Preserve Morel Mushrooms by drying them: RAW Interview with Nate
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Preserve Morel Mushrooms by drying them: RAW Interview with Nate

December 15, 2019

I grab my drying tray and set the morel
any way you want there’s really no wrong or right way.
okay we got three trays so you just set them on here. Sometimes they’re so big you can’t get lid
completely shut but after a few hours it will get a lot smaller. The real big ones I always leave on top
because there’s not a lot of room as you can see it’s for some gaps
between there but within about six hours this will all compress down. then you put
the top on and then just plug it in rotate these every i would say six to
eight hours so the top goes on the bottom bottom on top and I flipped the
mushrooms over until they actually turn into something like this a little bit
leathery brittle they should almost sounds like wrestling
to leave the most once they come out use smaller bags instead of the bigger
bags because if one is a little bit wet yet you won’t ruin your your whole batch
that you just dried and these will last for a good God couple years if they’re
in the freezer so that’s that’s basically it

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  1. Wow…beautiful mushrooms.
    My resolution for this year: start learning mushrooms and try to find some wild ones.
    I'm using your videos to learn where/how to start. Thanks a bunch!

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