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Protect Yourself from 2020 Disinformation Propaganda

February 29, 2020

there is going to be a staggering amount of
disinformation spread around the 2020 election. This includes the primary, this includes the
general election. Once we have a democratic presidential nominee. Now I do my best to point out specific instances
of disinformation and try to debunk them on the show. So for example, yesterday on the show, we
looked at this, uh, a sort of meme spread by James Woods and Charlie Kirk and others
about Bernie Sanders and his tax plan and his healthcare plan. But we can’t rely on debunkings in media because
we just simply can’t keep up. I mean, it takes five seconds to tweet out,
disinformation, and then it took me 10 minutes to debunk it for you and explain to you all
the ways in which it was wrong and the way Bernie’s tax plan will actually work. So we all need strategies to protect ourselves
from the disinformation instead of hoping that you come across someone else. Debunking disinformation. There’s a new report from Stanford which says
that we’re going to see a lot of the same techniques from 2016 used spread disinformation
in 2020 plus. There will be new, more sophisticated techniques
that have surfaced over the last four years, and they prey on this role. Emotional reactions. That is one of the main ways that this information
spreads, which is you see something and your, your emotional reaction makes you immediately
share it before you’ve actually vetted what it is that you are sharing. So the acronym to remember is caps. You know like Trump uses cap slok during a
lot of his tweets. Caps is the acronym. I used this when I was teaching at Boston
college in the media literacy section of the class. And what this means is critically analyze
primary sources. Caps, critically analyze primary sources. It’s extremely simple, but it is pretty all
encompassing. If you apply it correctly, you only need to
ask two questions whenever you’re presented with any claim in media. Am I looking at a primary source and have
I critically analyzed it? So as an example, if we look at that viral
disinformation tweet from yesterday that was spread by James Woods and Charlie Kirk and
other right-wingers. So first of all, we look through it and look
at is anything here a primary source? So when the thing says, Bernie said at the
debate, he wants a $15 minimum wage. Is it a primary source when it’s an unsighted,
uh, Twitter image sent out by James Woods? No. So go to Bernie’s website and find it. Now it happens that, that, that is accurate. Bernie does want a $15 minimum wage. Then you look at the numbers. Well, $15 an hour times 40 hours a week times
52 weeks a year. Critically analyze it. Does everyone work 40 hours in their job? No. Does everyone work 52 weeks in a year? No. So there are holes there. Once you critically analyze it, Bernie wants
free healthcare and said, raise taxes to 52% on anyone making over $29,000. Am I looking at a primary source with Bernie’s
tax tables? No, I’m not. Go to Bernie’s website. Find his actual marginal tax tables. And you will see that if you are in $29,000,
you’re not in the 52% marginal tax bracket. You need to earn $10 million per year to get
to Bernie’s 52% marginal tax bracket. You can also simply apply critical thinking
and say, does it pass the sniff test that someone earning 29 grand a year would be paying
52% marginal tax rate? And the answer is of course no. So a very quick analysis of that meme, uh,
with the, with the sort of paradigm of caps critically analyze primary sources tells us
we are looking at non primary sources. It’s an unsourced tweet from a right wing
celebrity. You are completely lacking critical analysis. Uh, if you simply accept it and that’s the
only way that you fall for it. Now, if you want to look at more detailed
ways of for protecting yourself from disinformation propaganda, there are many strategies for
keeping emotions under control. When you see information, how to corroborate
it, evaluating whether conclusions that you are being told follow from the premises, actually
follow from the premises. But you can Google that. Google how to protect yourself from persuasion
propaganda, how to protect yourself from disinformation. There will be plenty of reading, but absent
all of that, always refer to when you see that tweet, when you see that Facebook post
from your right wing uncle, when you see Trump, say it at a rally caps, critically analyze
primary sources. Uh, once you have identified the primary sources,
and we will all be much, much better off

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  1. Imagine being so humorless and delusional that you're afraid of MEMES.

    So glad I left the Left. What a bunch of fucking pearl-clutching babies.


  2. If you're affected by a meme, you're already in need of freeing yourself from the group think bubble you're inhabiting. You can't be qualified to engage in public discourse if you're that clueless as to not be able to think for yourself and are influenced by meme's, bot's or some other useless piece of data that is targeted to your ideology. Think for yourself and you won't be affected but rather laugh at the foolishness being sent your way.
    Pop the bubble and you won't fall for the simplistic loserthink…

  3. David, thanks for posting this. I also suggest we acquire a healthy attitude of skepticism and put on a pair of hip boots. The spreading of disinformation has caused us to be hip deep in FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt)!

