Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel Update
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Ocean Plastic Recovery Vessel Update

August 20, 2019

It’s time for an update on the OPR vessel. We launched it back in November thinking that we were ready to clean plastic from the ocean But we quickly learned during our test that we had to go back to the shipyard and make some more modifications in order to deploy these systems efficiently and effectively. So come with us and take a look at all the changes we’ve made. Alright. This is the boom system that we used to have installed on the stern of the vessel. Boom system is self-inflating and it basically get’s anchored to one point wraps around, and the current from the river mouth will open it up It will get anchored to another point and basically blocks off the mouth of the river from all of the debris and plastic floating out. Originally, there was a huge jump deck platform and you can see the footprint from where the old reel used to be. So we had to walk up a flight of stairs, and then to a jump platform on the stern. What we’ve done is come to an open stern concept. And basically what we’ve done is cut the bulwarks down, and angled them down and made it to where now, retrieval and deployment of boom material is much easier. So when we load up, we can have this vessel anchored outside the river. The small boats will be going and servicing the boom, bringing the plastic back, load it up onto the boat, bring it to the case to store it, load the vessels and we’re gone. So another important piece of equipment that we had to install on this vessel in order to deploy our boom systems is a Capstan Winch. This is a winch that’s capable of pulling 35,000 pounds at a time. Now as you look at this deck, It’s 24 feet wide by 70 feet long. Each one of our boom systems is 20 foot sections that weigh 420 pounds. Some rivers might require 5. Other rivers might require 50. So as you can imagine it would be very difficult to move these heavy objects around by ourselves. We used to have a ladder here. We actually had to install a stair system in the case of an emergency so our crew can reach the second level, and get to our fast-rescue boat. So the OPR Vessel previously did not have this rescue boat installed. So we had to install this platform down here that the rescue boat sits on. We had to install these brackets that it sits on, and then we also had to install this davit that deploys the rescue boat in an emergency situation. Check everything. Check your spotlight. Check everything out. Make sure everything’s good and your fuel’s pumped up. You got it? Yeah Steve! All new electronics on the boat. Radios. Two updated radars. We’ve got GPS systems, we have an autopilot, we have AIS, we have a Navtech system, and then of course we’ve got our full plotting capabilities to go internationally. We are certainly getting close. There’s a lot of details that have to be tightened up, you know, there’s so much involved, so many things to pull together, so many details. One thing that we’d really like to clear the air about is the claim that this vessel alone was going to remove 90% of the plastic from the world’s oceans As you can see, it’s a physical impossibility for that to happen. The quote that we were referencing was that it is estimated that up to 90% of plastic that is entering the ocean, is entering through river mouths. We just hoped with our vessel and our boom systems we could have an impact on that 90% that is entering into the ocean. So you guys have seen all the modifications that we’ve had to do to this vessel. We’re stoked to say that we are on the 1 yard line and we’re closer to launching this vessel and cleaning plastic out of the ocean. Stay tuned guys. Yeew!

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  1. There are only 1500 views for this video. You should probably make a YouTube campaign for this video to get your response more views and to get things clear for people.

  2. So you launched without prior testing ? Also what about bases how many places are you based on ??? Meaning you have a base there with people doing ocean cleaning at all times right ? Just a costumer with a few questions if you wonder who is am

  3. I’m so exited to get my bracelets! Keep up the good work you deserve it and deserve support internationally! 😉

  4. Would really like to see the financial statements for 4 Ocean, if you are doing as you say you are then there should not really be a problem.

    I am aware that as a private company you do not have to, but it would be a major trust builder and judging by the other comments and videos on the Youtube Platform about 4 Ocean it is very much a good business and PR decision.

  5. im done with the promotion. i want to see the real deal like financial statement or the ship doing it work not u talking like its gonna do this n tht

  6. what a coincidence that you release this video after Danye's video.
    This company should be more open and not show vids like that this that gives no proof of their success.
    Let's see the list of 27 countries you are working with.

  7. I mean, Danye has a point but again, even if they are faking a bunch of stuff at least they're cleaning the Ocean, no matter how small it is. And if you feel like your getting scammed just don't buy it and stop associating with the Company lol. Not defending them but like, THEY DOIN SOMETHING.

  8. Also, funny how they mainly reply to comments from people who bought a bracelet or give them kudos but don’t answer the concerns of those asking for transparency

  9. How are you going to clean 90% of the ocean's plastic with just one vessel? And what is your expected time horizon of that goal?

