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Officer Stops Suspect Who Shot His Partner | Active Self Protection

February 25, 2020

Even when you’re badly injured, even when you’re shot, you’ve got to stay in and win the fight like this officer does. Hi everyone, this is John with today’s Active Self Protection lesson. Today’s lesson comes to us from Cayce, South Carolina, and it’s an officer involved shooting that I really do want you to click through this video and watch the full original. It is a quite long video. We see the officers here do everything they can to deescalate a situation, but it’s still going to erupt in deadly gunfire. Teaches us some important lessons about verbal judo and its limits, and about empty-handed skills and their limits, about being able, in the moment, with the emotional fitness to survive being shot, to stay in the fight, and to win it no matter what. We’re going to listen in to the audio on this one so we can hear how polite these officers are being to this guy who has been arrested multiple times on drug and gun charges and when the officers contacted him, it’s about one thirty in the morning, the first officer a little earlier in the video, if you go watch the original, noticed a smell a marijuana. So he pulls him out of the car to talk to him, and you’re gonna just watch how incredibly fast everything’s going to go wrong here. So let’s listen in and we’ll come back and learn some lessons in a moment. Officer: Now, you don’t have anything else on you pocket-wise or anything like- nothing? Nope? Nothing that’s gonna stick me, poke me, cut me? You got a little bag weed right there. How about hand me that one. See that’s what we’re talking about. See, I told y’all I smelled a little weed. See, you just pulled that out and handed it right to me. You forget you had that? Suspect: Um.. Officer: Hmm? Did you forget about it? Suspect: I didn’t really- Officer: Well, it’s just a little bit of weed, but it’s still the fact that you got weed, dude. Go and put your hands behind your back for me, okay? Nu-uh- don’t, don’t tense up. Don’t tense up. Just put your- no. No, listen to me. What I’m trying to tell you is you put your hands behind your back. Don’t te- No, you’re tensing up. Suspect: I’m not tens- Officer: I’m gonna tell you, put your hands behind- No, listen to me. Suspect: It’s the way- how you’re holding me Officer: No, I’m trying I’m trying to explain to you- no, no, no, no, no. Listen to me, listen to me. This is a little misdemeanor, okay? It’s just a little thing. Suspect: Okay, I-I-I-It’s-it’s- Officer: Do not- do not- do not pull- do not pull, do not pull away from me. Suspect: It’s-it’s just the way Officer: Do not pull away from me, okay? Suspect: I’m not- not resisting, man. Officer: No, no, no. Your arm is tens- your arm is- your arm is tense. Suspect: It-it’s- it’s the way, man. It’s the way you got my hands, dog. Officer: Listen to me. You’re pulling away. Listen to me. Suspect: It’s the way you got my hands, man. Officer: Listen to me, you’re getting charged resisting, now. You’re getting charged with resisting. Officer 2: Hey, hey! Stop, stop, stop! Both Officers: Stop, stop, stop, stop! *Suspect’s gun fires* Officer: Son of a bitch! *Officer yells* *gunfire* Officer: Get on the ground now! Get on the ground now or I’ll shoot you! Shots fired, shots fired! *gunfire* Officer: Gun’s out, gun’s out! Show me your hands! Show your hands! Give me your hands! Suspect’s down *Inaudible* Shots fired Shots fired John: So let’s go back to before everything went crazy. If you go read the news story, both officers survived and this perp did not. They’re talking to this guy, and they are being very, very polite with him, but he puts some weed into the officer’s hand, and so they’re going to have a misdemeanor arrest here. And the officers are telling him that. “Hey man, don’t resist. This is a misdemeanor, let’s not get crazy here.” Except for this guy has been arrested several times so it’s going to get pretty ugly. So you got to have some skills here. If you’re gonna have to make these kinds of arrests, man, this is really hard, but think about how much gets involved here. Now you notice, people say to me all the time, “John, do you really have the ability to get some space to get to a gun?” Well this bad guy found the space got his hand free, got some space and some time to get to his gun. Good guys can do that as well. It’s a lesson that we can learn from a criminal here. Of course we don’t ever indulge his, you know, or approve of what he did. Now he gets the first shot on target. We can see that there he gets a shot off and he barely misses. I said on target, that was a mistake. He barely misses this officer here and thank God for it. Could have shot him right in the face at those kind of close ranges. Knowing how to fight against the gunfight, incredibly important. The second shot he shot did get him. Now I want to talk about this first officer who was missed here. He was able to get his gun out. And now think about this shot the shot is coming from his left to his right while he’s moving and the perp is moving and putting shots on target in those kind of environments, incredibly challenging. Which is why we say, “Getting your marksmanship and your basic marksmanship is incredibly important so that you can move on to advance marksmanship drills like these so then that way you can do that when the moment happens. Great job by these officers of staying in the fight. Thankfully the officer wasn’t badly hurt. Man, when the fight turned deadly they responded appropriately and they covered their ASP.

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  1. It sohuld be like this,
    officer tell asks him to but hands behind his back or he will be shot
    suspect refuses,
    ask him one more time,
    he refuses.
    officers shot him.
    and ask him again,
    he refuses,
    they shoot him to the head.
    This would be so much easier. Police are putting their lifes in danger couse of the stupd law.
    And with this law, im telling you, there would be 90% less crime.
    Officers are carring the camera, so there is no abuse.

  2. I think it is a mistake to say that this was going to be a simple misdemeanor. I'm not defending the perp in any way, but he knew he had a concealed weapon and I would argue THAT was his reason for resisting. All the sweet calm talk in the world wasn't going to convince this criminal that it was going to be a misdemeanor. He knew it was going to end up a weapons charge.

