Newborn natural hair care for growth and retention
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Newborn natural hair care for growth and retention

January 9, 2020

Novella: Moms, have you ever wondered how
to care for your newborn’s hair, or maybe you’re thinking, “Is it even too early to
start with a newborn regime?” Well, in today’s video I’m going to be talking you through
my 10 newborn natural haircare tips for growth and retention.
Novella: Hey guys, it’s Novella from Naturally Crowned. For all your kids natural hair tips,
advice, and tutorials, you’re in the right place. If you’re new here, you know what I’m
going to say? Consider subscribing. And if you’ve already subscribed, I just want to
say thank you so much for sticking with me. Okay guys. So before I actually get into my
10 top tips for newborn haircare, I just want to talk you through why you should even have
a regime for your newborn. So when I refer to a newborn, I’m talking about from zero
to two months old. When it comes to having a new born regime, it’s never ever too early
to start. Actually, the earlier you start, the better and you’re probably wondering or
why it’s so important. And the reason is starting early actually sets the foundation for healthy
hair from now and beyond. Novella: Starting early will also get your
baby used to you doing their hair and they will also get used to having a routine. Eventually
you doing their hair is going to be like you brushing their teeth when they’re older, giving
them a bath. It’s just going to be a part of the daily, weekly or monthly routine. And
it’s going to come to a point where when you’re doing your hair is not going to be a problem
for them. Especially if what you’re doing is not causing any pain, they’re really going
to get used to you doing their hair. I give an example, with my daughter. I started her
newborn hair care regime from the moment we got home from the hospital. Now I was very
intentional with her regime. I would make sure that I would always kind of give her
like head massages, just get her used to my hands in her hair. Like I said, I had a regime
for her in place. Novella: So by the time she got to an infant
and the toddler stages, she was so used to having this regime in place that she just
doesn’t know anything other than having a regime in place. She’s so used to me doing
her hair at this stage. Like I said, it’s just like her brushing her teeth. Well me
brushing her teeth or me giving her a bath, it’s just part of her life now and that’s
all she knows. So now me doing her hair she has no issues with it at all. And that’s because
I set the foundation from early. The other thing is having a newborn regime in place
will help you as their mom to become consistent. You’re also going to get used to doing your
newborn’s hair. Novella: Okay. So tip number one is you don’t
want to have a complicated regime in place for your newborn. And also you don’t want
to be using too many products on your newborn’s hair at this stage. At this stage, you want
to keep their products very minimal and very simple. This is a stage where is the easiest
out of all the stages. So really enjoy this stage. So tip number two, you want to wash
your newborn’s hair weekly. You don’t want to wash their hair daily or twice a day and
nothing like that at all. Stick to washing their hair once a week. This will help their
hair to stay hydrated and moisturized at the same time. Washing the hair too often will
cause their scalp to dry out and also drought that hat and you really don’t want that to
happen. Also, with regards to washing their hair, you want to use a non sulfate shampoo
to wash their hair. Novella: This is very important because with
the sulfate shampoo is going to dry out their hair. Another thing is I would avoid using
any shampoo that’s made for head to toe. Now the shampoos I’m talking about, if you’re
aware of them, for example, Aveeno head to toe, Johnson and Johnson head to toe. The
reason I’m saying this is great for the body, but it’s not really made for our hair type.
So I would avoid using any of those shampoos or body washes for your newborn’s hair. Also,
there is an alternative. I know some mothers don’t like to use shampoo at all and they
just like to rinse their newborns hair with water. If that’s something you want or you
like to do, definitely do that. But if you do like to use a shampoo, I would recommend
using a non sulfate shampoo. Novella: So tip number three, moisturizing
your newborn’s head, that is so, so important moms. And sometimes with a newborn, you may
look at their head at this stage, your newborn’s hair is going to be silky and shiny and you’re
going to be thinking, there’s probably no need to really moisturize my newborn’s hair
because it looks shiny, it looks silky, it’s curly, but don’t be mistaken. At this stage
that hadn’t needs moisture just as much as it would at any other stage. So I’ll definitely
encourage you to still moisturize your baby’s hair. And when you’re moisturizing your baby’s
hair you don’t want to use any form of grease, anything that contains mineral oil, petroleum
journey and stay away from any kind of products at this stage. At this stage, you want to
keep it very, very simple. And I will say use some oils or some butters. This would
also depend on your newborns density. So if your newborn has a high density hair, so a
lot of hair, then you want to maybe use a thicker butter or thicker oil.
Novella: If they have very low density hair so not so much hair on their head, then you
want to use a lighter oil or a lighter butter in that case. So at this stage, the newborn
stage, I would advise using the LO methods. That’s the liquid, so your water and then
your oil. Those are the only things I would recommend using at this stage as I mentioned
in my tip number one. You want to keep it very simple, very minimal, and you don’t want
to use too many products on your newborn’s hair at this stage. Okay, so my tip number
four, you want to pay very close attention to your newborn’s hair. If you find that your
newborn’s hair is not reacting very well to a particular oil that you’re using, please
do change and try a different oil. I’m going to give you an example. So with my son, when
he was a newborn, I used coconut oil on his hair. And for him he’s hair really did not
like coconut oil. He would get like flakes on his scalp. So when I switched over to Argan
oil, his hair really loved Argan oil. And that works much better. So make sure that
you’re keeping an eye on what you’re using on your child’s hair. And if it’s not working,
it’s always okay to switch it up. Novella: Tip number five. You want to keep
it very, very simple with your newborns hairstyling. At this stage, a newborn stage, you don’t
even want to do any hairstyles. You want to leave your newborn’s hair as it is. If there’s
going to come a time where you’re going to be styling your child’s hair a lot, you’re
probably even going to be fed up of styling their hair at one point. So I would say at
the newborn stage, keep it very, very simple. You don’t need to be tying their hair with
pump pawns or trying to tie it in any kind of Thai style is really going to pull on their
sensitive scalps and their hair and you really don’t want to do this because this is going
to cause a lot of breakage and a lot of pain for your newborn. So at this stage, keep it
very, very simple. Don’t do any styles that’s going to pull on your newborn’s hair or newborn’s
edges. Like I said, there’s going to be loads of opportunity to play around in your newborn’s
hair. Novella: I would actually wait until your
baby is about five or six months old before you start experimenting with loose styles,
so no tight styles even at that stage. So tip number six is to be very gentle with your
newborn’s hair and their scalp. So when you’re detangling or combing your newborn’s hair
you want to make sure that, again, you want to make sure that you’re starting from the
ends and working your way up to the roots and you want to be very, very gentle. You
don’t want to cause your newborn any pain. So be very, very gentle and detangle or comb
from the ends working your way up into the roots. And also when you’re washing your newborn’s
hair, you want to use the pads of your fingers. You don’t want to use your nails when you’re
washing your baby’s hair. So at this stage you still want to be very gentle using the
pads of your fingers just to massage their scalp but you don’t want to use your nails.
Their scalp is very, very sensitive and you don’t want to do anything that’s going to
cause any damage or cause any pain to your newborn.
Novella: So tip number seven, you don’t want to use any towels after you’ve washed your
newborn’s hair. When it’s time to dry their hair you want to a t-shirt or a microfiber
towel to dry their hair. This is going to prevent any kind of freeze and is also going
to prevent any kind of breakage as well. Tip number eight, you don’t want to detangle or
comb through a new his hair when it’s dry and not moisturized. Whenever you want to
come through your newborn’s hair or detangle your newborn’s hair, make sure that your newborn’s
hair is moisturized and not when your newborn’s hair is dry. This is going to avoid any kind
of breakage. And also any pulling on their hair and causing your newborn any form of
pain. So always comb through your newborn’s hair when it’s moisturized and also possibly
on wash day. Novella: Once you finish washing your newborn’s
hair and you’ve moisturized it, you can then comb or detangle your newborns hair. Another
point to remember is you don’t want to be over manipulating your newborn’s hair. So
I would advise you to only detangle or comb through your newborn’s hair when it’s moisturized,
preferably on wash days. But if you do want to detangle or comb through your newborn’s
head any other time apart from wash day, definitely made sure that it is well moisturized before
you do so. But I’ll say stick to detangling or comb through your newborn’s hair mainly
on wash days after you have thoroughly moisturized their hair.
Novella: So tip number nine is to give your newborn head massages. Yes, head massages.
Now, newborns love head massages. The fact that they love it, is great, but it also stimulates
blood flow and encourages growth. So definitely do this. The perfect time to do this is on
wash days. While you’re washing your newborn’s hair, give them a scalp massage then or possibly
when you will moisturize your newborn’s have and applying oil to their scalp for example,
you can use the pads of your fingers to massage their scalp. Like I said, it encourages blood
flow and also stimulates growth. Novella: So my 10th and final tip is to use
a satin fitted sheet in their cot or a Moses basket or a satin pillowcase that’s going
to help to avoid any friction from the cotton sheets. It’s going to avoid any moisture loss.
So usually with the cotton sheets, newborns and babies lose a lot of moisture because
the cotton sheets actually suck the moisture from their hair. Well it absorbs the moisture
from their hair leaving their hair very dry, which will be prone to breakage, balding and
you don’t really want that to happen. Okay guys, so that’s my top 10 tips for newborn
natural hair care. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe
and share if anyone you feel may benefit from watching this video. So guys, I’m going to
love and leave you and I’ll see you next week Tuesday. Take care. Bye.