  4. Why does Bernie only pay his people $12.00 an hour? For you does two wins count as "a streak"? Did you ever get a trophy for "participating"? Were you ever a member of "a team"?

  5. In the end, democracy depends on trust and the expectation that people are acting in good faith.

    Trump is demolishing that most primary of our working principles– and he's doing it intentionally and maliciously.

    I just hope I'll be able to handle nine more months of his ratfuck demolition of our way of life– without spontaneously combusting before I see the results of the vote.

    Oftentimes I think I can't take even one more appearance by Trump. The sheer insolence and dishonor in the man are so infuriating to me that it'll be a big challenge to me, personally, as we head to the end, in November.

  6. Critical thinking and media literacy, always remember every person has biases (let alone groups of people), in media the choice of even focusing a camera on a particular subject is an act that contains and displays bias. Whether someone is able to identify and be transparent about their biases is important, but viewers have to be able to read between the lines of perspective and bias.

    Many news networks (and independent media too) can fall into the echo chamber habit too, sourcing from the "authoritative" news outlets that break a particular story, and when this comes to misquotes or (mis)interpretations of studies, and interpretations of (mis)interpretations, misinformation can easily be spread and the spread itself even normalised.

    There have been examples of this from all biases on the political spectrum, intentional or not, and inherently this is often spawned out of a bias toward ongoing profits in a competitive environment, and that is without considering general corporate bias in a lot of news affiliations, sponsorships, contracts and other general conflicts of interest.

    I very much appreciate you trying to communicate the importance of media literacy, alongside looking at (and/or tracking down through the the chamber) base sources, always also look at who is presenting the information for example who is writing an article, what is their history of displayed biases? What is the dominant biases of the organisation they work for (if any)? Who owns that organisation? Etc etc. Just because someone works for CNN, who is owned by Warner Media, who is likely to become subsumed by Disney, it doesn't mean they are controlled entirely by those interests, but it is a bias that can't be ignored.

    Consent isn't just manufactured through what is covered and how it is covered, it is also through what is not covered, and how and why such omissions occur.

  7. The COBeT кал have not really stopped since they began before Trump was elected. It has slowed somewhat after that, but is building back up for this election. I've been able to identify many just on Yahoo and YouTube

  8. @ 2:14 Does anybody find it extremely weird Twilight Zone-y that Trump-o-phant James Woods played Roy Cohn (Trump's friend, lawyer, kingpin, fixer in real life, now deceased) in the movie Citizen Cohn? I can just see Trump yelling, "Where's my Roy Cohn?"………..and James Woods pops through the door, "You called?"

  9. Debunkng media has the same issues as debunking Ben Shapiro: It takes minutes to debunk them while it takes seconds for them to bullshit you. By then, they would have moved on to spewing 20+ more pseudo-facts by the time you're done debunking the first one.

  10. Bernie Sanders actually said tonight that he wants to start business to help minorities sell drugs. Yes, he actually said that. Wow! You fucking lefties are messed up, big time. Here's video of him saying it. For God's sake you clowns are screwed, big time. He insinuates that blacks are capable of doing anything else. Shame on the mothereffer. @t

  11. Michael Bloomberg actually just said that he bought 21 seats in Congress for the Democratic Party so that Nancy Pelosi would be Speaker of the House. He really said that out loud. According to him: Democrats BOUGHT their house majority in 2018.

  12. CAPS doesn't work for hyper-partisans. It only exhibits consistency with moderate Independents. But aside from that, why do their calculations not add up? What are your calculations on Sander's proposal that disproves them?

  13. Galaxy-brained "centrists" and free-thinking "skeptics": "Why does it have to be disinformation? Because you disagree? YOU need to stop being so closed-minded."

  14. Just like in 2016, Bernie supporters will be the primary targets of disinformation, largely because they are the most easily fooled. After all, Russia wants us to believe all elections are rigged and Bernie supporters have completely fell for it. If all elections are rigged and Bernie keeps winning primaries, doesn't that mean he has it rigged?

  15. Dear David! I believe Donald J. Trump suffers from borderline personality disorder. Could I please ask you to have an expert discuss the subject? Trump is splitting the American society apart and he is going unchecked and that is extremely dangerous.

  16. ●The DNC screwed Bernie and his supporters

    ● ALL SOCIAL MEDIA is democrat owned and they restrict conservative sane people

    ● Democrats literally cheated on a historic scale in 2018 midterms.