  3. Great job by ONE officer. The hell did the other one go….take a break? After the first shot was fired, he wasn't in the fight at all.

  4. I come to this channel for a few things one is some dope gun fights and some good information about gun safety and self protection and some new lessons

  5. Too much time talking about tensing up and not enough time physically taking control of this guy. Should have went to the ground aeons ago.

  6. Always have to control the hands and you control the body, but you just need to learn arm locks and tactics with your partner.

  7. That shit stain had to watch boyz in the hood over and over a whole summer to learn how to pull a trigger. Wish the officers would have done a River dance on his nuts!

  8. Everyone is saying was the weed worth it? He didnt resist because of weed, he resisted because he was carrying a gun.

  9. Another lesson for law enforcement. When you have a resistor like that, go ahead and slap one cuff on a wrist. Don’t wait until you have him turned around. Even with one cuff, you have something to grab onto in trying to gain control.

  10. The little thug was killed. God forgive me for saying this but at least his death saved the tax payers money!

  11. Again they gave him every chance to comply…..AFTER he he was caught with drugs…. they could have just smashed him and cuffed him……..all over a bag of weed. Smh. What an idiot

  12. The family of this person and friends probably still said he did nothing wrong and was being attacked

  13. Is it just me or am I looking at this wrong? The second officer, let go of his arm, ok… Maybe he lost control… but then draws his gun and then runs as soon as he sees the bad guys gun! Wtf, can’t count on him to back you up! Even after the sergeant is chasing the guy, instead of trying to go help he is meandering around looking for daisies! I bet that Sergeant knows the meaning of “ good help is hard to find!”

  14. Just shot the thug. You need to realize if they refuse. One officer need to point a gun. While the other put the cuffs. If they refuse. The cop need to jump out of the suspect while it gives a chance for the cop give a clear ans fast reaction to shoot.

  15. John you’re a superior instructor & a true professional, you actually lecture much better than LEO firearms instructors, that do not work rank & file, they’re ROD (RETIRED-ON-DUTY) thus they answer to a watch commander that has about 450 officers per shift & a first line supervisor for every 11 patrolmen, yet is still over senior corporals & journey men police officers w/over 5 years working foot patrol 70% of the time & 30% metro city patrol ie… no highway interdiction whatsoever, yet their main concern is to target you, if you have a question & nobody gets out at 3PM instead instead of 6PM? I’ve seen boots & 25 year saddle tramp old school peace officers get smoked for not following your 5 D’s or for not taking the fundamentals which you teach that help a leo or ccw keep them alive. Thank you, so much, for you backing the blue, yet critiquing at a perfect harmonic balance where even the officer in the scenario will listen & respect your observations. On another note, I’ve shared on this platform, that 10 + years on patrol, family w/4 kids 2 of which in college, and the wife/mother working a full-time job w/overtime hardly ever goes to the outside range, much like “ Hogans Alley “ really doesn’t even have the time to catch a decent 8 hours before his/her shift, so actually the only time they fire their std issued firearm, is only as a Bachelor, his rank is that of a boot, so sad because now even afluente, rich kids that are eloquent in playing piano & singing can be deadly threats, everything has gone inverted.

  16. Between the red jumpsuit-looking shirt and that beard, I though this self-defense tip was being brought to me by Osama Bin-Laden lol

  17. End the war on drugs. There is no reason lives are at risk for a damn plant both the cops and citizens. Smh…

  18. So the trend now is to ignore the smell of pot, and let street scum with stolen firearms roam the streets with our kids.

  19. That's why a law needs to be passed that when a felon is in possession of a firearm when they get pulled over or stopped if they tell the cop immediately they will only serve a year in prison. Because knowing they're going to do 10 years flat in federal prison for felon in possession is why most of these guys are willing to risk shooting the cop to avoid that. It would be less reason for felons to respond so aggressively and drastically lessen the threat for cops.

    And why not, many cities have amnesty for voluntary gun but backs from felons..

  20. The nicest cops. Thank GOD they survived and are ok. Also, Thank GOD the pos died! Thank you officers for putting your lives on the line to keep others safe and for fighting crime!

  21. I can’t believe this officers shot this man. It really upsets me that they killed this innocent man he was getting his stuff together. Jk

  22. If you pull a gun on a cop you have a deathwish! Any fruitcakes wanting to protest this dummys death obviously didnt see the video. People have to realize a misdemeanor is better than death! Felon with fire arm…another bad decision. Was it really worth it??? BAD DECISIONS

  23. So most situations involving officers go bad when they want to search the suspect and they have a gun on them, obviously they don't want to get caught with that.

  24. Fuck that’s so scary how he had two trained officers holding both of his hands and he was still able to get to his gun and fire. Can’t thank the men and women who wear the badge enough for their brave service.

  25. This degenerate was probably a convicted felon prior to the arrest and was more concerned about getting caught with a weapon. Typical Darwinian logic made him decide he'd rather die than to go back to prison which is probably the most intelligent decision he's ever made in his short life.

    Adios muchacho!!

  26. LmaO watching videos like this teaches me a valuable lesson. Now I know why officers are so tense all the time during traffic stops and certain calls where you have to approach an unknown suspect. You just never know if it's a life or death situation no matter how polite you are with ppl. Respect to the blue but black lives do matter, eliminate the threat no matter what color they are POINT BLANK PERIODT! CASO CERRADO!

  27. Nothing like getting shot and almost losing your life over trying to bust someone for a little bit of weed 🙄

  28. This is a demonstration of a moral officer upholding his oath to his fellow man in the most honorable manner.

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