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Rainforest Exploration in Borneo with The Orangutan and Tribes Tour | The Great Projects

January 7, 2020

The orangutans and tribes tour gives you
the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wilderness and indigenous culture of
the tropical rainforests of Borneo with the chance of seeing wild
orangutans. Excitingly we start a Matang Wildlife Center where we’ll be meeting some rescued endangered animals and helping to look after them. Currently, home to around 20 orangutans, the Center rehabilitates and provides sanctuary for
an array of species including sun bears, crocodiles, and hornbills. We’ve just
thrown those Hessian sacks in, full of all the nuts seeds and honey and jam
the orangutans are now tearing up our hard work in matter of seconds Trekking through Bako National Park
the oldest national park in Sarawak we’re just heading up to a platform
that’s supposed to have a spectacular viewpoint. This is so cool, we’ve just been walking
through the resort and a troop of proboscis monkeys have been crashing
through the trees right in front of us. Found only in Borneo, the endangered
proboscis monkey will spend the majority of its life high up in the trees. Telok Serabang is packed with
opportunities for activities, we helped clean some of the beautiful beaches,
explored the coastline of the National Park, and joined our host Manhit before
sunrise on a turtle conservation patrol The idea is we will find the turtle eggs
before poachers find them and then they can safely be hatched in a hatchery.
So Manhit our guide is has had to go ahead because he’s found another set of
footprints, which means that potentially there’s already been poachers on site which really highlights the need for the project work like this. The indigenous Bidayuh Tribe welcomed us
to their riverside community where they utilized bamboo to build their homes, as
a form of transport, and as a resource to eat and cook with. We adventured through the majestic rainforest on their traditional bamboo rafts. We are now in Batang Ai, the largest
national park in Sarawak and we’re heading out early this morning in the hope to find wild
orangutans! Orangutans build a new fresh nest every
evening and with signs around there’s a chance the orangutans were here only
this morning and we just miss seeing them. It’s been hot, sweaty and we’ve been eaten by insects but it has been a lot of fun despite not seeing orangutans we did
find their nests we found signs of lots of other animals too – including the Sun bear which is absolutely awesome. There’s another chance to spot
orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Center, the largest rehabilitation centre
in Sarawak where the orangutans are semi-wild and free-roaming
throughout the Nature Reserve. So grab your rucksack and head over for a real authentic experience in Borneo

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