Science and photography – Conservation Biology fieldwork in Costa Rica
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Science and photography – Conservation Biology fieldwork in Costa Rica

August 12, 2019

between my second and third year I spent
five months in Costa Rica so that involved designing and conducting
research on amphibian and reptile ecology as well as taking tissue samples
in which we bar-coded once back here in It was to better understand
the amphibian and reptile communities within that system in Costa
Rica, so it was the National Park know as the Area de Conservación Guanacaste
in northwestern Costa Rica and so we were just hoping to better understand
where the amphibians and reptiles were and which species are where. In terms of the
ecology of the amphibian communities that can be done anywhere but this is
the first of its kind to be done in this protected area and especially looking at
the distinct forest types which is what we focused on we looked at cloud forest,
rainforest, dry forests and an ecotone which represented between the rainforest
and cloud forest which is a semi-moist forest. You’d think fieldwork in a tropical country would be idyllic, it’s not
working in a rain forest for weeks on end is difficult there’s lots of biting
insects you get bitten all over and for lots of it we were isolated, so we spent two
weeks on top of a volcano where we saw no one else in that two-week period, but
overall the experience was incredible despite the hardships of living in a
forest for several weeks on end.

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