Phuket: Sea Turtle Conservation Project
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Phuket: Sea Turtle Conservation Project

August 19, 2019

I’m here at the Sea Turtle Conversation
Project at the Phuket Marine Biology Center. This is where injured sea turtles from around
the island are brought to get medical care and attention. The organization is also working
to try to help the sea turtle population grow, since it has become much smaller in recent
years. Come with me and let’s take a closer look at the fascinating and important work
that’s being done here! The Phuket Marine Biology Center is one of
the most longstanding scientific institutions in the Land of Smiles. It was officially opened
in 1966 as a co-operation between the Thai and Danish governments. The Sea Turtle Conservation
Project was started in ____. Besides helping sea turtles, the center also carries out different
kinds of research about marine and coastal flora and fauna in the Andaman Sea. The need for conservation and sustainability
is an important cause, and the sea turtles are a good example of that. These little guys
are ancient animals, around since millions of years, but now they are endangered because
of human development. Sea turtles are often accidently caught by fishermen, and even killed
illegally for their shells. Sadly, these little creatures could go extinct – that’s why
Phuket Marine Biology Center is trying to change that. The center has set up an area to raise newborn
turtles. In the wild, it’s estimated that only one in around 1,000 turtles will survive
to adulthood because of human threat. But the center’s most popular area is here,
where the injured sea turtles receive medical attention. Tourists come here and they learn
about the dangers the animals are facing, and the long and difficult process of nursing
them back to good health. So if you’re interested in learning more
about sea turtle conservation, come down to the Phuket Marine Biology Center for yourself.
These little guys will sure be happy to see you.

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