Retired Man Maintains Hills On Farm With Ventrac
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Retired Man Maintains Hills On Farm With Ventrac

February 27, 2020

My name’s Vaughn James, I’m 79, and I keep this 200 acres alive and well. The land here is on the top of a hill, about
1,050 feet up and we can see just as far as the eye can see. This is my father in law here and he’s a pretty
valuable individual to me and my wife. His wife got sick a few years back and we
had to leave the farm. It was too far for us to come check on him
and help to be an hour or so away. We had to move Vaughn and his wife closer
to us to take care of them. Consequently, after his wife died, Vaughn
wanted to move back to the farm. We have another tractor that has a finish
mower and brush hog. It’s a little top heavy and there were a few
places here on the farm that we were a little uncomfortable with Vaughn being on with nobody
here. My wife was constantly saying “you better
call and check on dad. Make sure he’s ok, make sure he hasn’t rolled
the tractor, maybe you should go down there!” I got researching and found these Ventracs and I’m so glad I did because there are no worries at all. It’s undoubtedly the safest piece of equipment
I’ve ever been on! It’s built low to the ground and it’s just
about impossible to upset it. I’m very comfortable with it and have no anxiety
going on any hill that I have. I don’t hesitate to pull up to it, go up or
down, sideways, or diagonally. I would say this has cut my weed eating down
by 50 percent or even more. I look at some of the places around here that
I used to weed eat and I don’t weed eat anymore, I use a Ventrac. When you’re not able to stay on top of the
farm like we did the last couple of years, things tend to grow in towards the meadow
and you have to drive around the tree limb. You’ll say well I’ll mow that later. Well later hardly ever comes. We were able to brush hog that all back toward
the fence line. I saw a fence post that I didn’t know existed. Comfort and controls–the one lever do just
about everything. You don’t have to worry about your breaks
because your hand does the brakes and your steering and everything. It’s a simple operating piece of machinery. I wouldn’t have a farm of this caliber, this
nature, this size without a Ventrac now. As far as safety, I don’t think there’s anything
that compares. I would have nothing else. It’s simple, straight, and the best piece
of equipment and mower that I have ever seen, and the best one I’ve ever used.

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  1. I used to assemble and help maintain customers ventracs at a shop in NC. I sure do miss working on these amazing machines!

  2. Today’s my dads 50th birthday he and I would love one. When I die I want a Ventrac casket same size. Great video as always.

  3. Beautiful piece of land!! You do an amazing job maintain it old man. I hope I can sling grass at 79…. Ventrac is on a level of its own.

  4. That's so awesome! I wonder if Ventrac would consider adding an 11 or even 14 ft wide area mowing deck. That would really replace those much bigger expensive mowers and really be the end all be all mower. This mower looks great but a true WAM add on would be cool and cut times in half at least.

  5. Vaughn needs that new Boom Sickle Bar mowing attachment for his pond bank. W. VA is a tough place for mowing the turf because ZTRs just slide down steep hills.

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