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  1. In my last video I changed things up and shot it kind of like a vlog style, but still teaching English. A trip to the grocery store. Watch time is up. Retention is waaaaay up. I think people are sick of my normal talking head videos. That being said, a talking head outside always has better retention than a talking head inside for me.

  2. Now that I've seen your video that got me thinking. I actually have the same experience. When I did not really plan but just shot on the outside those videos got a better retention than the videos i prepared more and shot on the inside in my office. I don't have enough evidence of course. Curious for your results.

  3. Thank you for the simple, yet effective tip on hiding the mic! Now if I could only find my mic, I moved and it's among the missing.

  4. This is a good integration of vlogging, storytelling, tutorial, etc.,! A good video to study.

    The one thing I felt was a little gimmicky (but I have to say it was still effective) was the introduction and callbacks to the $10,000 bag. As soon as it was introduced (and then every time it was emphasized), I thought, "something is surely going to happen to that bag."

    but then nothing did, and I was a little disappointed, but oh well you got a full 100% retention (lessened by the cut YT takes from me watching at 1.5x speed though)

  5. Most people probably have problems with audience retention because their videos move too slowly, but I was actually told the opposite. My videos were hard to watch because they moved too fast. Slowing them down has actually helped me get better retention.

  6. I'd wonder if it's specifically about the backgrounds, or about the entertainment element that's increased with them. Maybe both? I can definitely tell I'm more engaged as you layer more story elements and vlog-style moments with the teaching. Dig it, man!

  7. I loved home schooling the kids. Although, I must say, I was NEVER this productive. lol And I've never seen $10,000, let alone carry it around a park. πŸ˜€

  8. Wowzers! What a day of making videos!! You got almost as sweaty as I get making one of mine. πŸ™‚ Can't wait to see the "new look," but honestly, I'm always bringing your audience retention UP anyway… Really enjoyed the behind the scenes of your job!

  9. I recently changed set for one of my series and it really boosted audience retention. I wonder what the secret is…

    My new set is better lit and has two interesting paintings in the back ground, whereas the old one was darker and had a bed and fireplace in the back.

    I think it's probably the lighting, but a few mentioned the Highland cow painting. I may switch the paintings to see what happens πŸ™‚

  10. Wait wait 10K in cash?! Talk about an attention grabber for, yes, audience retention! Haha that’ll be an interesting video

  11. Hey. Tell me how you can, does showing faces in movies have more influence on viewership? Is it better not to show the face only the presentation of the creator? I can not find the answer πŸ™

  12. I recently did a video called Why I will NEVER learn Esperanto (ironic since my channel is about Esperanto) – and without explaining where I was or why, I filmed it in front of some great scenery while I was on vacation. I think the scenery had a lot to do with [the success of] that video, which is shooting up way past any video that I've done in the last 6 months or even longer.

  13. This video has shed some light on what's happening in my channel. My husband and I share a studio where he works on music and I edit videos and do my live streams and record home vlogs — my husband recently started working on a big music project so I had to find an alternate area to shoot so I set up a mini studio in my bedroom using studio lights. Well — those videos are doing amazingly well. I think the lighter, brighter environment mixed with letting people into my personal space has helped boost retention and subscribers. I wondered why it was happening but after seeing this video it makes sense. Now I am thinking of recording some of my upcoming videos outdoors.

  14. I love this. My kids are homeschooled too but this is our first year. Doing school in the woods seems amazing, I may need to do some intros out in nature.

  15. Awesome video! I'll be looking forward to seeing the first finished video and to see more of your family Videos! I'm always watching your!!!!YouTube creator videos! You are my go to guy. Even tho I still can't quite figure all this stuff out. You are who actually has the capability to make me understand! When I say you've taught me a lot you have. The. There's these little thing that stop me right before I can't get to the finish line. Like my computer not having the freaking button I need to click to get where you instruct me to go. Like the advanced tab under settings when trying to connect YouTube channels. But anyways you will always see me in your comments I love what you do for us for free! Thank you! I am a single mother of two on unemployment. However when I get paid I'm signing up for your monthly group. I will keep it as long as I can afford to. Thing are a struggle for me right now that's why I want to really make YouTube by source of employment. I'm a Geriatric Activity Specialist/Activity Director on paper. But acting, singing, poetry, just performing and speaking to the public…man I was born for this. YouYube was created for me! I just can't wait to master it. I'm so slow. I don't know how I made it to SDSU. Have a blessed day. Oh yes tell your little lovely children they are adorable, and keep up the good job. I thank them as well for sharing with us and being in front of the camera. I have children too and it's not the easiest thing to get them to record.

