Protection From NEGATIVE VIBES: Ep 74 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)
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Protection From NEGATIVE VIBES: Ep 74 Soul Reflections: BK Shivani (English Subtitles)

March 4, 2020

Greetings and welcome to Awakening With Brahma Kumaris. Welcome, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti and welcome to Soul Reflections. Thank you. I was thinking about aura. In connection to that I would like to read something. A clear, strong, radiant aura Protects you from lower vibrations. Beautiful. I thought protection meant something else. Calling somebody requesting for protection, whenever I felt disturbed. I am feeling very low, what can I do? That also helps but the equation needs to be clear. Lower frequency means Lower energy which is not very positive. If people around us are in pain Because of jealousy your sadness Then we are surrounded by negative energy. Apart from that if somebody is jealous of us Or if somebody thinks that we should face a loss Or something wrong should happen to us Then we are surrounded by even more powerful negative energy. Apart from that the environment contains vibrations of the state of mind of all of us. So we are surrounded in the present times with a little lower frequency. When our energy is low if we do not take care The lower frequencies will influence us sooner. You mentioned about feeling uneasy. And we asked somebody for protection. Do something so that I feel better. Whatever method they use, what does it do? They will send us positive energy. Suppose somebody’s negative energy from here is affecting us. And somebody is sending us positive energy from here. It will definitely benefit because somebody is sending me positive energy. When I receive that energy my Energy field becomes a little higher. When my Energy field is higher then the other lower energy will not work on me. But how did my Energy field become higher? Somebody else sent me positive energy. Okay. When we ask somebody to heal us, to cleanse our Aura or to protect us, it works. Because like someone is creating negative energy, someone else is creating pure energy. Both of them will have an influence. But if my own energy is very low Then where will my frequency be more connected to? With the lower one. Therefore the healing energy or the pure energy which you are sending me It will not have significant effect on me because I am getting negative energy from another source. And my own energy is low. The second thing is – for how long can I keep asking someone else to send me pure, powerful energy? We can ask them for a few minutes, sometimes and for some days But who can send it to us everyday and every moment? Not other people. Which means finally who has to take care of my Energy field? I have to do it myself. Every moment in every scene I can keep myself at a higher energy and protect myself. We need to create our own higher energy We can do it permanently and non-stop, isn’t it? We can do it independently, no dependence on anyone else. And most important, it can remain constant. Suppose right now I create positive energy. Frequencies around me are lower. It will not affect me, this is a constant. But if my Energy field is low Frequencies around are also low You send me powerful, positive energy Then my energy will raise only for sometime. After that will come back to where it was. Also your energy will influence me only based on what is my energy at that time. Suppose you are sending me very pure and positive energy. But if my energy is very negative. Then your energy will not influence me much. And the opposite is also true. If you are sending me extremely negative energy but my own energy is extremely positive. At that time also your energy will not affect me much. So finally the dependency is only on my own energy. We often tell but we are receiving negative energy from someone or someone is not thinking right for us. When we think of them Or about the energy of our environment Or about the energy of people around us We lower our own frequency and tune it with their frequency. So the influence of their energy will become more. We are living in that Energy field Whether it is in the environment, in the society, in the workplace At the local transport or shopping mall or with family People around us with their Energy fields We cannot change them. We cannot go away from them. We need to live amongst them Living in their Energy field, we need to make ourselves very powerful. In today’s times we need to take more care of ourselves. Because energy fields around us are very low as people are not taking care of themselves. For example if we are in a clean environment today Then the dust which gathers on things at home will be less. So even if we clean the house after every two days it is okay – because there is no dust the surroundings. We live in a very clean city. But if we live in a place where there is a lot of dust in the environment Then everyday we need to clean things at home. Sometimes even twice a day because there is a lot of dust around. Likewise when there is more negative energy in the environment then the cleansing of our aura Will need to be done everyday. It has to be done daily, not once in a while. Which means we need to include small little practices in our daily routine So that our thoughts remain right, clean, simple and pure. When our thought remains clean and pure Solar power increases. Energy field will be clean, clear, positive powerful. Vibrations in our environment will not influence us. Instead we will influence others. Now we just need to focus on how do I keep myself powerful. And what do I do daily? Important is that we need to consistently Do it daily. Like how we clean the house daily. If we were cleaning the house daily but stopped doing it for 4 days suddenly. What happens to things at home after four days? Some stains will become so hard to remove if left for four days. That is why it needs to be done daily. What are the small things we can do to keep our Energy field high everyday? Should not keep fluctuating from high to low. It should not be that somebody said something and it becomes slow, then again we put effort to bring it high. It should not fluctuate like that. We have to remain high and go higher and higher and higher. Successful soul means the one who goes higher and higher in terms of purity of his Energy field. As we have seen, as soon as we wake up what should be our first thoughts in the morning – that is very important. When we come to the Brahma Kumaris to study Gyan and learn meditation