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  1. As much respect as I have for police officers when I see videos like this
    I have even more. Every day in every situation their day can go from "routine"
    to deadly literally in the blink of an eye. Huge respect for this officer and how
    well he handled this situation. Even as "civilian" CCW carriers we can learn a
    lot from this video. Awareness, extreme close quarters contact, stuffing the
    attacker's draw, draw to first shot, two hands on the gun when and as soon
    as possible, only firing enough to stop the attack/threat, being aware of and
    stopping a second attacker/threat….. excellent video.
    Thank you for continuing to share these videos John.
    Be safe!

  2. I think everyone who carries should be practicing enough that they are able to pull & stop the threat as well as the officer did.
    Someone who practices for competition could have drawn and fired 3 times. I think it's .25 of a second and these people can stop a threat. I've seen them pull & shoot 2 seperate targets and watching& listening i only herad 1 bang, saw 2 baloons shot about 4 feet apart and only heard 1 bang, then saw the spent shells. That's so impressive to me, If I carried I would have to be that good or the best. It's just a matter of practice. Everything i ever had an interest in i had to be the best, just got into my head when i was really little. I got 2 hands & feet like everyone else I can do what anyone else does, and with practice you can.

  3. If I was in his situation I probably would've shot that 2nd guy that was charging him, he was risking his life there

  4. John, I would agree, "not popping up where the guy expects you" (6:45) is a good idea, but isn't coming around the car and taking your line of sight away on the bad guy a potentially bad idea? What if the cop came around the car to find the guy regained enough energy to grab his gun and surprise the cop with a few shots?

  5. It's trigger pull! Not trigger press! Not trigger squeeze! It's trigger pull! Why do you guys keep saying squeeze or press!? You all laugh at libs for not using proper terms and then you turn around and say press or squeeze! It's pull!!!
    God bless

  6. What makes you think your gonna get away with shooting a cop, either your suicidal or just want to go to prison, not many choices.

  7. Good to see a biker getting killed, hate those motherfucker, they ride the in the street looking for attention revving their loud ass bike engine.

  8. U hate videos like this. It reinforces the false notion that cops need to treat everyone like dangerous felons. I am not upset with the officer, I am upset that someone like this is able to get a gun. Their selfish actions make it harder and hader for police and community relations and for the 2A community as well. Criminals are bigger a holes than they think they are.

  9. how do these people think? kill a cop, hide the body ant truck and say he was never there? be very careful convicting cops. they work under immense pressure. they should have immunity even if it means some bad cops get a free pass.

  10. DAMN! That's some of the best reaction I have ever seen. This, and that one where the police woman took care of that illegal alien when she stopped him in his car. Great job, police guy.

  11. "He didn't live through that" – "the perp did actually live through this". I thought it was funny I was like wait what?

  12. Pretty bad for the officer he would have the pistol out already the bad guy put his hand in the pocket, he is alive because of failure of the bad guy!!! Thankfully 😅

  13. We are always on the cop’s side. And many of us would immediately jump in when necessary… But, will they be there for us LGO’s when the 2A climate changes?

  14. i was hoping he was going to get charged with attempted murder of a cop you don't pull a gun on someone without the intent of killing

  15. what's makes me soooooo angry is that i bet the kid was like "WHY DID YOU SHOOT HIM ????" its like a reflex for thoses dumb asssholes even tho 3 sec before that his brother or his boyfriend lmao had a gun pointed at the officer

  16. I see the guy going into the house as a major risk. There might have been a rifle or other dangerous weapon hidden inside.

  17. I have trained in this manner. Granted using a fake firearm due to I'm not retarded to do training with a loaded firearm. My friend and I have spent hours training. Why? Because I would rather have the skills and not need them, then need them and not have them.

  18. JOHN we know how much respect you have for law enforcement, Like any video u make with an officer in it, u mention the amount of respect u have, but ok we got it, we know that, people like me who likes this channel and watch it everyday it gets boring to hear the same thing. Change it up please.

