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Semen Retention 100 Day Transformation | Stop Jerking Off

February 28, 2020

Casey Zander: Fellas, semen retention literally
saved my life, and I’m about to tell you why. Casey Zander: I’ve been YouTubing for a lot
of years now, and I noticed something on my channel: the top videos that always got the
most views, that always got the most engagement was always me talking directly to men. And the most rated views, the ones that get
the highest, was always titled Stop Jacking Off, or Stop Jerking Off. And it really started to dawn on me that this
is something that men as struggling with more and more, every single day. Casey Zander: Now, what I’ve done is I’ve
gone deeper into this topic and I’ve looked at the research. And what the research says is that men’s testosterone
is literally declining 1% every single year. Literally. If you take testosterone levels of men 20
years ago, 20 years ago they were 20% higher than what they are now. Casey Zander: Now, why is this? Well, it’s because so many men are focused
on so much instant gratification. Men are becoming more feminized. Men have less testosterone. And the reason for that is because men keep
jerking off, men keep jacking off, men are not retaining their semen. Casey Zander: So, what we need to do is we
need to take a second and look at what your semen is. That semen in your nuts is a fucking buildup
of testosterone. It’s literally male hormone. It’s male seed. Males are designed to spread seed. Males are designed to interact with attractive
females and create connection. Men are wired for strength. Casey Zander: Now, every single time you’re
desiring that woman on that cellphone, on that porn site, you are selling yourself short
as a man, whether you want to believe it or not. All of the things that make you a man, you’re
depleting. You’re depleting your hormone. You’re giving that energy, that sexual energy,
that sexual vibe, that sexual chemistry, to your hand, to your cellphone. And what it’s doing is it’s destroying your
mind day-by-day. You have men that cannot talk to women. They desire those women on the phone, on the
computer screen; but in real life would have absolutely no idea how to get them, how to
talk to them, how to seduce them. Casey Zander: So, now we have a generation
of weak men. We have a generation of men that are constantly
relying on their hand and the computer screen for sexual energy and for sexual release. And what it’s became is it’s became a slave
mindset for every single man right now in America. Casey Zander: Look at what’s going on. You have men that literally are drawn in every
situation only to sex. Why do they go out to the bars on Saturday
night? To try to get sex. Why is it that they start going to the gym? To try to get sex. Why is it that a man tries to build a business
and advance their career? Oftentimes it’s because he wants to improve
his status to try to get more sex. You see, everything that we do now as men
is for sex and instant gratification, to get females. And it’s destroying people’s minds. It’s destroying your ability to actually become
a better man. Casey Zander: So, how semen retention saved
my life is it was giving me the ability to release that slave mentality, release the
ability to let go of being constantly dependent on porn, constantly dependent on women, constantly
dependent on how many women I can sleep with in order to get validation, to actually tell
myself that I’m a man. You see, as that male ego was driving inside
me, it was like all it could be fulfilled with is how many women I could sleep with,
who I could get, and that’s what determined my value as a man. It was absolutely pathetic. I was going nowhere in my head and I was going
nowhere in life. Casey Zander: And what happened was, when
I started to actually switch this stuff and started to retain that sperm … Because you
have to think what that sperm is: that sperm is your seed. That sperm is your hormone. That sperm is your buildup of testosterone
that gives you male fucking drive. It’s gives you male drive. It gives you male power. It gives you male dominance, that aggression. And what you can do then is when you have
that, well you now have less problems in life because you have that abundance of hormones,
that abundance of drive, and you can now channel it into other areas in your life that need
improvement. Casey Zander: My gym strength went up. My sleep went up. My anxiety decreased. My performance when I would actually connect
with a woman and have real intercourse, based off of a girl I actually connected with, was
10 times greater. Casey Zander: You have guys nowadays that
… They’ll stroke their dick. They’ll stroke it all night to some porn or
to some computer screen animated woman. But when it comes time to connect with a woman,
or their girlfriend, or who they want to be with, all of the sudden they have anxiety
problems, and premature ejaculation, or they can’t get hard, and it’s just a slew of distress
for men. And then what do men do? They get embarrassed, they get awkward, they
fall right back to the computer screen because that’s the only time that they can actually
feel like a man again. Casey Zander: Fellas, you need to retain that
semen. You need to retain that sperm. You need to start getting that male drive
back so that way you can feel good again, because it’s going to be a lonely road every
single day if you’re just sitting there relying on your hand for that sexual energy. And when every week goes by and you can’t
connect with a woman, women don’t find you attractive, it’s like … It’s because you’re
not masculine. You need to get those testosterone levels
up. You need to get that male energy back, that
male charisma, that male drive. Casey Zander: So fellas, retain that semen. I’ve got a challenge for you: I want you to
start with seven days. Okay? Seven days. And document the benefits. Write it down in a journal. Write it down in a notebook. Write it down in your phone. Okay? And start to develop these habits to becoming
a better male overall. Casey Zander: Like the video, comment, subscribe. Check the link below to get my case study. We’ll see you in the next one.

