Not Getting Views on YouTube? Increase Audience Retention
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Not Getting Views on YouTube? Increase Audience Retention

January 9, 2020

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  1. Am working on it and also to improve and increase views through YT search, working on improving keywords as well.
    Thanks as always for the tips.

  2. Hey Brian good stuff! Never really thought about looking into the comments of other videos for what the audience liked and will use this Golden Nugget! Boom!

  3. My views are wierd (but I'm used to it) my how to draw recent video has 2.5k views which is awesome, but (maybe not surprising) the second more advanced "shading and details" videos never do so well (that doesn't bother me too much)

    My demonetisation from an artist standpoint did REALLY poorly… again, not surprisingly, it was a bit different to my usual videos, but I was hoping the thumbnail and different perspective might have got attention, but I think the topic has been done to death so that's probably why.

    But some of the videos that I expect to do well also struggle to do well at times.

    The big difference now is I have a computer can handle the editing, so I can do more to my videos than just Windows Movie Maker to import video-cut out the fat-upload, now I'm exploring putting a short version of the whole video (I do tutorials for those who aren't Brian who don't know me) and condense the whole thing into about 10 seconds at the start, to hook them into wanting to watch the whole tutorial.

    Watching back some of my old videos, they do come across a bit boring, but I still have 3.4million overall views, and nearly 12k subs, so I guess they weren't THAT bad, but I'm focusing a lot more on production and editing style now that I've learned how to use Premiere. I'm hoping that will improve things 🙂

  4. So much information there and to try to do all at once could be overwhelming….I think I will pick one and do THAT for 2 weeks and then move on to the next.
    Well presented power tips Brian.Thank you.

  5. Another top vid Brian, lots of things to keep working on for my channel. Thanks very much for the channel review on your live session the other night, I've taken it all onboard and am working away. Love your channel bud, great content, always has me watching the whole vid, and loads of useful info. 👍

  6. I've decided NOT to make a new YouTube channel and start all over! Instead, I've decided to keep making content the account I have right now! 😀

  7. Can you still rank for an over saturated niche, eg How to Make Slime, wouldn't it be better to find trending topics on Google trends?

  8. Good video as always bryan! I also have a question about video making. My niche is about educational video. I want to make videos about facts and explaining something to viewers. But, i dont have a mic and i also dont want to reveal my face and my voice. Is it possible to do that kind of video if i dont want to reveal my face or my voice?
    What kind of niche that does not require me to show my face or my voice?

  9. Thank you for bringing great videos and information, but some people i guess just dont have the personality for YouTube, i being one of them. But still a lot fun tho. Keep it up

  10. What about Watch time vs. Retention? For example, with shorter videos retention will be higher, but watch time lower. With longer videos it will be the opposite. As an example we can compare 5min vs 25min video. So what is better – to make 5mib videos with higher retention (% wise) or longer videos with lower retention but higher watch time?

  11. Yep! The delivery style is definitely a key. You can say the exact same thing and have the exact same images, but the one done in the tone and delivery style that is more engaging will have the longer watch time. Even if that tone is annoying (that’s the way it is in the toy genre). Its like I need to consult a checklist before I begin filming – and on that list – be upbeat and not sound boring

  12. How can I get community tab on my channel ??
    When I open my channel on phone the community tab is not shown
    Help me please 😮😮

  13. You know Brian…yt is promoting a video I did about 4 years ago on my first hater.  I'm amazed at the new subscribers and views I've received from this old video.  Go figure….patti

  14. Awesome video Brian
    I say this video is for me
    I work hard & spend hours to make a vide pre-prod, prod, and post-prod then incl spending time on photoshop. man still 12 views in 48 hours!!!!!!!!!! and stupid non sense videos go viral, a video saying that the tallest man ever was the man who was 30,330 'yards' (17.2 miles) tall – 3 feet or 12 inches make 1 yard – and some ppl were commenting wow..your video are always informative!!!
    Is the public on youtube idiots (most of them) !!! that vid got 240+K views. iF THE PUBLIC WANT IDIOCITY SHOULD I MAKE SUCH NON-SENSE CLAIMS?