  19. I love your videos, but I also know that this is your livelihood. Your constant suggestions about people getting training in this and training in that are just not practical for most people. For one thing, most people have very different jobs, they have family duties, they may also have other things they enjoy doing. I don't disagree that if self-protection is the most important thing in your life, then you should spend time training for it. The truth is, though, that the vast majority of us will never face a deadly encounter like those shown in your videos. Yes, that chance is there for all of us, and if that time comes, we may regret not having trained more. But, the reality is that most of us, even though we know there is always that chance, are not willing to devote the time and money that is required to be ready for anything.

    My suggestion is that you think about doing some videos for people who recognize there are potential threats out there, and have the attitude to defend themselves rather than submit to being a victim, but just don't want to invest the time and money required to be as prepared as they might be. In other words, forget about what would make us perfect self-defenders and focus on basic things that might help us survive a threat without dedicating our whole lives to preparing for one.

  20. that cop was taking way to many liberties,,, he got very lucky here. this guy reaked of trouble and he didnt notice till the gun was out

  21. the first still frame on deflection: the policeman KNEW his muscle/memory was kicking in and it appeared he had a slight smile on his face." No, I'm going home and you're going to jail/hospital". DOMINATED the criminal and should have been charged with attempted murder of a police officer. Great job officer and ASP!

  22. I need to start a training class for people willing to use their fire arms against cops becuase this bullshit why does everyone have suck bad aim vs cops.

  23. God knows what runs through these people's minds drawing a gun and put it in the face of a police officer is asking for a death warrant

  24. ASP, please do you have a recommendation for bulletproof clothing? I am considering a company “Bulletproof Everyone” for its clothing options…

  25. This guy is a fucking stud! That was one of the best CQM I’ve ever seen! Good job brother and hope you pass those skills onto other brothers in blue!

  26. I would have had the other guy lie down instead of going in the house bcuz he might get a weapon to protect his buddy.

  27. He should ordered the other guy to get down on the ground, spread eagle and never have gone back in that house. I would have shot him before he got back through that door. No idea if he's going back in for a gun, more people and more guns, whatever… never let dude out of your sight. Other than that, IMO, cop also should have never let shot dude get hands anywhere near inside that coat. He did a good job winning that war but the battle had some errors, for sure.

  28. The officer did everything perfectly. He definitely passed the exam with an A+ !!! He went around the truck so he could watch the door too. The guy should get life for trying to kill a police officer. This is no light matter.

  29. The 9MM at work. Looks like this guy may have taken 3 shots center mass at near point blank range and could have possily still been a threat because he seems to be functional. .40 or .357 sig should be minimum for things like that.

  30. Wouldn't have allowed the "kid" to go in the house. The situation was already toxic. Had one guy attempt. Don't want another. Kudos to the officer…

  31. 6:25 "if you are ccw owner and you shoot someone you have to get the hell out of there…" I disagree, and it is unlawful. CCW or not, you never leave a crime scene where you have shot someone in self defense, at least not in my state (Fla), you might want to re-edit that.

  32. Thats textbook skills by the officer. Everything ran like clockwork. There is nothing i can see that he needed to do or not do. Wow!

  33. That was one of the simplest legit police shootings I've ever seen. None of the other stuff police do in the video like escalate the situation, very questionable that the police was ever in danger, etc. This dude was just a bad person who didn't want to be arrested.

  34. Happened in noble oklahoma, absolute shitstain of a town so I'm not surprised this happened there. I was only a twenty minute drive from where this happened when it happened

  35. High intensity moment gun fight, the fact that the kid ran toward the cop and the cop had enough situational awareness to not shoot the kid, that cop is a badass. Honestly I probably should have shot the kid.

  36. This officer did very well and was on his feet for sure. The way he swiped the gun away from him and pulled out his weapon and fired quickly. Great job!!👏👏🙂

  37. Cop did everything right. His videos should be used as training videos in the academy. Officer was extremely professional, polite and intelligent. He was able to manage that situation extremely well and should get an award or something.

  38. That is by far one of the best officer control I’ve ever seen perfect technique and EXCELLENT self control I hope that today you are an instructor shedding light on new officers coming in!

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