We bring in a simple change that the first activity upon waking up should be meditation. First thoughts start with meditation connecting to the Supreme Power. As we have seen in so many episodes, any change you want to bring in ourselves Whatever we want to create in our destiny We need to create that as the first thought in the morning and visualise it. We had same about the thought – I am a divine soul. I accept everyone as they are. As we keep repeating every morning – I accept everyone, I accept everyone as they are Forgiveness becomes automatic. What else? We feel lighter and our relationships become better. Good vibrations radiate from us so the same quality returns back to us. Our Energy field keeps becoming stronger. Expectations start reducing. Because we are preparing our mind – I accept everyone as they are. When Expectations reduce, then our reactions reduce. Hurt reduces. It is very important to add this line in our morning meditation I am a divine soul my every thought word and action are filled with purity and love. I accept everyone as they are. And then whatever is going on in our life, we cannot those specific thoughts. For example we can say – my body is perfect healthy. Similarly whatever we want about our work – this is exactly like this. My relationships are very beautiful. So with every thought we are training our mind When we say this is like this – that vibration starts getting created. When we create such high frequency thoughts in the morning What kind of Energy field gets created early morning? When we create our personal meditation, and repeat it at least 5 times as soon as we wake up in the morning. They are just powerful thoughts which we create We need to slowly repeat it and internal eyes it at least five times. We also need to visualise it. How to create them? Whatever we want in reality We need to write the thought as if it already is that way. We need to create thoughts of the reality we want. We can do it for our Sanskars, relationships, health or for the environment. We can do it even for our work. When we repeat and visualise it five times Creating this frequency thought our Energy field is rising higher. If we need to forgive someone let us create a thought This Karmic account is over. From today our relationship is very beautiful. If we want to heal our Sanskar of jealousy I am happy to see others doing well. I feel happy when people are successful and do well in whatever that doing. We need to create such thoughts in every aspect. When we do this in the morning, our Energy field or aura becomes of high frequency. What do we radiate then? Whatever we create it will automatically radiate. If we come to the Brahma Kumaris centre and learn meditation Because right now we are creating these thoughts and internalizing them. If we learn meditation we will know how to connect with God. One is that my own thoughts are so positive and Powerful That my energy becomes very high. Another is that I also connect with the Supreme Power, apart from my own thoughts. I am God’s child. God’s powers are filling me. For example if we think about somebody who is right now feeling negative Our frequency becomes low. And their vibration will influence us Likewise if we remember God Our frequency becomes high And God’s vibrations will influence us. How beautiful. If we establish that connection and raise our vibration Imagine how our aura is going to become. What bigger blessing do we need? If I connect directly to God Once I get God’s blessings what else will I need from the world? As you mentioned we seek healing and powerful energy from other people. When other souls create positive energy it will have an influence on us. And we get protected. Now if we connect to God, how well protected will we be? After that people’s negative energy – hurt or anger – These vibrations will not have any influence on us. Meditation is the first thing to be done in the morning. Second is what we listen or read in the morning. First is meditation, second is information. We need to take out at least 15 to 20 minutes even if we have to go to office early We need to listen to something very very pure or positive spiritual knowledge – God’s words. Or read them. The information gets absorbed within us. If we fill ourselves with high energy information in the morning Our Energy field becomes very high. So we need to look at the morning routine of meditation Second is information. We go to the centre to listen to God’s versions called Murli. If we engage in Meditation and Murli early in the morning. Just see what happens to the Aura. Earlier we would do the opposite – what would be the first thought in the morning? I am still tired, get me a cup of tea to feel better. And then we read the newspaper while sipping tea. One is meditation and Murli – and the other is ordinary and waste and even negative thoughts. And newspaper also. Can you see the difference in both the practices? There will be such a big difference in our energy fields, the first thing in the morning. Throughout the day, let us pause after every one hour Check what my thinking is And then use the meditation we had created in the morning That is, whatever we want in reality We need pause after every one hour and create those thoughts. I am God’s Angel. I am full of love. I accept everyone. I am a powerful soul and I can do everything I decide to do. For one minute after every hour. What are we achieving by doing it once after every hour? That if during that one hour if there were ordinary or waste thoughts Because of which our energy started to go down slightly Then during that one minute we consciously connect to God and create those thoughts. So our Energy field becomes high. If we do this for one minute after every one hour Then depletion doesn’t happen because even if it dips a little bit we bring it back to a high level. Even if we experiment this for one day We can see the results. When we want a high Energy field, we need to take care of the food we eat. We need to eat high energy food. Very important if we want to have a pure and powerful aura. When we want Satvik Aura we cannot have a Tamasic diet The aura should not have stains of the energy of any tamasic food that we consume. Tamasic diet is the easiest way to deplete solar power. So we need to make sure that our diet is Satvik. Very high energy food means we are not allowed to eat or drink substances containing alcohol or non-vegetarian food. This is possible when we make it a purpose – to have a very high Energy field. Anything that we eat or drink We need to pause for a minute and add high