Mission’s Spring Break Trip to Costa Rica
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Mission’s Spring Break Trip to Costa Rica

September 11, 2019

>>I came on this trip with the expectation
of learn a lot more about animals and plants and to get to see a new country. And I did get that. I get to see some really crazy animals. I came here with the hopes to see a toucan
and a sloth and I got to see those animals. I feel like this trip has been so
much more than just an experience to see wildlife and the jungle and Costa Rica. I feel like I really made a
connection with this place.>>This whole experience in general has been like the most amazing experience
I’ve ever had hands down. Like I don’t know if you
can hear what I’m hearing, but I hear so much wildlife around me right now. Like birds, like insects. I hear hisses and like even on the ground,
there’s probably like insects on the ground. There’s so much diversity just here alone. And this is a hotel. Like can you image the rain forest?>>We’re not learning just one thing. You know you can see [inaudible] but you
can both get such an amazing experience and learn a lot of things because
there’s just so many things to learn. And it’s not specific to one
person or one type of major.>>It actually helped me kind of
tailor my major to what I want to do. I’ll actually be doing a liberal arts degrees
with a concentration in math and science, which will actually ultimately get me to my
Bachelor’s, which will be in data analysis. So I think there’s a lot of
different opportunities here.>>You’re connecting with
the locals in such a way that you wouldn’t normally have
the opportunity to do that because of Mission College’s long term
relationship with the University of Georgia and the scientists that are based in Monteverde. And so it just enhances your experience and
by having the very best guides and interacting with the scientists, you
get so much out of the trip. You see way more wildlife than you would
normally because they know where to look. All the guides, they talk to each other and
they [inaudible], they know where to look, which tree, etc. And so we’ve done>>One of the new things that I want
to talk about is the home stays, because that is a very amazing
experience and I don’t think there’s a lot of information on the home stays. So for us, one of the most beneficial
things that we did was to be able to walk around to everyone’s home stays. One of the things that surprised me about it
was that everyone was so close to one another, because they give you a map, and it
looks far apart, but it’s so close. And honestly, meeting those people and staying
with the family is amazing because they’re so loving and accepting, and you get
to see their lifestyle a little bit.>>I don’t think that there’s any other
experience that you could have and earn a unit of credit and have your life so transformed
and enriched and meet incredible people because incredible people
sign up for this class. And to be able to do that
and to visit rain forests, which you probably know are diminishing. And so it’s really a privilege to
be able to go there and see that. And it really clicks. Rain forest conservation really
clicks when someone goes there. They realize, okay this is what we’re
talking about, this is at stake.>>The whole experience is very, very
educational, both in science, psychology, just society, it’s very, very, very,
very different from the states. You will get something out of this trip. I guarantee it. It’s like if you think that going to Costa
Rica is just going to be like another vacation, another outing with a group
of people, it’s really not. You learn so many different things here. It’s incredible.

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