Opening Alfa wachtbekken (retention area) in Halen – TV-Limburg
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Opening Alfa wachtbekken (retention area) in Halen – TV-Limburg

January 4, 2020

Do these images belong to past?
The inhabitants of the city of Halen certainly hope so. During periods of abundant rainfall and high water levels, the river Velpe flowing through the city center could not get the water drained in time. This new flood area of 200.000
cubic meters now protects the city center against high water Mayor of Halen: We all remember the floods of 1998 when Halen or at least a large part of the city center was flooded. In recent years we were also threatened several times when we noticed that the river Velpe caused
flood risks. So we are very happy today
that we can open this flood plain which will protect the city center of Halen
better against flooding The new floodplain creates
an additional water capacity Kris Soete ( VMM ) : It’s actually a dike that is built in the valley of
the Velpe just upstream of Halen. With this construction we can temporarily stock water and prevent floods in the city center If the water level in the Velpe decreases,we will release the water from the flood area again. Together, the Flemish Government and the European Union invested 1.8 million euros in this new floodplain.

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