NoFap vs  Semen Retention – Is There A Difference?
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NoFap vs Semen Retention – Is There A Difference?

January 7, 2020

Hey guys, so a lot of people ask me if there’s a difference between semen retention and NoFap and if I personally Consider myself to follow the NoFap path and be a NoFapper. So I would say that there are some subtle differences In that NoFap is semen retention But semen retention is not necessarily no fat and I’ll explain more about this So when I I got into semen retention, I didn’t know about NoFp I didn’t know there was this whole movement of men doing this. So I was training in different Yoga practices different sorts of mystical ancient philosophies that I was learning about and practicing, you know I was getting into meditation and yoga and Qigong Practices and I read a book by montauk. Chia called the multi-orgasmic man And this book sort of opened me up to the idea that it may not necessarily be in a man’s highest interest to ejaculate every time he has sex and So I started exploring this concept myself and immediately started seeing the benefits of this practice Of retaining the life force and not just ejecting ejecting it out. Every time you have a sexual encounter and so my approach to this was that semen attention is more of a It’s an overall sort of holistic approach to managing your energy and managing your health and any really utilizing that sexual energy because in the The path that I’ve been on semen retention is not this separate thing from the rest of my practice So my meditation practice my yoga practice my Qigong practice is not separate from senior tension because semen retention Amplifies all of those things and all of those practices help to balance out those Samaritans. So it’s this this overall system this of balance and developing energy It’s really about cultivating energy harnessing that energy and then it’s a matter of what do I do with all of this energy that I’m cultivating that I’m That I’m building in my body. So it’s about learning how to How to apply that energy to your life and so some of the difference that says I would add that I have noticed so nofap is more of a system of Sort of rebooting yourself. So a lot of men They try to know that because they’re addicted to porn and they want to recover from that But they want to sort of recover their energy. So typically they do like the sort of the 90 day challenge and Where they’re not masturbating they’re not ejaculating. They’re not looking at porn. That’s that’s sort of the approach and then they go through that reboot period and after that, you know some men fall back into their old patterns of it of ejaculating regularly and so One of the biggest differences I would say is that most people doing no fat most guys doing nofap they you know, they go through the reboot period and once they get into a relationship after being on NoFap they just Have sex normally like most men do and just ejaculate during sex and with semen retention. I learned how to have sex without ejaculating how to have full-body orgasms without ejaculating because When you ejaculate during sex, you’re still experiencing some of the negative Effects of ejaculation so it’s still draining your energy I will say that it’s less severe when you’re with a partner and it’s it’s more balanced overall, but it’s still an unnecessary drain of your energy that does not have to be happening so that my path was to train myself to learn how to Separate the orgasm from the ejaculation and be able to do this during sex which obviously requires great discipline and some training But it can be done and then it becomes quite natural for you becomes effortless to be able to have these multiple orgasms and not ejaculate during sex and so This is another Way that NoFap and semen retention can be Different so in my approach and that the practice the practices that I learned Masturbation was actually used as a tool to be able to separate orgasm from ejaculation And of course, NoFappers, you know, don’t masturbate at all and For me it was a very handy tool I would say because it’s sexual energy and Learning to Change your sexual habits, so Being able to lose that association with orgasm and ejaculation Being able to separate the orgasm from the ejaculation it it takes a lot of practice It takes a lot of training and it’s much more difficult to do with a partner because you have all that extra stimulation and excitement That you have with a partner. So training yourself by yourself through masturbation to separate the orgasm from ejaculation is a very handy tool to have it’s a very powerful training method and my experience and and then once you master that even if you do masturbate, it’s not a problem because you’re not going to eject that you’re no longer attached to ejaculate and You can have all the orgasms you want without having that that downward Hormonal and energy level crash that you have after Ejaculate. So those are just some of the differences I’ve noticed and That’s why I never you. Don’t really hear me. Say I’m a nofapper You’ll never hear me say oh I’m on hardmode and I’m on monk mode whatever even though I oftentimes and and doing these things. You know, I one of the side effects of my the training I went through was that I I Released my attachment to pornography and a Regular ejaculation and it wasn’t even something. I was really trying to do at the time it was because as I was Retaining my semen. I was learning all these practices working with the sexual energy Working with my body’s energy and opening all these channels and really developing my energy I became so much more sensitive to what was affecting me You know what my interactions people with other people how they were affecting me And obviously I noticed how pornography was affecting me because yes when I was a when I was a teenager I was always looking at porn and masturbating and ejaculating just draining my energy as many men do but when I began my practice I started to notice how that was affecting me in a very negative way and even if I wasn’t Ejaculating just looking at porn just it just did something to my energy that It it was obviously not balanced and so with time That just naturally subsided I just lost the urge to look at porn because I knew it didn’t make me feel good in the long run It was not fulfilling so it was a method for me to Release a lot of addictive patterns from my life. So it’s just been so powerful for me so those are just some of the ways that I’ve I see NoFap and semen retention as potentially being you know a little bit different So hopefully that sheds some light on the issue for you And I found this path to be the most fulfilling for me. I think no facts are great I think that it’s a great way to reboot yourself because it is important that you You change these patterns that you you you get rid of these habits that are no longer serving you but for me The most holistic way of going about it was not necessarily. Just okay. I’m giving a porn. I’m giving a masturbation. That’s it I had to bring in other practices into my life and Getting rid of the porn and the unbalanced masturbation. It was a side effect of of my Qigong practice of my meditation and of Developing my semen retention ability and so it’s just been so fulfilling and so empowering for me, you know I’ve been on this path for many many years now, and I’m I’m never going back there’s no question of Whether or not I’ll be going back because I know I’m going to be doing this for the rest of my life so it’s so powerful and Something else. I want to mention is that when you’re able to Be in control of your sexual your sexual energy to the point that you can be having sex with someone and not ejaculate and still have all that pleasure all that connection it really I Mean it brings everything to only level because you have the confidence of knowing you’re not going to just blow your load in five to ten minutes as many men Do you know that you can last for hours, but beyond that you’re able to connect deeper with your partner? Because what happens after you ejaculate during sex typically your energy crashes you can’t continue having sex usually and you just kind of want to like roll over and fall asleep but when you’re able to control your yourself and last for hours, you never have that drop in energy you get more and more energized because when you learn to To move that sexual energy that aroused section under you throughout your body It’s supercharged as you supercharges your your energy channels supercharges your organs your brain Everything just becomes so amplified and your connection with your partner Deepens it’s hard to put into words because it’s so powerful. It’s something you have to experience for yourself so I hope that this has opened your eyes to some other possibilities maybe and if you’re interested in learning how to do this how to If you’re interested in learning these practices check out my my six week course multi-orgasmic man. It’s got everything you need to gain, control of your sexual energy clear negative emotions clear your mind take control of your willpower and really thrive with an abundance of sexual energy So check out the link below to find more out about that and thank you so much for watching this video Please subscribe to my channel give this video a like and leave a comment below. I love hearing from you guys. Have a great day

