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National Crime Agency: Protecting the public

February 29, 2020

[Gunshots] Organised crime is everywhere. It can
affect families it can affect communities, normal people from all walks
of life. The impact that it has can be devastating and every day is never the
same. On a typical day the NCA deal with corruption, drugs, firearms, child sexual
exploitation, cybercrime, fraud. The NCA is a team all together to combat those
offences. “National Crime Agency open the door!”
[Knocks] Our aim is to protect the public. Protect the public. Protect the public. Protect the public. We work to prevent harm before it happens, building
partnerships with private sector and within other law enforcement. Arresting
the top cyber criminals that have an impact on the UK, criminals using
malicious software to steal data, prevent online sexual exploitation of children. A
law enforcement agency that’s dealing with huge amounts of intelligence and
operations every single day. The NCA has a number of sensitive, niche capabilities. “And what are they?”
I couldn’t tell you. [Laughs] “Armed police, come out with your hands up.” Organised crime knows no borders. Holland, Spain,
Belgium, South America, South Africa, Dubai – the list of countries where we were able
to operate is endless. It’s a team job to see those results so when you’ve
protected an individual it makes me massively proud. Being an
NCA officer means everything to me, it’s a real privilege. We are making a
difference to people.

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  1. It's a dream of mine to move to the UK. I'm only 17 now, a US citizen, but I want to move to the UK and protect the people of the UK by joining the NCA. How would someone in my position go about doing this?

  2. I want to be an NCA officer how does a young person get into this field? from what I've seen on the website, most of the vacancies are for senior positions..

  3. To be an NCA officer that actually goes out and arrests the offenders, do I need to be a police officer or authorised firearms officer first or can I apply for the NCA straight away?

  4. well done nca take these scum of the streets I now exactly how family's feel as my mother crys everyday for her son ho is on drugs heroin crack keep it up please clean bradford up its really bad 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. How can a child call NCA when he/she get abuse by his/her parents? And does NCA need to protect his/her face in pics? And one last questions, What vehicle do they drive and What weapons do they use?

  6. When you talk about organised crime, you are actually talking about Northamptonshire police. Having had to deal with them for the past 5 years and 8 months, I now know why people go off the police. Incompetence beyond belief, and corruption right across the board from Constable right to the top. Contradict themselves, lies to the IOPC ( WHO ARE NOT INTERESTED) don't look at evidence, including evidence from their own officers, never disclose evidence prior to a trial, everything a normal person would expect from a modern police force, they don't do it ( in my experience)

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