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  1. @Mark Robertson of @ReelSEO shares great advice about optimizing our videos for reach (discovery) versus retention (click-throughs). Which #videoseo  do you focus on when writing your video metadata?
    #youtube   #audiencedevelopment   #seo   #seotips  @Ronnie Bincer 

  2. I tend to be the same way. In fact, I just checked my revenue from this channel for the first time in three months. I usually put off writing metadata and all that technical stuff to the very last minute because it's my least favorite part of creating and publishing videos. The only reason I put some time and thought into it is because I don't want all the time I put into making content to just go to waste because no one can find it or no one clicks on it, ya know?

  3. Really smart answers from the pro guys like you 3 🙂 Keyword focused then Gathering the tribe later for video retention .

    Cool forumla

    Thanks Tim

  4. I've had a lot of luck on optimizing the video itself for watch time, then embedding it on a blog entry optimized for google search.

  5. Yeah, getting backlinks to your videos can definitely help their performance in search. Good tip!

  6. Thanks, Amid! It'll be great to have you around for future discussions about online video, audience development, and communicating a message online!

  7. what's your G+ user name, let's connect
    If you add me (Let me know here what name) as I am over the limit

  8. BTW. I really love your video relaxed style (Shmitauer right?) I know I messed up the name

  9. Stay in touch, and be sure to nudge me if you want help to spread the word about a topic, once in a while… G+ is favorite way to get messages to me, I read everyone on G+

  10. It's hard to say. I think you can always do a bit of both. For my family vlogs, I usually optimize for reach because there's not much in them that would perform well in search. But with the Video Creators videos, these could do better in search, so I tend to lean that way, but not as hard as I used to.

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  12. Very interesting topic, never thought about the difference of SEO for reach or retention and also youtube search or google search. I often wondered why some crap videos show up when I search something on google, now I know it is so because they optimized the video very well and google don't includes watchtime 😀

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