  17. It’s surprising to me that people will believe a strawman of Bernie’s plan rather than doing the research and looking up the original source… oh wait this is America

  18. I am rather astounded how many haters are trolling negative and false information towards Bernie and all the good stuff he is fighting for!!

  19. 52% taxes compared to where i live in Denmark that wage would giv You 55% income tax and er still have 25% consumer tax or almost anything You buy

  20. Or the "meme" that Bernie Sanders is antisemitic because he doesn't support Israel's atrocities against the nation who won their independence from the Ottoman Empire only to be forced to hold an occupying nation in their borders because The Allies after WW2 didn't want to take-in the survivors?
    Because he doesn't support a nation who denounces him as antisemitic because he objects to that nation's actions against a much weaker nation?
    The nation he doesn't support fully without reservation, who won the 6-Day War . . . Crickets? A certain nation with soldiers like Gal Gadot, who only 53 years ago, without receiving hundreds of billions of dollars in military aid, defeated 6 Arab nations in 6 days without our help . . .
    The nation that is claiming that they don't interfere in our elections so why should Sanders voice any opinion about them?
    The nation that has an all-powerful "Anti-Defamation League" and "AIPAC" and other lobbying groups that are and have been heavily involved in our elections and legislation for decades . . .
    The nation that Obama set us up to pay $38 Billion in military aid alone, over 10 years?

  21. Who ever wrote this meme(even though it isnt a meme, I dont know why david is calling it a meme) has got to be the laziest person ever. Do one search on google and you can find his official tax plan. You have to make $10 million bucks to to get a 52% tax raise. If you make anything between 9,000-38,000 dollars youre gonna get a 12% tax raise. And the stupid meme said anything above 29,000 dollars. If you dont believe me, do a Google search for bernies tax plan the graph showing the correct information will come right up.

  22. Wow james wood is too dumb to know the difference between marginal and effective tax rate. And IF the effective tax rate would be 52%, all he would have to do would be 48% x 15$ without the need to show off his "arithmetic" skills.

  23. James Woods, Peter Griffin locked him away in a create. I believe when Brian asked Peter he said he was using, top men, top men.

  24. Critically Analyze Primary Sources
    Don't forget the other:
    Behavior Control, Information Control, Thought Control, Emotional Control.
    Huh . . . looks similar to YouTube Demonetization . . .

  25. Just so this doesn't get lost in the mix, because DP didn't cite them:

    In Bernie's tax plan, if you earn between $9,525 –$38,700, your tax rate is 12%.

    That's $3744 in taxes, if you earn $31200 a year, leaving you about 27k disposable.

    That's if we use Woods' straight up math, which makes the calculation more inaccurate.

    The website lets you factor in healthcare costs etc etc, but even with all costs factored in, a $31200 paycheck would leave you with roughly $26500 disposable income under Bernie.

    If medicare for all is passed, that disposable income number would be closer to $28000…let that sink in for a minute.

    Vote this to the top, just so we get the info out with the video.

  26. I like how even if that tweet were true, you'd still save money on insurance costs, for better coverage, and it'd break even in cost at bare minimum. So even with their lies it's worth it. Imagine if millionaires+ paid for it instead of the lower class. That'd be a no-brainer. And that's what Charlie Kirk is. A no-brainer.

  27. What is the best response to posts that you know are false like this? I’ve seen a lot that start out saying…Bernie said or Bernie wrote. Then the post goes on to mix a little truth in with a lot of propaganda. I would like to just say something that calls them out without getting into a huge pissing match.

  28. The Baby Boomer legacy media watchers are the ones to watch out for. My brother is beyond annoying, hopped off the Biden train, now wants Bloomberg to be the nominee🤦‍♂️.

  29. I've always liked Carl Sagan's 'Baloney Detection Kit', which is a general approach to detecting ANY kind of bullshit. I believe it should be standard teaching in schools. Check it out…

  30. Cyber information warfare by the right wing corporate establishment will literally take down industrialized society. It's one of the existential threat amplifiers noted by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists setting the doomsday clock. Progress on all the big crises of the 21st century such as extreme inequality,nuclear catastrophe,climate change is being stone walled as a result.
    Increasing the threat factor.

    Be afraid.

  31. Dude you have been spreading Russiagate Disinfomation for years, how about apologizing for actively hurting progressive candidates campaigns?

  32. Weight of truth is the same as a feather. Lies will sink you . Just cause your on YouTube or a journalist doesn't make you the truth

  33. If you ever want to know more about the social lies (Propaganda) the Right is spewing out..
    Another option… Just ask a Canadian, they'll help you sort it out.

