[S2 – Eps. 10] Incredible WILDLIFE in ARGENTINA!
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[S2 – Eps. 10] Incredible WILDLIFE in ARGENTINA!

February 29, 2020

Good morning internet it is 07:51 in the morning and welcome back to the channel I’m now gonna go to Dhanno which is sitting just around the corner in a safe parking and I have to leave this hotel as I explained in the previous video I’m waiting here in Viedma for my new number plate which I lost along the way The number plate is made, it’s on its way it’s already left the Netherlands but it will take some time before it’s here in Argentina So I have to move hotel today and it’s such great weather that I decided to do a ride before I go to the new place Finally, the weather has been changing I’ve been really unlucky with the weather It’s just been an unusual wet spell with a lot of rain the past, two weeks But now it seems like the weather is finally changing to the normal weather around this time of the year, which is just, sunny! So I’m now riding towards the coast It’s about 30 kilometers and them I’m at the coast and there’s supposed to be something really cool to see out there So we’re gonna check that out I’m now almost at El Condor beach It’s a few kilometres more So, these birds there’re called burrowing parakeets and that’s because they make nests here in the cliffs I just can’t get enough! There are thousands of them! and they’re an endangered species and this is the largest breeding colony in the world Amazing place, huh? Really awesome Now I do really want to fly the drone today for the first time my new drone but I don’t think this the best place to do it, with all the birds First of all, I don’t want to scare them and second of all I don’t want them to attack my drone I have no idea how they respond to a drone, but I don’t think that’s a good idea Cool Let’s have a look down here It’s pretty high tide at the moment So you can’t really walk far on the beach Ah, it’s so windy! So there’s also some birds here but I already passed the biggest part of the colony Ah it’s stunning here Look at it See there’s some birds over there See they all have nests in the rocks over there I don’t know if you can see them they’re a bit far away So I’m now just riding alongside the coast and it’s about, I think, 15 kilometers more and then there’s a placed called La Loberia and there’s supposed to be some sealions there as well so let’s see if I can find the sealions Look at all the birds sitting there So this is the place where the sealions are I think 10:00 till 18:00 looks closed It’s not even 10:00 ah, it’s 09:30 ah well, I’ll just wait half hour here I have all the time in the world Nice to meet you Alright, let’s check it out Alright, I’ll just park here I got these binoculars which is nice and so there are two different colonies of sealions and they told me that, all in all, to see everything, it’s about an hour So, let’s see wow, look at that! so many with the binoculars I can see the big males fighting, there’s a lot of babies around as well, most of them are sleeping but there’s also some activity yeah, it’s just absolutely amazing! I mean it’s a shame that I can’t get any closer but it’s much better I think for the animals yeah, this is just not the place to come up really close or fly a drone or something like that I think it’s important that these animals have their rest place But there’s one other look-out so maybe I can see them a little bit closer from there but with the binoculars it’s amazing So this is the second look-out you can see them over there, they’re sitting in the water and there’s some on the rocks over there But I think for you it’s almost impossible to see them because of the colours they’re much more difficult to see from here although they are actually closer but I have my binoculars I can see them So I just saw this sign that there are actually 6000 sealions in this colony crazy right and then in wintertime their numbers grow to even 9000 So, yeah, I’ve never seen such a big sea lion colony before It’s absolutely amazing just, observing them and hearing their noises really, really incredible Yeah, I’m really happy that I came on this side of Argentina because I know that on the other side of Argentina, close to the border with Chile it’s amazing scenery and it’s beautiful with mountains and I will go there as well but coming here, even though the scenery seems a bit boring sometimes, it’s relatively flat of course and just emptiness but for me it’s worth coming here to see all these animals, to see the parrots, to see the sealions and hopefully a lot more wildlife still so I’m happy I think this is still the road Let’s hope I don’t pick up a nail here Well, I don’t know if I can pass this. No.. I think I have to take the track below the bridge Why is there even a bridge one may wonder And I’m back in town So I’m now going to the hotel which I gave as an address to receive my number plate Yeah, I’ll just there until it arrives I would say it’s this one but has another name Cocheras Hotel Alright, this is my new room Pretty fine Today was just an awesome day It was just so nice to not having to worry about rain for example And just all the animals, the parrots, the sealions, this is really what I came here for, to this part of Argentina to see all the wildlife So I hope you also saw some of it I mean it’s always difficult to catch the animals on camera But I definitely saw them, especially with the binoculars which was amazing And then the ride back, through, I just took a dirt road which was really nice riding and yeah I think, just the vastness of these landscapes for me, it doesn’t get old, especially if I ride on a dirt road It’s just.. yeah, I just really love it. It’s just the wide open spaces I mean You don’t really get that where I”m from so I really enjoyed that yeah just had a good day, now just really fingers crossed that my number plate arrives super soon because, well yeah, I’m ready to leave but I just have to wait for the number plate, so let’s hope it arrives quickly then I can put it back on and then we’re ready to hit the road again so yeah, that was it for today I hope you liked this video if you did, please give me a big thumbs up and subscribe down below and then I’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Noraly descurpa a curiosidade vc e casada fico elogiando vc nem sei si e comprometida kkkkk mim perdoa sim for te adoro

