Patient Implant Retention on Denture
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Patient Implant Retention on Denture

March 7, 2020

Hi, I’m Dr. Drews at Drews Dental Services. Betty Ann, here, we just finished up her case
She got a new upper and lower denture and also some implants to hold your lower denture in place. “Right.” And what she said is – this is the best – she had the best statement I ever heard is what, after 13 years . . . “After 13 years I’m able to eat peanuts and I never was able to eat them after I had my
teeth out. So, I’m glad!” Give me a big smile. Look at that, that looks beautiful! So, once again, if you have dentures and you’re
having a problem with eating your peanuts, please give us a call. Thank you!

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