Preparing & maintaining soil for raised beds
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Preparing & maintaining soil for raised beds

January 4, 2020

so how do you prepare your garden soil
at the end of the growing season or in the beginning of one? let’s find
out [music] now I just want to clarify that I’m not associated with any company. All
my reviews are honest opinions of what I’ve experienced so the first method that we will see
today is to use this product called organic choice which is a moisture control potting mix
and it’s actually a very high quality potting mix for the price it’s sold at. So if you have
a local Costco near your place you will probably see this item on the
shelf you really can’t miss it and this product has some very high
quality ingredients and for the place it’s fantastic let’s
take a closer look we have a lot of organic material
organic fertilizers and some great quality compost which will really add value to the soil that you’re
preparing and it costs about 10 bucks for two
cubic feet now you can do soil amendments anytime
you see that the level of soil in your raised beds has gone down so as you can see here this potting mix which is great for
raised beds by the way because it contains a lot of compost and
a lot of peat moss and pretty much everything that you need to condition your soil with
and the peat moss it really holds on to all the water making the watering of your plants much less frequent so here’s a closer
look it’s pretty nice and pretty loose and
fluffy soil so what you basically do is lay it on top
of your raised beds and then try to mix it a very well with the
existing soil whether you are adding uncomposted mix
to your raised bed or not you must note that any
kind of soil need some time to settle down especially
if you’re using organic materials in your raised bed it does take about a month maybe a
couple of months sometimes for the organic materials to break down [music] so the second method that we’re gonna
see today is by just topping off your raised beds
using compost now what I usually do is I put the remains of my potting mix into
my compost bin so at the end of the season I get some
really good quality compost which is basically a mix of some soil
and a lot of organic matter now using compost is one of the best
ways you can amend your garden soil and to top off
raised beds this is a great way if you make your own compost you’re gonna get a lot of compost every time you finish your composting process now over time you will see that the
soil level in your raised beds does go down so you really need to make
sure that your making up for the loss of soil by adding
in rich organic matter like compost or potting
soil as we saw here so I’d like to know from you what is your method of rebuilding
your soil. Do you use compost? Or do you use ready to use potting mix what is your
favorite way to condition your soil. Do let me
know I’ll see you again soon. Happy gardening! [music]

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