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  1. What was the biggest thing that you took away from this video that you can implement?
    >> Dating Coaching here <<

  2. Not all men are dumb enough to just keep producing seeds for women only! it's stupid that straight guys just give and not take pleasure during sex.

  3. That was me, I whent to clubs and every weekend and when i had multiple days off and i would pick up many one nighters, but idk, i still was able to be 100 percent all the time, probably because i eat high nutrient foods.

  4. Respect. I learned this from Captain Sinbad, but you are the first person besides him who I found that speaks with such clarity on the topic. I made it thirty days last November and slowly fell back into old habits. This time I'm seventy plus days with no release of any kind. Not even dreams.

    For all of you reading this, this man speaks the truth. I have much more energy. I look people in the eye with ease. My voice is deeper. My job is easier due to the new state of mind I'm in. I found a real girl to connect with, not just any girl like I used to think. My workouts are better. My house is cleaner. My food intake is much cleaner and healthier. Sleeping better and dreaming more frequently. It all falls into place once you set your mind to it. Do not think you can do this and not change anything. You have to channel this energy into something productive. And even if it feels like it's not working, your mind will reward you in two to three weeks. I can't imagine going back to porn, video games, and looking for any girl to get by. Try it. And do it with purpose and conviction.

  5. in yoga…its called amroli, vajroli
    also, 4 years, 2 months….after 6 months i realised I'll never need this ever again (in my forties)

  6. If you don't jack off 2 weeks your test levels skyrocket. After that you go to yourn normal levels. Not jerking off is bullshit, unless you want to increase the possibility of having testicular and prostatic cancer

  7. Just hit 100 days no PMO today!
    Benefits include
    -No more brain fog
    -High sharp mental clarity
    -Increased drive to get things done
    -Seizing every opportunity that comes my way
    -High levels of newfound confidence
    -Increased creative energy by sexual transmutation
    -Gateway to doing much more self-improvement
    -Never looking at PMO the same ever again!

  8. Brotha, I want to believe in this but I’ve done semen retention for 15 days once and 30 days another and I felt the same..i guess it only works for some people?

  9. Day 50 of porn free. MO'd once and had mindless sex multiple times. Just quitting porn is not enough OR I am still in a huge flatline. I am confused as fuck since I expected to feel a little bit better and I don't. Semen retention it is for me.

  10. Big naaaaaaah energy that's actually really gross and not an important factor in how lame or effective you are as a man at all. What ur gonna do is shoot a bunch of fucking curds into someone or something and that is just a disgusting fact.

  11. sorry guys who believe this…lol masturbation doesn't lower test levels but if you wanna go no fap just for some mindset training then sure it could be good for that

  12. Day 24, What I've noticed : Less mood swings, smoother mood transitions .. almost no depression, more confidence, more drive to do things that i normally wouldn't want to do like school work and applying for new jobs. I also feel like my interactions with women are a lot better! the desperation is not there and i seriously am shocked about the way i feel around women… they can feel my energy even just a short elevator ride in my building and this smoking hot chick gave me a look like she knew something.. THIS SHIT IS LIFE CHANGING BOYS JUST GET ON IT! If you have an urge to wank just get out of your house and go for a jog to get your mind off it!