  15. The hardest part of all these is finding out what people are searching for and then delivering the content to the audience among all the traffic of the creators like me who do the same thing.

  16. You only need to be constant.
    And do a little research what to do.
    You need to know to get right title for a video and thumbnail need to match with tittle…

  17. Hey, Brian G Johnson. Getting started on Youtube can by pretty difficult. Did indeed notice that the audience retention is one of the most important things. As that determine how and if your video ranks. The tags and title and description effect more where the video ranks. The thumbnail should invite people to check the video. Videos can rank with only a a few good views and can gain views overtime. That what happened with some of my videos. Thanks to your tips, Brian. ^_^

  18. I also think you'll get more views if you give people what they want. You've said this many times in your other videos, Brian. I have an established channel and 2.4M views, but my views of new videos really tanked this year — like I was lucky to get 100 views on a new video — as I was experimenting with some new topics, and yes, I did all the keywords, thumbs, etc. About two weeks ago, I started making videos about a new version of an image editing software (which I barely know how to use) and whammo! my views just spiked.  So guess what, I'm going to keep making more videos on that software until the hype dies down — and maybe sneak in a couple other videos on other topics in there too to try and cash in on the momentum of my channel overall. I look forward to your new videos Brian, and I want people to look forward to mine in the same way! Rock on!

  19. great video brian ,ive just bought starwars battlefront ii so the heroes and villains have lots pulling power darth maul , darth vader , yoda etc  I was even thinking bout video ideas at work this stuff is addictive 🙂

  20. Great video as always, Brian. I'm using this method for my science channel. What are people searching for? Whatever I find, I'll make videos based around those search phrases.

  21. So confusing. I have been told keep the videos at minimum FOR audience retention. I have been trying harder to just get to point in beginning rather than plug channel. I have a 3 second intro and I think that is fine. I must admit I have very small attention span myself lol.

  22. So when it comes to titles, people always say to make a short title but others say make a long title. I have experimented with both types and making a longer title has done better for me. I think it's because with a longer title you can incorporate more than 1 keyword. Thoughts?

  23. My favorite part was… if your a subscriber stick Around its all new stuff🤣🤣🤣 💕😝 I dig it! 🙃 #pixiedust

  24. Acting silly alone doesn't work as much as it used to on YouTube. However, if you go for upping the ante on your visual quality offered up video after video as well as improving audio quality. Background matters tremendously and smart transitions. Focusing on content especially if you're not the actor or loud humourous type.

    Hope these tips help those who have yet to improve on such aspects. Nice tips Brian and awesome job on your background props and lighting.

  25. Hey Brian, I have a question for you 🙂 which of the Audience retention matters the most, Average watch time in minutes or average watch time in "%"? I made a 31min video and got 7:20 minutes as my average watch time… and that's a huge record from my side, but on the other hand its only 23% watch time, so I'm a bit curious about this, please let me know what you think 🙂

  26. Working on audience retention is our next step. Every week we try to find one thing to do better. This will be next week!

  27. Great tips Brian! I'm early into my YouTube journey so learning things like this is huge. Something that I've just started on the video I just recorded is really nailing the first 30 seconds to a minute. When I post up my next batch of videos it will be interesting to see if that makes a big difference. Then I just need to focus on delivering on that promise!

  28. Great advice to study top ranking videos. You can learn a lot from watching those ranking higher than your own. I am going to make an effort to search out topics first and make a video around it, rather than making a video based on what I want to talk about and then trying to make it rank.

  29. I’m aiming for audience retention by releasing short, faster paced video, concentrated, SPECIFIC VIDEOS, – it’s a daily vlog, check it out and subscribe if your into it. Couldn’t thank Brian enough for breaking down useful advice.

  30. Thank you for more great advice. I do have to say that the screen in the background was a little distracting from listening to your message. It did however give you some extra watch time since I replayed to hear it again. 👍👍👍 from the thumbs up kids (dad)

  31. Is it possible to get views? I make music videos, games and designer videos and I am curious why are people not coming to my channel. If yes, tell me how.

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