energy thoughts into it. God is the ocean of purity. His purity is feeling every grain and every drop of whatever I am consuming. My every thought, word and action are pure. If there is any illness create a thought – this part of my body is perfectly healthy. This has to be done throughout the day with everything that we eat or drink – even for any fruit that we eat. Anything that we are consuming – increase its energy and then have it. Because our food, water, coffee and tea have energy. They all consume the vibrations around them. After they have absorbed those vibrations, when we consume them It means we consume those vibrations also. So if I want to keep my Energy field positive I will have to energize everything I consume. Although it is a simple activity its consequence and benefit are very high. It is like converting everything we consume throughout the day into Prasad. The water we drink is converted into Amrit. So if somebody it’s Prasad and drinks Amrit all the time their aura becomes naturally energized. Our food should be such that it can be offered as Bhog to God. In fact we should offer it as Bhog and then have it. Which means we fill that energy into that food. Within a few days it becomes a practice That whatever we eat, even if it is pick up something on our way Even if it is a fruit or a dry fruit which we pick up casually, pause for 30 seconds before eating it. So after meditation in the morning if we consume high energy food Basically we are taking care of ourselves in every possible way Otherwise if we just do meditation in the morning but don’t take care throughout the day Then the vibrations during the day will affect us. So we have to protect ourselves throughout the day. It has to be done daily. And even in a single day, only meditation will not be sufficient. Throughout the day we need to be protected We need to keep ourselves protected from wrong energy. Whenever we are free during the day, even for two minutes it helps to read positive messages. Information. Dadi Janki reads Murli 5 times a day. Even if it is just two lines or a passage Just read such information. The Mind gets a healthy diet. Eat a snack or a fruit to nourish the body Likewise skip feeding the soul with positive information throughout the day. If we do this Apart from that the information which will negatively affect our Energy field – we need to refrain from reading it. Because on the one hand we read Murli or spiritual knowledge and fill ourselves with high energy information. But on the other hand if we read or listen to negative information for the remaining hours of the day Even while computing we listen to the radio news, or the driver keeps newspaper ready for us. All this we need to take care that media and social media And people around us who share information We need to check for ourselves the Energy field Even the message we receive on WhatsApp has an Energy field The message has a vibration and it also carries the vibration of the person who wrote it Intention with which it was written and the vibration of the quality of the message – they have a vibration. If we just consume it without taking care, we say we don’t know why we are feeling low. The negativity around us will affect us. So at regular intervals we need to listen or read positive information. We also need to stop consuming negative information. Don’t consume it. Delete before consuming. Delete before listening or reading – this is a very big protection. I exit from all the WhatsApp groups. If there are groups were positive information is shared If it is empowering, let us stay there. Otherwise we stay away from such groups. Because information plays a very important role. Before sleeping at night, we need to revise the meditation we had created in the morning. We should not go to sleep without revising those thoughts. Because before we go to sleep where should we take our frequency to? Because during the day if we had got entangled in certain situations or faced challenges If the mind was disturbed or if we emerged wrong Sanskars We need to do the cleansing and then go to sleep at night. Because vibrations from our environment can influences more at night while we are asleep. That is because our catching power is high as we are detached and silent while we are sleeping. Catching power is very high at that time. We have also carried thoughts from the whole day. So we were taught to take a bath and wear fresh clothes before we go to sleep at night. Why is it important to take bath or shower after returning home from outside? Because even by taking a bath we are cleansing It’s very important especially if we come back from a public place Where there are many people and we get entangled with many energy fields Just come back and cleanse yourself Our thoughts will also change once there is a shower of water on our head and body. We need to take care of our thoughts also and cleanse them. So before sleeping at night we need to revise the thoughts or Mantra we created in the morning I am a divine soul, I am a powerful soul I accept everyone and I give happiness to everyone. We should fall asleep with these thoughts and their visualisation. If we fall asleep while doing this Then the thinking and vibration while we are sleeping They will be of a very high frequency. And we need to read positive for five minutes before we sleep at night. We cannot end the day with news Which TV serials, with movies, with books The content might be of crime or terror or pain or anything else negative. Even if we watch or read such things, then 10 minutes after that We need to first read or listen to a powerful message for 10 minutes And then do the meditation and then go to sleep. If we take care of these little things Then it becomes very easy to implement Gyan throughout the day. Forgiving somebody becomes easy, accepting somebody becomes easy. Blessing somebody and empowering them becomes easy and natural. Because we have kept our power very high. But if we are depleted and say we want to be peaceful or co-operate with other people. Or we don’t want to get hurt – that will be difficult. Keep our Energy field high, keep taking in Gyan. Then implementing Gyan becomes very simple. When this happens we will not consume the vibrations around us. Our Aura becomes so strong That we can influence other people’s vibrations. Then we are protected and like you said, we are radiating We are not consuming but we are radiating those vibrations. This is a very big Seva we can do. Thank you, Sister. Om Shanti. Om Shanti. Thank you.

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