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  1. This video was both disheartening and encouraging for me. Mainly because I did basically did everything you have advised NOT to do with my 3. However I'm so glad to have found your channel because with the previous videos I've gotten so much help, guidance and confidence to get their hair on the right track and have already began to see results. I can't help but wonder what their hair would be like had I started well, but I'm so grateful for the tips moving forward. Well done Novella xx

  2. Hey. My daughter is a month old. I wouldnโ€™t say she has cradle cap but her scalp does be dry and certain spots and flaky a lil. What kind of oil to use and how many times a week to use it.

  3. Hello:) thanks for the video! My baby boy is currently 9 days old and Iโ€™ve been looking for products and shampoos to buy for his hair. As far as moisturizing his hair, do I let the oil stay in his hair (if I want to brush it down and keep it moisturizer etc) or do I apply it right before a bath then wash it out?

  4. What type of Shampoo is Okay for my Six weeks old daughter..I have Organic Almond Oil already..I don't know if is okay for her hair… Plus i don't know hair type ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•

  5. Hey, Iโ€™m a new subscriber. My son is balding on one side of his head, heโ€™s 3 months in the next week. His hair is still silky & curly. What would you recommend ? At the moment Iโ€™ve been using water, organic coconut oil & a little bit of organic black castor oil. He has a lot of hair.

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