One Danger of Semen Retention & Nofap – (Plus how to avoid it)
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One Danger of Semen Retention & Nofap – (Plus how to avoid it)

January 8, 2020

– If you’re practicing, or
thinking about practicing, semen retention, then you should know that this is a really powerful practice. These are serious energies
that you’re working with, and it has the power to literally change every
aspect of your life. And along with that comes some dangers. So in this video, I’m gonna share with you one of the huge dangers that
doesn’t often get talked about and how you can avoid that, and how you can do the
semen retention practice in an intentional, intelligent way. So, (hand clap) my name is Taylor, and I am a sex educator
and a consultant for men, and I’m super-stoked to
be here with you right now to talk about this stuff. I think about this all the time. I practice semen retention, and I think it’s one of the
best things we can do as men to up-level our entire life. And I think we should be teaching this to teenagers honestly, at least awareness of this. So, getting into it. When you are practicing semen retention, you are cultivating some
serious energy in your body. This is literally your life force energy. This is your jing, your
chi, your ojas, your prana, whatever you wanna call it. This is your essence, your life force. And when you’re used to just ejaculating this out of your penis, you know, you have this cycle going on of releasing energy, releasing
energy, releasing energy. And when you shift that
and you start to retain and brings energy back into
your body and not let it go, it’s a pretty major shift, and you’re gonna experience more energy throughout your body. You’re gonna experience more
stimulation in your mind. You’re gonna experience
more of a charge in general. And it’s really important to
integrate this into your body, because if you don’t integrate this, practicing semen retention can put you into a
state of hypersexuality. And this is one of the major dangers that doesn’t get talked about that much. When you’re storing this
energy in your system, and you just go go go
longer and longer and longer and it builds up and
builds up and builds up, it can start to make you
think about sex all the time. You can see sex over here, sex over here, or I could have sex with that person and then maybe that person. And then even if your mind isn’t consciously thinking about it, your body could be feeling it, and it might make it more
difficult for you to concentrate, more difficult for you to
stay on your life purpose because you’re distracted by the pretty humans all around you and the possibility of sex. It could also make it
hard for you to sleep because you’re over-stimulated. So, a really important thing to do is to integrate this
energy into your system, into your body, and I prefer somatic practices
like yoga, like chi gong. And I also make sure to get
regular physical exercise. I do weight training, and I also do regular cardio, because again, going for 14 days while having sex and not ejaculating, that’s something that our
systems, generally speaking, aren’t used to. We didn’t grow up like that. I didn’t grow up like that. I grew up ejaculating all over the place. I’m guessing you probably did too. So this is a shift, and we have to manage
this energy in our bodies so we don’t go off into
this hyper-sexualized place. So if you are practicing semen retention, there are a couple things you need to do. One, for sure, if you have
sex and you don’t ejaculate, you need to do something immediately to integrate that energy into your body, and, so you don’t get blue balls. You can massage your testicles. You can do some breaths in, you can do a couple chi gong forms. And I’ll link to an article
I wrote beneath this video about how to avoid blue balls. That’s number one. And number two, as you
go throughout your day, you need to have this intention
in your mind, in your brain, the intention to utilize that energy for something greater than just sex. Because it’s very easy
when you have that charge for it to overtake your mind and push your mind towards
this over-sexualized space. So you have to have a
reason you’re doing it. What’s your purpose? What’s your drive? What’s your mission in life? And be clear on that because that can help steer you, and that can help focus
this more powerful energy that you’re going to be feeling. And then, in general throughout your life, you need to be doing some
form of regular practice like yoga or chi gong, more than just sitting and meditating and trying to visualize
moving this energy. You need to be doing something
somatic with your body so it gets anchored into your system. It’s not enough to just sit
there and think about it. We gotta do physically-embodied stuff. So, (hand clap) that’s the
short video for you right now. This is one of the major dangers. And hopefully, going forward, if you’re practicing semen retention you will be aware of this so it doesn’t sneak up on you. Take proactive measures. Regularly practice some
sort of somatic practice, and integrate this energy into your body with purpose and drive and direction, and you should be good to go. So, (hand clap) that’s it. Thanks for watching. If you have any questions, leave a comment below. I would love to answer them. Reach out on Instagram also
if you have any questions. I’ll link to that beneath this video, and subscribe, because there’s more
videos like this coming up, and I’m stoked to talk about this stuff. All right brother, cheers.

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  1. Yeah, I hope more people get to integrate a better understanding of this nofap energy as well. This video was very helpful to get the understanding of nofap in a realistic way, thanks Taylor!

  2. Its all in you're head. If youre an alpha naturally you wont have these problems. Just because you do have these problens doesnt mean youre not an alpha though or cant become one.

  3. Hi! How often do you ejaculate? Are you absolutely continent? In my opinion there is no problem with ejaculation, it is good for your prostate.

  4. hey Taylor 🙂 Great attitude man 🙂 Hallelujah

    46 months presently without an orgasm. Hallelujah, seems I started this before it became popular! Actually, before my fall for 5 weeks 'off the charts severe punishment' 🙁 I went 26 months without a release. Jesus has me a wife lined up though… WoW, Oh, the benefits of this discipline 🙂 Hallelujah maybe watch this…
    Gotta upload my stranger than fiction testimony on how this all began real soon… Hallelujah

  5. i just relapsed today. but I start once again.I've wasted my life masturbating day by day. now I am 23. may God help us all🙏🙏

  6. If you relapse and masturbate, press on your perineum with 3 of your fingers firmly to stop semen from exiting the penis. If you ejaculate, you can eat it. When you ejaculate the body immediately starts to produce semen containing rare components which takes a lof of energy. If you orgasm this way you won't loose your semen but you still loose some of your energy with the orgasm. Some sperm will remain in your urinary tract which will leave the body when you pee. You can drink your urine if you want to retain all the semen if you want to of course.
    Wilhelm Reich says that electricity (=Chi=Kundalini Shakti) starts flowing under the skin when you orgasm, which is the life force that you loose when you orgasm. He calls this life force Orgone energy .

  7. Repeatedly postponing ejaculation will, in the long term, make your prostate harder & larger, since it is a muscle, and you need to contract it to not ejaculate. This will impede a proper & full flow out from your bladder, causing urine infections. A larger prostate (B.P.E.: benign prostate enlargement) may lead to the necessity of T.U.R.P. (trans urethral resection of the prostate) surgery in your later years.

  8. I went 4 months without busting one and uh well I felt everything around me stand out more. During those months I didn't get a boner until I ejaculated since I just felt like I needed too 😅😅

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