  2. Noraly cuando ya tengas tu patente (una semana te han dicho…hmmmm) y vayas más ala sur Puerto Madryn tiene una lobería gigante y allí si tienes suerte puedes ver ballenas y orcas… Gracias por las imágenes!!!

  3. great view as usual, for extra amusement I substitute the name Noraly in place of Grammarly during the advert break. That way you get " With Noraly you can be perfect"….. lol

  4. You have seen sea lions alone.
    Not shown to us ☹️..

    You would have tried to put the lense of Gopro on the binoculars..

    It's a supercool ride.. you are living you life in best way.

    Keep riding, have a safe ride

  5. After watching all your videos like a series marathon😜, now, every new video from your smile is like a visit from a best friend. (En een beetje verliefd worden ook☺️)

  6. As time goes on, your videos are getting more and more attractive and of course professional since the special effects of the video you made in that dessert without modern equipment are just jaw-dropping.

  7. Possibly that bridge you tried to cross then went down below of, could be there if flooding existed in that region but from its condition I'd say that was pretty unique. Cheers Noraly.

  8. Very appreciating nice travel and your blue eyes paralizing while watching! Thanks for turkish explanatory notes!

  9. Just binge watching all your videos tonight as I missed quite a few this week with the daily work schedule. Felt good. You sure like the dirt tracks and do an amazing job. Also you keep impressing with how well you can pull off with the local languages of the places you visit. Superb….Onto your last video of the day now.

  10. Awesome! The seal colony seems well protected while still allowing humans to see them. Looks perfect. Thanks again for an awesome video.

  11. I can't believe and I'm ashamed as an argentinian citizen that no one speaks english in the hotels you stayed! What kind of service is that?

  12. 10:24 << I'm happy>> that smile is priceless….
    thank you again Noraly to bring us to the discovery of world wide happiness 🙂

  13. The parrots 🦜 are beautiful, u could see the blue and yellow of them when u went up with the drone. Safe travels, shall be keeping up with u on 🏍🐧xx

  14. mejor ampliamos la información de La Playa Bonita, El Espigón, https://www.patagonia-argentina.com/el-espigon-playa-bonita/

  15. May I suggest you try a headband, it looks like you're in for a lot of wind on your adventure. Oh, who stole all the trees?🏍👍

  16. This episode was the best and perfect episode in your journey Noraly. I really enjoyed from this episode. I have to say, I will post it on my Instagram and Facebook stories and I will put it on my Instagram and Facebook too.

  17. Hey Noraly, maybe it's time for a zoom camera? I travel like you. I recommend you the Canon SX60hs. Patagonia has too much to offer. Beautiful Landscapes… So, enjoy and be safe!

