Retention Pond Contractor Mows Extreme Slopes with 60+ Ventracs
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Retention Pond Contractor Mows Extreme Slopes with 60+ Ventracs

January 5, 2020

Mowing steep slopes is a common
challenge for many outdoor maintenance professionals, especially when it comes
to maintaining retention ponds. My name is Glenn Garrett, I’m the president and
founder of retention pond services based in Wilmington North Carolina. We maintain
and rebuild/repair stormwater systems throughout the southeastern United
States Garrett started retention pond services
in 1996 and has built his business around managing these difficult areas.
Slopes the pond tend to be hilly they’re vegetated and so it can be wet and mucky
definitely a slippery kind of environment but the grass grows it’s got
to be cut and maintained according to state codes Because of the challenging terrain there
are very few desirable mowing options available. Before discovering Ventrac
Garrett’s crews use string trimmers which prove time-consuming and costly. We’ve
actually ran tests with a crew and with a Ventrac unit, and what we found is
that one ventrac can replace twelve guys with large commercial grade type weed
eaters on a bank. The machines are just that much more efficient. I think over
the years we’ve bought approximately 55 Ventracs. Garrett has learned through experience
that nothing matches Ventrac on a slope.
We had a slope mower and we ran the Ventrac alongside to the other
competitor model when we just found the Ventracs were superior. They were
faster, easier to maintain, and did a better job on the wetter slopes and the
pond bottoms Because of Ventrac’s efficiency and safety, each crew is now equipped with two Ventrac mowers. It’s been a huge cost
savings through both workers comp and through the speed in which the ponds get
cut. As a business owner we can’t afford to have workers comp claims involving
the water and machines that roll over and that sort of thing. The Ventrac has
prevented this type of claims from occurring. In addition to their 55 Ventrac fleet retention ponds has recently added ten more Ventracs to their
lineup. The Ventracs have been integral in the operation. You get
increased productivity when your people get comfortable with the machines and
they’re intuitive. I think the Ventrac is like that when
you sit in them and drive them gives them confidence I like a machine that
they sit in essentially instead of on top of, and Ventrac offers them that. I think it
does make them the men more productive so I would say that it has been a
positive experience and allowed the company to grow. Ventrac: your one tractor solution. Watch more of Ventrac in action by clicking on a link below or
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  1. We have a steep pond slope as well as a few other steep slopes on our acreage and our Ventrac 4500Z has made mowing them easy and worry free.  We have tried mowing these areas with other commercial mowers but they can tend to "break away" and not hold.  Our pond bank and pond area now looks like a golf course since using the Ventrac.

  2. Hello Ventrac! I have a question and would love if you could answer it for me!

    How much does one of these go for, without any attachments?

  3. The operator should start closest to the pond and blow the chaff uphill — to minimize what goes into the pond.

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  6. The slopes that you see in the video is easily mowed with what we used to have. It was a 72 inch john deere zero turn but since it broke down all we have now is a 54 in john deere.

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