  13. This is a joke right? He is being sarcastic one hopes because ejaculation DOESN'T lower testosterone levels in our blood. Try another wacky theory for your issues buddy.

  14. It's very true men are addicted to masturbation and porn too much . I was once addicted to that stuff as time went on . My social life in regards to women was terrible . I was raised by women my whole life , but my mom was too aggressive and manipulative . That made me view women generally as nasty people and not loving , so my fear for women got.worse until I hit 26. My dating life was terrible and I needed to work on myself . Now I live life freely and openly . As men we to live life freely and do things that will satisfy us .Not we doing stuff because we think those things will automatically help us to get girls. You need to be a leader and live life on your terms .

  15. If there are benefits to this, they are purely psychological. Scientific data is inconclusive but at best masturbation affects t levels short term and just slightly.

  16. I can vouch for it. I have tried this and during the 100th day I can do 60 push-ups within 1 min. during the 300th day I can push a truck. During the 1000th day, I lifted the sky that still haven’t dropped on ya. Yes I am the very pillar holding your sky. :p okay serious talk. I think everything in moderation is key.

  17. I agree 100 % with you brother, we men need to look more for each other and teach the younger generation how to be man again! Make men great again!

  18. No joke, I am at this point 5 year fapstronaut. and im 21 years old… I just never had the urge to fap..fapping is just not something to be proud of to me. I dont like jacking off when it's just my hand. ive never watched porn aswell. (ofc i know what it is and have seen it 1 time but was like nah man) the only negative side is I dont know too good how my body works haha. but that's okay. I am 1000 times more diciplined than other people tough

  19. Thank you for this video Casey! This is in line with the Hindu principle called "Vairagya" and I appreciate you sharing your experience with the benefits of no fap. Thanks for being awesome!

  20. Waow, I am hearing a lot of very general assumptions and very personal opinions. I do not need to listen any further……

  21. If that were true, I would be now 'hormoneless'… Jackin off several times a day, all my life, I am 60 yo, and my testosterone is much above the average level. If men got less testosterone today it is because of stress, not because of excess of masturbation.

  22. I was on a four month streak and i relapsed a week ago. Im trying to get back but its my 3rd relapse awhile ago. I really needed this so that i can get back to not nut.

  23. I switched gears by watching less and less porn, but instead of depleting myself, Id go in the shower and freeze my nuts down, Then go watch it, go back in the shower and freeze my nuts, the cold water makes you uncomfortable quite quickly so it breaks your comfort in being able to cum, I actually have gotten complete control over it now, my test is so high that my skin has gained elasticity my muscles are Fuller and harder and so is my confidence, I wouldn't recommend this If you can't control it as a tool, if you can't control it, completely fade away from it, but if you want to activate male hormones freeze your nuts and exercise yourself so when your nuts heat up they will activate your hormone metabolism and create testosterone

  24. guys that have been 100 percent semen retention I have a question, Im on day 30, this week I experienced a little bit of what I would call rage after something really minor happened was really surprised. Anyone else have this happen at some point? I have been feeling the best I have ever felt in my life.

  25. comfort zone ur afraid to let go of that comfort zone which can be any subject because ur afraid nothing is waiting better on the other side of having freedom. Freedom has been forgotten or buried far from your thoughts because the comfort zone is your private secret friend no matter what it is. Bondage is s very hard slavery. But the circle of life isn't the Lion King but the COMFORT ZONE is a jungle of all kinds of lust in general to a bondage. I agree with all he says I'm just broadening the thought circle of comfort zone.

  26. Being a better men has to do with learning how to love your partners. Even if you are extremely attractive and wealthy like brad pitts, he still have two failed marriage with the two most beautiful women in the world. Good relationship has a lot more to do than physical appearance.

