feels his day with probably the steps of
ultimate self improvement. Now with retention and ultimate self improvement,
what he’s going to see is that he’s starting to work more. He’s starting to focus in more on his passion. He’s starting to focus in on his purpose. He’s starting to actually build a body, because
now he has more time or his brain is free from the slave mentality of finding booty. You see, that’s the thing why you’re so anxious
because your mind is so trapped on the booty. You have so much anxiety and so much social
anxiety because you haven’t changed your surroundings yet. to actually make yourself someone who can
release that slave mentality of either porn or finding booty or finding more women to
sleep with or sleeping with your girlfriend. It’s like when does a man stop focusing on
all that and start focusing on his purpose to get his shit together? Okay, if you’re a man right now and you have
any form of anxiety, first and foremost, you got to get your finances together first because
money is a very, very big problem for a lot of men. Now, like I say, in a lot of videos, I want
your guys’s calendars booked morning till night booked. Okay? I’m going to give you a task bank, two years
of rent bank, two years of car payments, bank two years of insurance payments and bank two
years of groceries. That’s my challenge to you. I’ve done that multiple times over. I’m only 23 and I’ve done that multiple times
over. If I can do it this quick and get my shit
together this quick you can do it too. I’m not saying this to brag. I’m saying it because I sleep a hell of a
lot better in that bed each night. Knowing damn well that I’m a person of resource
and knowing that I can get my shit together if need be. That’s your first way of removing anxiety. Okay? Get on the retention because the return
Now you’re not chasing ass now you’re improving your testosterone levels if you let that male
seed build, well guess what? That’s your male essence. That’s your male hormone that’s your male
testosterone. Let that shit boil up. right you’re going to have stronger workouts
you’re going to have more aggression you’re going to have more push, you’re going to feel
like a man you know, I get some people to comment on
so stone cold and these videos are people say loosen up more. I’ve had that loosen up more or you sound
like a robot like bro. If anything, you sound probably like a little
frickin girl. Okay, because well, I can sit here stone cold
and relax. You think that you got to be all girly and
all bubbly and all emotional and all loose? Or that way you’re awkward. Then you’re the shy guy. People think you’re the shy guy or you’re
cold or you’re an ass because you’re not talking much. Screw that man. Like
however you are is fine as long as you’re grounded and secure with what you’re doing. But the thing is, is if you’re not here’s
what I want you to take away from this video. If you’re not
Doing the steps in self improvement You have no right. No Reason No privilege to remove your anxiety
if you’re not doing the self improvement you deserve to be anxious because now that I’ve
built my strength level so high in the gym now that I’ve padded my finances good enough
where I can sleep at night and yeah, I can take the next six months a year off of work
do nothing I can shut down this camera I can shut down everything on Facebook. I could shut it all down. I could go sleep. I could go travel for a year maybe even longer
if I wanted. Right That gives me comfort. I built my body where I know that I’m strong. I built my finances where I know that I’m
strong. I’m on the retention. So I understand that yes, what if a female
comes into my life she’s going to have to qualify herself on things other than looks
I’m not watching porn so I see women for what they truly are and since I’m not watching
porn, I’m not stroking it well Now I can actually talk to a woman like a normal human being
and get her comfortable first before we have to think that we got to do all this crazy
shit like you’re watching on the screen. Okay sound actually put aside was
society’s doing an assigned to be a man if you want safety and security in your own mental
you have to earn it. You 100% have to earn it no if ands or buts
about it if you’re not doing the self improvement you deserve to be sad You deserve to be anxious
you deserve to be depressed. And you can let these pharmaceutical companies
tell you you need more pills and oh there’s something wrong with you and you need to be
medicated Are you kidding me? All of these are man made substances humans
are meant to function perfectly fine on their own like learn how to put the steps into give
your brain some security so you don’t have to be anxious like wake up all these estrogen
it compounds in food all these man made chemicals, all these man made pharmaceuticals, all this
marijuana that you’re trying to use to cope. You don’t think that that’s sprayed with pesticides
or fertilizer, you don’t think that that’s altering your brain a little bit changing
you like come on now be real. So that’s the thing. If your anxiety is high, cut out the stuff
that’s low level behavior, cut out the stuff that’s low level negativity and
First and foremost, get that money, right because you’re going to feel a lot better
as a man. So like I do at the end of every video, I
plug my stuff I plug my stuff because I know my stuff is good enough to plug. So the first thing I plug is going to be my
fitness transformations. I’ve been a transformation specialist and
coach for years, and I get clients really, really good success I get clients ripped. So that way if you want to take the first
step as a man in your self improvement journey, what you can do is you can see my fitness
transformations and start your coaching journey. Okay, that way you can build a strong body
on the outside. Also, if you haven’t checked out and Laura
never left on read, this is my dating course for men. This teaches men how to remain masculine. This teaches men how to carry yourself with
the perfect tonality. And this teaches men how to make sure that
you’re never left on red because you’re becoming high value. Okay? These are steps that all men have to do you
have to learn a little bit of female dynamic plus you have to learn all the way male dynamic
and masculinity and for people that are ready to take their next step in investment and
Need some one on one coaching, what you’re going to do is you’re going to go down and
book a call. And yes, at the end of the call, I asked you
to pay me and sign up for coaching. Like these calls that you guys are booking
is not for, not for me to BS with you for 10 to 15 minutes about your problem that your
girlfriend broke up with you like you sound like a girl, like take your tampon out and
go work, go get your shit together as a dude, these consultation calls are for people who
are really in need and are looking to sign up with me for coaching. So that way they can get back on track. These are for people that need a little bit
more than a one on one course. OK, so the calls to evaluate which program
in which fit, we should pick on that call. So that’s my services to you. That’s a wrap up if you liked the video, comment,
subscribe, like it. Get on your shit. Get on your purpose.

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