  10. How many vessel's are gonna be launch? I don't think it would take 6+ months to work on the updates of 1 single OPR Vessel makes sense

  11. Good job 4Ocean on handling this situation in a fantastic way and realizing the people want as much transparency as possible. Seeing you guys answering questions and addressing issues in the comments has convinced me you truly want whats best for the ocean. Keep it up!

  12. Just use a forklift to move the jumbo bags. Mobile crane is overkill and actually very dangerous on moving platform.

  13. Hi 4Ocean, I appreciate your video but I'm really concerned about the way you've worded your closing statement. I understand that you perhaps didn't expect this level of scrutiny when you "launched" (pardon the pun) this initiative but all your media appearances and adverts detail you'll "eliminate 90% of the Oceans pollutants". You confirmed this very clearly but now you say that it was "hoped" you could have a positive impact on up to 90% of the Ocean's pollutants. If you are changing your stance (which, I personally believe is much more realistic), please be sure to detail this across the entirety of your branding. People do want to support any work involving cleaning the oceans and restoring habitats but please, don't be misleading. You already have integrity from your good works, you don't need to invent figures that will, undoubtedly, diminish this earned integrity x

  14. Do you plan on manufacturing a fleet of these OPR’s to clean multiple rivers at a time? And when is the maiden voyage of the OPR we have today estimated to begin?

  15. Hey 4Ocean, you seem to be answering the questions you don't need too in these comments and avoiding answering the questions you really need to address. There is something very suspect going on here. Come clean (excuse the pun).

  16. I just don't think I can trust them… they're doing "just enough" when they should be doing more. I'd pay double for a bracelet if they could prove they're doing what they're supposedly saying they're doing.

  17. So, is it fair to say that you planned to launch an ocean going vessel that did not have radios, GPS, lifeboats, was a hazard to the crew and didn't work for its intended goal? This is the impression I'm getting from the changes you point out. Forgive me, but are you sure this thing is a good idea? Where on earth do you plan to use it? River mouths? What rivers where? Because for all the changes you point out, I'm suddenly really worried about whether this thing will actually work in a meaningful way.

  18. This is genuinely pathetic. It should not have taken this long for one boat to be mildly modified. They could have had 10 ships ready and helping in the time they’ve had, and it’s not like they’re short of funds. Also, there’s a specific type of boat that cleans trash from water, it rolls up like on a conveyor belt. This boat is honestly super inefficient and a waste of energy. Where does this plastic go? It’s not all recyclable… congratulations you cleared your favorite beaches so you can surf again…..?

  19. Anyone smell something? That's guilt plus an extra whiff of BS… how convenient that this video came out after danye's clarification..

  20. anyone else notice the plastic bottle flotting in the water RIGHT next to the OPR at 2:56?

    also lol my dudes, it's too late to hide your incompetence…

  21. To be fair, they only claimed that they "will" clean up 90% of all ocean plastic. So far, according to Har, they've got 0.0015% done already! Yah. (89.9985% to go, and that's why they need your money!)

  22. hey @4ocean what factories do you use to turn this ocean plastic into the bracelets you sell? Where are your processing plants located?

  23. It feels like they just took this idea from "The Ocean Cleanup". They really show their progress and they already had some testing. Have a look what The Ocean Cleanup is doing and you will see that this is nothing.

  24. So my understanding is that your system to remove water is to navigate around river's mounts of the world capturing plastic? This look like an active system, that will burn a lot of fossil fuel. How much fuel will you need to burn for every kg of plastic you capture? Of course we want to reduce the amount of plastic in the ocean, but not by making climat change worsts.

  25. everyone who has ever seen diy fixer uppers knows that things can change quickly…. this is a boat and they have to adopt it to their needs

    the ocean clean up needed an update as well

    you want a quick fix..?

    here is it…

    go and do it better yourself

    big respect to the 4ocean guys

  26. Ok so in 9 months you added some strais, removed some metal, installed a crane and a lifeboat and made this video. "theres still sooooo many details"

  27. once the vessel is launched will the cost of bracelet go down since this can probably collect trash more efficiently the price per pound would decrease so the bracelet prices would too

  28. I don't know why everyone's surprised these bracelet selling hippies have a poor execution on the industrial aspect of their plan. Just because their cleanup plan sucks doesn't mean they have malicious intent. That boat has a nice paint job though.

  29. I’m so happy and excited to see what y’all do next! Wearing my Shark Bracelet 24/7 and sharing the news with everyone I know! 😊

  30. The Federal Trade Commission is the government agency that enforces “truth in advertising” regulations. Customers who feel defrauded can file a complaint here: https://www.ftc.gov/faq/consumer-protection/submit-consumer-complaint-ftc

    If enough people file, they will investigate the company and their advertising claims.