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  1. Yea man, I would say you definitely have a more enlightened view of the whole thing… It kind of reminds me of how it is said that, that which makes you fall, is the same path you must take in order to rise. This doesn't necessarily mean to specifically utilize porn, rather the sexual energy that we came to master. Porn really can put your energy outside of yourself and discombobulate your alignment, as opposed to a real relationship with a deeper connection… When you feel that connection, the height of your combined sexual ecstasy rises beyond an ejaculatory orgasm. It then becomes a conscious choice if you want to or not. It seems to be a natural thing when you really get to know someone and learn to be comfortable with them over time, at which point no technique is necessary. The solo practice I guess is learning to develop that within ourselves. Then life becomes one giant orgasm.

  2. I think semen retention is better because of the transmutation aspect. It’s almost as if you become more aware of your energy levels and spend it more wisely, where as nofap you’re just counting days.

  3. if i have sex but don't ejaculate,transparent thick liquid oozes out,will it be considered non-ejaculatory sex??

  4. I was reviewing for my bar exam for 6 months and while practicing what you preached, I felt more of a genius come exam time. This is not just a spiritual-energy matter but about our future as well.

  5. Bro , can you make a video about how to deal with discouragement when you ejaculate.
    And what is the best way to recover from it?
    I really wanna control my sexual energie , butt during the journey I get very disappointed in myself and lost faith in myself that I can do this.

    Shit is making me depressed, I hate this feeling.

  6. Mantak Chias work on sexual Kung fu is great, I draw also from some of his methods also among many. I also recommend the book from Yang Jwing Ming : bone marrow tendon and brain washing method. I also find do other Chi Kung methods help too. I particularly love Baguazhang circle walking methods and Thunder Palm utilizing Fa Jin.

  7. yes there is! reproductive fluid retention with fapping or having sex with your partener could be a challenge in your attempt! you ll need your partner help also cause they can sense when your close

  8. Yo this is weird.. today marks day 100 of cemen retention Hardmode for me and im feeling a sense that im not alone, I used to feel lonely all the time but right now I feel connected and aware that I am not alone that there are other ppl besides me and I am awakening to the fact that my life will function better when I am part of a group and team and we work together to create a better reality and future for all of us.

    Ps: durring these 100 days of Hardmode I've had 2 ejaculations and 3 wet dreams but still marks major progress for me… I've also experiened a shit load of flat line and depression so it's not all been glory but I will keep going until I reach the summit.

    Stay lit my brothers!

  9. Hey sexual Kung fu I’ve been doing atleast 5 minutes of beginner chi gong exercises I found on youtube and been feeling pretty good but I lack motivation and energy to do things. Is there any tips you recommend to increase my motivation ?

  10. Masturbation for training purposes is great, but you generate a lot of energy; so you need to do the micro cosmic orbit afterwards, in order to have that energy focused and at peace.

  11. Hey, I want to become a better man but do not want to give up sex with a worthy loved partner….any advice? I'm having doubts and fear. Any advice would be appreciated

  12. So am I able to masturbate (without porn) to practice the semen retention? (I'm on a 72 day streak of NoFap/SR)

  13. I'm wondering something, if I do semen retention and orgasm but don't ejucalate do I release just as much dopamine as actually ejucalating or similar?

  14. Is it good or not good to mastrubate 4 times on a day without porn, but do semen retention instead or do you still get resistance to the dopamine release and therfore that it's bad? Btw I mean sometimes 4 times on a day but not perse always

  15. and if you have no ejaculate orgasms at the same pace that a porn addict ? there is no the same? orgasms addicted

  16. You are walking a thin line. My experience with addiction says you are going to lose.
    Don't play the mind game.

  17. nofap without semen retention is just 20% nofap. nofap explained by pornography addiction is wrong, I can watch porn but if I don't ejaculate, I feel much better just like no PMO , it is totally semen retention that create all the benefit.

  18. challenge: that orgasming is a high, and highs have corresponding lows! Thefore that orgasming is not a good goal, that having that sweet-spot, mid-level pleasure is the goal

  19. Thankyou so much brother for such a great, interesting , informative and helpful video , keep up the good work , god bless you brother 🙏🏻🙌🏻💕

  20. This man seems to be glorifying semen retention & boasting about it & makes him look quite ignorant/arrogant. Makes me think he learned what he knows for all the wrong reasons. Really, he knows nothing at all.

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