Parents, Protect Babies with Vaccines (30 seconds)
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Parents, Protect Babies with Vaccines (30 seconds)

January 5, 2020

[ Music ] [ Whistling ]>>Babies require persistence. Patience. A sense of humor. And protection. That’s why nearly all
parents choose immunization. It’s safe, proven protection
against 14 serious diseases like measles and whooping cough. So give your baby the
recommended vaccines before age two. And get a little help in
the protection department. For more reasons to immunize,
talk to your child’s doctor or go to

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  1. CDC covers up the truths all vaccines can cause brain damage read the inserts the doctor never gives you. They never show it to us.

  2. If the focus of Public Health was on sleep, exercise, clean water and safe, non-GMO food, we would have a healthy society without vaccines but we would not have billion dollar industries employing millions of people to keep us “healthy.” The fact is, we are a very UNhealthy society with vaccines, so the Public health and argument that we must vaccinate ‘for greater good’ is a failure.

  3. All parents DO NOT CHOOSE to vaccinate (if they are smart).  GOD made us in his image and BIG Pharma cannot change that! GOD  didn't make junk.  Why is Big Pharma trying to turn us all into Vaccine junkies.  Maybe it's MONEY that's the big push!  Seems they don't make enough on regular meds, they need vaccines to made more BILLIONS.  They are in BED with the CDC, FDA and the NIH.  All are on boards of BIG PHARMA and if not, will be  after they push their agenda on you who are so willing to get vaccines.  If anything goes wrong and you get sick you cannot sue BIG PHARMA.  They are left alone.   You have to sue the FEDS and you have to prove you got sick from vaccines and they have all their Gov't doctor's and lawyers to back them up while you the ordinary person have no one.  Even your own doctor won't back you cause they don't want to go against BIG PHARMA.  Doctors are afraid to speak out, unless BIG PHARMA pays them to do so.  Otherwise PHARMA will go after them and they might lose their license to practice medicine.

  4. Scientists: we’ve made vaccines so that we won’t have to worry about disease ever again

    Antivaxxer: VaCcInes CauSE auTISM

    The Black Death : 😉

  5. Some parents start screaming saying well your unvaccinated child will get my vaccinated child sick. But I pose the question, how reliable is the vaccination? And what if your vaccinated kid gets my unvaccinated kid sick?

  6. What about the storage and refrigeration of vaccines? What outcome and expectation does a parent have if there is no power or the refrigerator used had spoiled vaccine from no power? What if the refrigerator is far too cold and all freezes?

    What logistical safety measures are there in places across the world for a poor electrical grid? And what chemical changes occur that could change the nature of what it is so good for? Harmful or good? But one could say the same with water and how dynamic it is. And when kidney problems are as rampant what can be so great can be so misleading if too far centralized in its method of distribution.

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