  16. I noticed audience retention went up also when I changed the background in my office. Good idea to change it up by shooting in different locations outside. I just don't have the luxury of a film crew and it does take a lot more time than just turning the camera on in my office and not have to worry about the elements. I'm inspired though to also experiment with this format to see if retention improves. 9 videos in one day is amazing…congrats!

  17. Long time silent watcher (I know, I know, I should be signaling more), but I really wanted to tell you the behind-the-scenes format is super helpful! It's super relatable and there are a ton of tips and tricks in here that I feel like will definitely up the rewatch factor and it's cool to see how to practically test and learn from variations. It's also a great way to boost affiliate link monetization so kudos!
    As a side note, I think YouTube is a unique art form where overproduction can devalue the relationship with your subscribers, depending on your niche.

  18. As far as the $$$, I can relate to @ 3:15. I had to transport a large amount of actual cash from one bank to another a few years ago and I was soooo nervous. I felt like everybody could tell I had a stack of cash on me.

  19. Tim love it! and very clever increasing retention on this video too. I have to tell you when I first started watching you, I learned a lot, but thought your videos went on longer than they should. I went on to others but I find myself watching you again now that you have changed things up. I especially LOVED the series with Evan! Thank you Tim. I'll try it on my channel to help it grow.

  20. Okay I get it! Engage people by inviting them into your life more! But coming from a background in TV, it is hard for me to get use to the "homespun" feel that YouTube has. Trying to create a nitch that uses "the bells and whistles" along with "forming relationships and engagement" approach. Much to learn yet, I see!

  21. I'm not a fan of seeing "how the sausage is made". I would imagine that's the reason this video has such a high dislike ratio. The results should be interesting but the process is not. The "how we figured it out" might be more interesting after you show the conclusions if there are any significant lessons learned.

  22. That’s a really cool idea!
    I was thinking about how I could try that will my channel…. then I remembered I have a Vlogger channel! lol

  23. I like how you shot outdoors in the woods and got your kids involved. Bet they enjoyed that! I've been experimenting with different styles on my own channel but haven't yet reached my audience retention goal. Next experiment will be a new style for Halloween (entire month of October). Involving my kid (he's 3) is a must in my videos. Any tips for gaining an audience for a toddler education channel?

  24. Interesting video, love the behind the scenes. You have some cute little helpers. πŸ™‚ I've been trying to focus in on getting audience retention higher the last several months and what I've been doing is less talk and more visual content. I've also been trying to keep my story moving along faster. It's been working… the retention is way up compared to my older videos. Now if I can get more views.

  25. Go the Gary V Way, and get your own film crew one day and they will just record you all day everyday for loads or Content and then just go back and edit at end of day. Love you stuff. βœŒπŸ½πŸ”΄πŸŽ₯πŸŒŽπŸŽ™

  26. Interesting experiment Tim. Looking forward to seeing the results. I'm experimenting too. I used a new way to shoot the video and increased watch time and engagement, but strangely it doesnt have as many views as my other videos. πŸ€”

  27. Can I ask you a question not related with this video πŸ˜‚
    Do you have a microphone on your camera? I'm struggling with voice now….

  28. In my last video i tried to change the scenes more frequently. In looking back i think i could have ended it sooner. I don't really vlog so for me sharing this way is the next best thing.

  29. Thanks to your videos, I'm actually going to be rebranding my channel to help increase retention. I get a lot of people subscribing, but not a whole lot of viewership. My hope is that I can better align my videos to what viewers expect to see when they subscribe.

  30. I wonder if this will for my film reviews? I was once did a review for it by a drain pipe, people seemed to like that but the sound was awkward because of the rain.

  31. So, how did it turn out? Are you seeing the improvements you were looking for? I have noticed the different videos you were filming in this video have now been published. How well did it work? What did you learn from it? Are you going to put out a video that answers these two questions??

  32. So, this video was shot one month ago and only one percent of your subs actually have watched this. I'd be more concerned about how can I get more people to actually watch my videos than the retention time. Very interesting this Youtube stuff. The funny thing is that one stupid little change by Google or Youtube and all this extra hard work gets torn down in one day. It's like we are building businesses on sinking sand.

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