  34. Your formula works for people who are rational, and know how to verify.

    If you are trying to imply this to the general masses, many of whom are uninformed or worse, may use this strategy, source the claim back to a primary source, say, an article in the NYT, and then just disregard the source as “Fake News”.

    We need to address the systematic distrust of the media before we can make any attempts at combatting disinformation.

  35. So Bernie lied about the SC debate saying you had to pay $1700 to get a ticket and that was why he was being booed. That's a lie. "Out of the nearly 400 tickets that we were able to allocate for this evenings debate, we welcomed hundreds of activists, county party leaders, community leaders, State Representatives, State Senators, candidates, & elected officials from every level of government in SC at no cost."

    Bernie and his supporters are like Trump in many ways. This is one of them. Bernie gets booed, so it must be rigged.

  36. I see the day when AI takes over and "removes" anyone who lies… only then will we live in a perfectly just and peaceful society free of deceit.

  37. I was watching a video on one of the news channels. It was a press conference about healthcare. The speaker had a 5 year old girl that had health issues. And I read the comments from some of the viewers and it set me off. They were mocking this little who really needed healthcare. And it’s one thing to say nasty things about the other party but I have a big problem when they say that focusing on healthcare is stupid when there is an innocent child that desperately needs help. Are these people made of stone or something? I’m at a loss for words.

  38. Liberals:Russia affected the 2016 election!!! They rigged it for trump
    The world: How?
    Liberals: ADS!!! Facebook!!! YouTube!!! Ads everywhere!!! That's how Trump won
    The world: Americans😆

  39. If a tweet where someone in all seriousness claims that Bernie wants a 52% tax rate for those over 29k gets traction then there is nothing we can do. You cannot fight against such a lack of critical thinking.

  40. Excellent points, David; I've been using the CAPS method for a few years now and it absolutely helps cut through the BS and wasting ones energy in today's online world. Really hope you do many more segments similar to this. Regardless what area of the political spectrum one resides, disinformation is the cancer eroding democracy.

  41. Dude, this is too much. "Have I critically analyzed it?" You support a freaking socialist. Have you "critically analyzed" any economic history??

  42. I'm a Canadian + I'm shocked by how substandard the US system is. No wonder it's rated the most expensive, yet worst, in the civilised world! I feel so sorry for all those with such poor coverage, or none at all, and for those with chronic health problems. I can't even imagine it! And for those who have BOTH chronic issues AND poor or no coverage, life must truly be hell. Those who are disabled are very often unemployed, thus without insurance, and being sick costs much more than good health does, in every way.

    Even those with coverage endure a mountain of cost, worry, and inconvenience for every medical problem, big or small. Many of our lives are a never ending series of health issues, even for those who are lucky to only have small ones, and they add up as we get older. Again, I just can't picture the stress involved. I'm so grateful that I have never had to deal with such terrible worries about such a fundamental thing.

    No system is perfect, and here the Conservatives are doing their damnedest to dismantle it, but they are less rabid than the GOP because our political system is far less susceptible to lobbists and bribery.

    The problems in getting treatment just don't happen here. Sometimes we wait for elective treatments, but we do get them. Out of area, or out of bounds treatments, or whatever it's called? I know and have heard of a lot of people who have flown wherever they needed for treatment. In some cases the cost of a helper was included. Never have I heard of it being denied. (They do verify medical necessity, of course.) Bankruptcy?! Never!

    How can a country, a president, or a party that constantly brags it's the best in every way deny it's people THE most basic of human rights? If I lost a loved one to this I would feel they'd been murdered.

    The Canadian system is one of the cheapest worldwide, despite our country being so spread out, and I have never, nor has anyone I know ever heard anybody say "I wish we had a health care system like the American one." Think about that the next time a capitalist derides so-called "socialism."  🇨🇦 🇨🇦 🇨🇦

    (P.S. I have posted this in 2 relevant spots below. I am not wildly posting everywhere as someone is bound to accuse me of, but I reserve the right to repost it in future to any relevant conversation.)

  43. I love that this video is put out by a Bernie supporter… we literally know for a fact that Russia helped Bernie's campaign, just like Trump's. I'm having trouble trusting your tips in particular to be honest.
    This is no different that a Trump supporter telling me "watch out for FAKE NEWS out there"

  44. Well I mean, this BS working is just proof that the education system needs huge, huge reform. Basic math makes the "meme" nonsense. Taxes don't work that way.

  45. Trump supporters, CHRISTIANS, are all bu pointing to themselves and screaming… look at me and see how truly disgusting is my religion.

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