  27. Men are becoming like a female because in the west females are dressing and behaving like whores. In the 70s what pornstar used to wear in 2020 regular women wears that. Women are nearly walking naked so men are losing interest.

  28. I may add though in older men….due to the enlargement of the prostrate..ejaculation clears out the urethra which has a more increased risk of bacterial infection due to the prostate not allowing fluid to be expelled fully .

  29. I know the struggle and the effects. I have had a porn addiction for years and haven't had a serious relationship since I was 21, I am now 35. I have used porn and going to strip clubs to fill in that loneliness. I'm about 2.5 weeks with out a jerk off, will keep pushing along.

  30. Whatever your teling us is 100 percent right and fact because everytime i jercked off i felt tired and body pains till i stopped it and went to gym and noticed so many changes in my life that effected positively

  31. Thank you for posting this stuff. My confidence level is pretty low right now but I’m starting no fap today. I will keep you updated as to how it’s going

  32. it's a very important thing!
    When i realized this thing, i stopped doing it. i stopped jerking off 21 days ago and i feel much better now.
    i can't explain everything about it cuz my english is bad at the moment. but i keep learn and practice. and i will speak English like an educated native speaker!
    Thanks for the video btw!

  33. I've got a question to all of this; do you allow yourself to orgasm with a woman during this time when you practice semen retention?

  34. You are right.
    I was addicted, I had depression, anxiety.
    I realized I had problems for that but I ignored those signals.
    I lost a girl months ago.
    She was the girl of my dreams in high school and I started to jerking of on vacations that I didn’t see her. I became weak I started to have anxiety and depression I started to have problems with her.
    I realized it was because of this too late 🙁
    I wish that addiction has never happened to me but it did and now i don’t think about touching my d by myself again.
    When you start to do it you feel good but you are not living. You are killing your personality and your mind.

  35. Semen contains Omega 3. Look up the Cerebrospinal Fluid. It contains Omega 3. The CSF is the gate keeper to enlightenment. Build the fluid up and the seed travels up the spine to eventually ignite the oil in a chamber in the brain. The oil will illuminate the pineal gland which has rods and cones. Supplement Omega 3 EPA DHA, NAC, MAGNESIUM L THREONATE, SUBLINGUAL B12, PHOSPHOLIPIDS. THESE ALL HELP THE BRAIN REPAIR ITSELF.

  36. Now you see the world with right mind and eyes before then you blinded ,like these bots all around us.

  37. Day 32, but not really worrying bout the day. As long as you find some shit to do on a daily basis that is productive and actually worthwhile, this journey can and will level you up.

  38. Total crap by a moron. Scientific studies show that men who ejaculate 5-6 times a week are healthier than men who ejaculate once or twice a week. That's because the men who ejaculate more have a 35% lower chance of contracting prostate cancer during their lifetimes than the group who ejaculate less.
    So whom do you believe? Doctors and scientists or a high school drop out who's probably unloading trucks at Wal-Mart?
    What an imbecile.

  39. Little over a month. i been consistent with the gym and had better workouts, more energy, i also don't feel sluggish.
    I think my face has cleared a little as well.

  40. You are an idiot. You do not know ANYTHING. Just another high school drop out talking shit on You Tube.
    Scientific studies show that men who ejaculate 5-6 times a week have a 35% lower chance of getting prostate cancer than men who ejculate once or twice a week.
    We'll send you Get Well cards doofus.

  41. A erection is nature's way of saying have a orgasm. If this nature feeling is denied it will lead to a mental disorder. Blue balls is painful and the wet dreams it is totally lost.However there is a alternative. The seamen is the life water or wisdom water and should never be thrown away. Just drink it yourself and never lose a drop. Fill the palm of your hand and suck it it up.Recirculate it 20 times a day if the feeling arises. There is nothing gay about it. Just Suc Ceed or succeed. My friend who is 70 started this method 34 years ago and his brain is still 100%.

  42. I hope this helps me get my strong erections back I’ve lost every woman I ever loved I’m changing my life on day 10 hopefully I can keep it going

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