  31. 4Ocean is a scam.


    The Plastic Bank also sells a $20 bracelet, and for each sale they clean up 20 pounds of plastic

  32. Hi! I just bought a bracelet and I really want to believe in you guys, but lately a lot of people has been saying some bad stuff about you and It makes sense. Can you prof how many bracelets has been sold and where the money exactly goes to?
    I really hope your telling the truth!

  33. So you sell plastic bracelets to clean up plastic that's coming from China and Africa at the rate of 95%. Hypocrisy. Why don't you try to do something about all the Chinese plastic which is where it's coming from. Instead of stupid non Solutions like paper straws. And more plastic in your bracelets.

  34. You have come under pressure from the YouTube video of Danye and now your PR team made you put out this video. I don't trust and neither should you people, it's all a PR stunt .

  35. Whenever 4ocean plays their ad before/while watching/ in the middle of the video, I made sure I finish the video so that they will pay the YouTuber but I won't be buying their stuff. Misleading marketing info, creating money through trash is really unacceptable for an environmentalist like me.

  36. Please show some proof of your work because if we're giving you 20 bucks for a piece of recycled plastic you wear around your wrist and you're not doing much of it, we can just don't buy it and invest in other organisations that does the job instead of just sitting down there doing nothing with our money. And please stop false advertising because it's really really misleading to everyone who is buying your bracelet.

  37. 2 millions pounds of plastic!!!!!!! Amazing

    On TV 4Ocean advertise 2 million pound. On the WEB 6 millions. 6 million pounds of plastic compressed in 40 foot containers – about 250 containers. Currently scientists think about 8 million metric tons of plastic enter the ocean every year. That's the weight of nearly 90 aircraft carriers. (17,600,000,000 pounds a year) So 120 truckloads in a year – spit in the ocean. Literally. But cause is good. Two sharp kids make money! God bless. Feel good!

  38. Dear commenters you aren’t lawyers and don’t deserve to see any official papers. Your bracelet got that 1lb of waste as promised and that’s all you have rights to. There are videos of 4oceans work and they obviously clean it whether it’s 4profit or nonprofit whether its with or without volunteers at least they’re out there cleaning the fucking ocean and doing something about the waste instead of sitting their asses at home with their metal screaming save the turtles and posting it on snapchat. If you really fucking care and don’t believe this organization then go to the beach and clean up on your own and change your lifestyle to boycott plastic so they don’t end up in the ocean and go to another organization. People wonder why no one is doing something about ocean trash but when people do something y’all find all sorts of problems with it. Seriously fuck off

  39. Loved the new STAIR SYSTEM. Fact that it comes with a BANISTER APPARATUS on either side of it is just fantastic.

  40. I googled this for-profit… After YouTube showed me SO MANY commercials about it. And came across many videos of people unboxing the bracelets like they were the newest iPhone, and just being so excited to get more and more. For what I've seen all the branding, packaging and other stuff they are selling just generates more trash and promotes consumerism. The goal of cleaning the Ocean it's great but I find the "business" and "eco-branding" part of it incredibly misleading. If they want to profit from this environmental problem and help on the way… they should but be clear and honest about it or 100% technically prove otherwise. People could also just save their money and organize cleanups, they don't need a brand on their T-shirts for it to matter or a bracelet to start a conversation. Consumerism is what's destroying the Environment.

  41. Hey 4ocean can you put metal fences on the every river so you can guys collect later And make it in to bracelets

  42. I bought a bracelet because I love the cause and the concept. But you need to open up your finances. That's what everybody is waiting for. I was just about to buy another bracelet when I saw the Danye Har video. I'm putting off that bracelet until the financial records are revealed. Please provide it for us to see.

  43. Just think more about nature and clean a little of it everyday yourself. And don't forget to report this scammers here and on Instagram, how could anyone trust them

  44. So… the ship did not have any of the shown things before the readjustments? Are you saying that when you shot the promotional videos it did not occur to anyone you should have normal safety precautions in place? Also that 90 % statement is a fundamentally different one than previous claims. Your adverts which you had control over and could have added more information to no problem were simply deceiving.

  45. Added a safety feature and moved the boom back a few feet and took out stairs. HOW DOES THIS TAKE OVER 6 MONTHS???

  46. Hello 4Ocean, it seems like you're answering the questions in the comments so I'd like to ask one of my own. Are you planning on selling those fly ass shirts anytime soon? 😎😎😎

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