Multi-Device Protection Pack | AT&T

January 5, 2020

  (music)  MALE NARRATOR: We rely on a lot of devices to keep   us connected to everyone and everything we care about.   But accidents can happen, anytime, anywhere.   (sound effects)  When the unforeseen happens, rest assured.   AT&T’s Multi-Device Protection Pack covers up to 3   of the phones, tablets, and laptops you rely on,   giving you comprehensive protection and live expert support.   Just enroll 1 AT&T connected device and add 2 other devices   whenever you need, regardless of where you’ve purchased them   or how long you’ve had them.   If any of your devices are damaged, lost, stolen, or   just not working right, we’ll fix them or send you a replacement fast.   Plus, if you go 6 months or longer without a claim,   we offer declining deductibles to save you money.   Multi-Device Protection Pack also gives you unlimited access   to enhanced technical support for all your covered devices.   Our experts can help you manage your storage space, connect   to printers or WiFi, optimize your battery life, and much more.   You will also be able to track a misplaced mobile device   with a downloadable Mobile Locate App.   If your device is lost or stolen, the app can help you   back up your data, erase it, or lock it for security.   Let AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack   keep you connected to all the devices in your life.   Now you can relax.   Knowing that even if something happens, you won’t lose touch   with everyone and everything you care about.   Ask your AT&T Representative for more information today.        

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