Safari with Suyash Ep 4: Den of The Tiger | #WWFVoices
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Safari with Suyash Ep 4: Den of The Tiger | #WWFVoices

January 6, 2020

This time, our quest to track the big-cat family is gonna lead us straight to their den. However, that’s only possible if we get our act together That was tiring. Phew, that was tiring That just goes onto show that wildlife photography and filmmaking is only ten percent of what we do in the field. Most of the time we are tracking, other times we are waiting and yet other times we are pushing vehicles because your naturalist parks it on a river bed and then when we wait their for two hours in the heat the tires sink into the mud and the only way out is to push it out. After all that hard work in the heat, I started to think that no matter what happens, we deserved to see the cubs. So we drove throug the National Park in high hopes of tracking the family. All through the day, we kept driving in the blistering heat of the summer. But no signs of tiger cubs. No sign of any tigers. Things were just not working out. And we needed to switch it up. Big cats are very active during the night. However, we are not allowed in the National Park during those hours. So our best chance will be to try our luck, early in the morning. We had already been driving around for quite some time when the summer sun broke through the horizon. This was not good. Once things heat up there will be no big-cat activity, and the forest itself will go completely silent. Just as I was beginning to lose hope we found some fresh pugmarks and also some signs of struggle in the soil. As we started driving again, my heart began to pound And not too far away from those tracks, we struck gold. I think this is the Solo female I have known her since she was a cub And she has got a Sambhar kill in her mouth She is dragging it from the top of the road and into a small cave. Thankfully its close to the road so we can sit here and maybe she will call for her cubs. It was clear that the signs of struggle were from the Sambhar deer which the tigress was now holding. We had just missed the kill by minutes. But this was still fantastic news From my previous experiences, I knew that the mother was going to bring her cubs to feed at some point of time. It was just a matter of waiting It’s just 5:53 AM right now, the sun is slowly coming up Give it two hours and I’ll be starting to wish that I am inside the cave insread of here in the open jeep. Because it’s gonna get bloody hot. But hey anything for the tiger right? As we were waiting, Solo began to munch on the carcass. A big-cat’s tongue is quite unlike that of any other animal It has a spiked and perforated surface perfectly suited for licking off the hair from an animal and even remaining pieces of meat off of the bones. So we found the tigress at 5:30 AM It’s 2:32 PM right now and we’ve just been sitting It’s so hot. The tigress has had her full and she is just laying in the cool, in the shade but this is the part about wildlife filmmaking you gotta wait, you gotta be at the right place at the right time and just hopefully if you are lucky enough you’re gonna get the shots you need. So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna wait. And maybe, around 4:30/5:00 when it gets a little cooler Its about 44 degrees celcius right now. When it gets a little cooler. She might come out Maybe call her cubs or go down that way to drink some water. But for now, we are just enjoying the heat, having some good conversations and just saying our prayers. And so began the process of waiting. Stay tuned for the next episode to find out wether the cubs really showed up or not. Thank you so much for watching this episode I feel like we are one step closer to the goal of finding the beautiful cubs. But only time will tell. So subscribe to this channel and watch out for next week for our final episode. And until then goodbye.

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  1. Hello everyone, a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family. Thank you for starting this year with a healthy dose of safari! I hope we can all foster a deeper connection with nature in 2020 and continue to find new ways to protect wildlife and its habitat throughout this decade.
 If you enjoyed watching this video, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. And I will see you next week 😁

  2. This is a great gift for new year suyash ….hats off for your patience and down to earth nature …it feels so lovely when we see you with gudda and all others having fun and helping each other….coz world now is so different actually peoples mindset . It is great for people like me who are starting photography to know all the hardships . And this episode was soooo good …waiting to see the cubs ❤…lots of love and strength to you 🖤

  3. I love it because it's the reality. A tiger needs meat because is a carnivorous. If it hasn't its food, it needs to hunt to eat.

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    It also shares important details about climate change and how you can help

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  6. Lovely series i really enjoyed watching it. Having been to Bhandavgarh the landscape and wildlife makes me nostalgic. 👍

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