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New York CPA Firm | Anchin, Block & Anchin | Client Retention

January 7, 2020

I think it’s a combination of a lot of
different things one of the things myself and my partners, we’re passionate about what
we do – we know this industry we’re involved in this industry and we really enjoy. I can’t say I get enough pleasure when I see one of my start-up managers started with five or ten million dollars grow to be several hundred million or a billion
dollars being there in the beginning working with them, being available to
them talking about not only their fund structure
but also their own personal interests with
respect to how they construct their general partners have them thinking about their own
family and estate planning in conjunction with the entity
itself because for most of these managers this is their biggest single asset that
they have and the fact that you want to structure
something properly the fact that you really take an interest in what you do
with them really leads to the fact that we have many many long-term relationship of our
clients I had mentioned that i work with my
first fund in 1986, I still work with that fund these many years
later I think that’s a testament of the type of relationships that we establish with our clients
interest that we take and our availability to them and that’s what really makes us different

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