  18. What you refer to as a number plate is actually called a license plate.  Because not all of them have numbers.  The license plate on my pickup truck has only letters…no numbers.

  19. Envy Envy Envy, cant imagin when 19 I told Mom I was going to Patagonia way back in 1968…I never made the journey so I thank you for the memory I never got to see…..good work and cant wait to see a baseball cap on you. See ya tim

  20. Nice to follow you on You Tube. I spent couple of weeks in Viedma and El Condor this summer. I saw those same Parrots also the Sea Lions when whale watching and saw them whales too . I also saw big running birds Rheas and foxes. I was there in September 201. I'm back to Florida now. Very beautiful place with all the wild life! Happy Travel!

  21. Not sure if this question has been asked and answered already, but still, why could't you get a licence plate made in Argentina locally? I mean, you give them the details that would go onto the plate and a local business would fix it for you.

  22. 11:55 That old bridge to nowhere was called "Gobernador Molina" (coordinates: 40°52'6.25" S 63° 1'45.40" W). It was built in 1924 to span the "El Juncal" lagoon, which was later (during de 1930's) drained in order to prevent groundwater floods and river floods in the area and to use the land for agricultural production.

  23. I was hoping to see a killer whale beach itself and get a sea lion, but maybe it's not the season for that. Hopefully I can time it right and go there at the right time myself.

  24. while watching your videos, Noraly, i have open several other tabs in 'Chrome' browser, so that i learn from your video. i chek your route on maps.google.com. i read about your destination. now, i can investigate 'burrowing parakeet' after the video~! feels like being in school again. txn for the adventures. envious~!!

  25. Hi Noraly you are such a daredevil I wonder how you bravely crossed over so many continents and that too all alone and you are such a motivator to other women who may have watched your channel, hats off to you and is your Dhanu a new bike or you gave Basanti a new name,anyway keep going and enlighten the whole world . All the best.

  26. i just started watching your videos..i just love it.. and you also look very pretty and i love the way you talk .. 😀 ..andrew from india

  27. I am so to see you going so many places and show on room looking at you enjoying your ride. Good for you my dear lady. Good luck

  28. Hello Noraly, have you thought about posting the costs of your hotel stays. I think it would be interesting to know some details like that or even a small review of them along your way. Be safe on your travels))

  29. My congratulation for what you are doing with an himalayan. You are very brave going by those complicated roads alone. My admiration from Valencia in Spain. By the way I've got an Africa Twin 1000 and traveled in Morroco, Greece, Balcans, Alps and Sardinia, but mainly on road

  30. Norraly, a really nice episode with the Parakeets and Sea Lions. I could see the sea lions on the beach from the 2 nd location.
    Also the Drone video was very good. It makes you look very tiny in a world so vast.

  31. Awesome video… Thanks for making us view the world with your eyes 🙂

    May i know who is sponsoring your travel and to get sponsorers

    Thanks once again.

  32. I haven't read all the comments so I don't know if this has been clarified, but those are not sea lions, they are sea wolfs. Occasionally there are sea elephants and even killer whales (I hate that name), but no sea lions in these parts.

  33. Si querias ver hermosos paisajes, tendrias que haner pasado por Cordoba, es la provincia que esta al lado de Buenos Aires, aqui tenes paisajes unicos, rios, lagos, arrollos, mar, cascadas, montañas, diques, todo lo q tenga q ver con la naturaleza, Buenos Aires no tiene nada, solo el el rio De la Plata, en cambio si queres mucha vegetacion y muchos animales en selva, tendrias que haber ido pára el noerte, q es Corrientes y Entres Rios, 2 provincias q limitan con Brasil y Paraguay, pero lo de no pasar por Cordoba, fue imperdonable, jajajajajajaja. Saludos, y no se que tenes mas lindos, si tus ojos azules o tu simpatia.

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