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September 11, 2019

Fudge, fudge, fudge I made this video probably like 17 takes right now and now I’m nervous Okay, let me first start. My name is Juliette um I’m from crew 6 with a weird bunch of people Right now watching this video of myself presenting I’m probably pooping my pants right now in the corner of a room But okay, Hey Juliette This is fine. Everything is gonna be so fine. This video is gonna end and everyone will walk away This is gonna be the biggest goober you’ve ever seen in your life, their life their life but, Yeah, this might be a POL( Presentation of Learning) and Right Now I’m gonna start off this video with introducing each and every one. Yeah, okay So, this is Diego He’s a very kind and silly human that has this awesomel augh and brings joy to everybody So Kristen’s gonna about to laugh right now because Tyler said something really stupid, but this is Kristen She’s a badass mother of two and she’s an amazing artist Okay, Dionah is gonna put bunny ears on Carl and we’re all gonna laugh ha ha ha But this is Carl and he’s a great human being Sends the most coolest videos ever. This is Dionah and she is a drummer and a great musician and always has her shades on this is our beloved crew soup, Tyler he Loves and hates us at the same time equally. Yep. Yeah and This is Victoria. She has a weird face right now But she’s a singing bird(Amazing) of the crew and the yogi that always has weird positions that we all try to do Yeah This is crew 6 Okay, let’s just stop and appreciate Tyler’s vocals right now So I need to stop this because it gets weirder but I live for the weird moments and I’ll show you another one So Carl’s a man of many talents one of them is walking like a spider The other is a streak that comes out of his mouth, but only few people know about it Back in the time of Rocky Mountain Youth Corp. This was our home As Tyler Trainium lets us walk in through the doors of hell we go in. Hey, I didn’t see you there Whats up cribs This is my … fridge Forgot tot go Grocery shopping Are you gonna sleep with me this time Yes way Are you gonna share a bed with me Juliette I missed you But this is the crib Where we go? We got a beautiful view, huh? Can’t put a price on that Yep. No And then this is where we clear house we bring our gun then we start clearing (fallowed by a lot of giggling) HEY Are ya’ll clearing house This is our bathroom where we Hey you forgot to show them the sweet flat screen And our extensive movie collection ( fallowed by more and more giggling) Look at all these DVD’s Hey, follow along and see what we do! ( kicking weeds all day) Crushing It

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  1. Nice video it looks like you worked with a lot of good people. I got hired to work the New Mexico summer 2019 season but I'm from Michigan and am wondering about where to stay on break weeks. Is it common for the crews to just stick together and rent a place or camp together on break weeks?

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