Recruitment & Retention | 2018 RFI Student Serviceship
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Recruitment & Retention | 2018 RFI Student Serviceship

December 26, 2019

Why rural America, why not? Small rural communities are not dying. It is harder for the rural communities to to really like be in that limelight or share like hey we want you. Unless you have things that make a place like Seward County sticky and that typically is revolving around relationships, it’s going to be easier for them to leave and so we’re trying to make Seward County hard to leave. And it was just like this is it, this is the answer, this is what we need to do. It encompasses everything that we had set out to do three years prior, but hadn’t accomplished yet. We’ve been to about every event this summer, we’ve talked to every mover and shaker, I believe, in this county. What we’re trying to do is just clash people together in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise meet. We hope that our work here gets stakeholders and businesses to involve the community in a lot of the activities that they do so that people get to know each other, people are more engaged within the communities. What we’re acknowledging is that what makes a community or a county sticky is is genuine relationships. I’m hoping that I’m able to impact the community by that strategic plan continuing through the years. When you form a connection with somebody then they start to become vested in the community and want to stay. In a sense you just want to raise up those things that are already working well. We have really made those connections and generated those results to where if I was watching the movie, I’d want to move here. A challenge of rural communities is that we’re putting all the pressure on the employers, to bring the people in, when it’s a community concern, an issue and we should all be partnering together and working together. If you can continue to have the movers and shakers and the leaders and the community, your community will survive. If you don’t share your story your community can’t grow and prosper, you will just maintain and then you start that slow decline. Making a difference in your community, it takes all kinds. It’s not just the person who comes to work every day, it’s everybody has a hand in it and it’ll make a difference. So it’s important to seek new and evolve, to continue to be sustainable and attractive and grow.

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