MINDBODY Support – Retention report

December 25, 2019

Many business owners are interested in the retention rate of clients, especially when they run a promotion, such as flyers, radio commercials, discounted rates, etc, over a defined period of time. This report displays the number of clients who have had their initial visit during a certain time period and then come in again another specified time period. The results will be broken down between new and repeat clients. Go to Reports, select Clients, narrow it down to Visits and Retention, then select Retention. Choose a location from this drop-down menu to narrow the results. The report will count initial visit only at the location you choose. If you do not want to limit the results, choose any location. You will need to run this report for a date range. The initial visit date range defaults to three months prior to the current date for the time window of exactly one month. Select the service category for the initial visit from this menu here. Use this drop-down to run the report for a single instructor or choose the name of an instructor from the drop-down menu. The report will display only clients whose first visit took place with this instructor. Only staff members who have had initial visits during the date range selected will show up in this menu. Choose a location from this drop-down menu to narrow the results. The report will count every return visit only at the location you choose. If you don’t want to limit the results again, choose any location. This filter allows you to define a time period within which the client’s return to your business from their initial visit date. And choose if it’s with any instructor or if a client has returned to your studio and taken another class or appointment with the same staff member they’ve had before. You can change the definition of a repeat client by adjusting your choice in the repeat clients based on filter here. For example, if you choose same instructor – same location, the client is considered a repeat client only if they have visited the same staff member at the same location before the beginning of the initial visit period you set at the top of the screen, otherwise they’ll be considered a new client. The report can be viewed in either detail or summary view. Detail view list the client’s name and the total of new and repeat clients, as well as how many of those were retained. Detail view also list the retention rate percentage for each group, as well as an overall retention percentage. Some review displays only the retention rate percentages for each group and the retention percentage total, not the individual clients’ names. If you’ve previously tagged a list of clients in this system, then checking this box will run the report for only those tagged clients. Here you will see a list of our repeat clients, these are people who more than likely come in on a daily or weekly basis. Then you’ll see under new clients all the clients who have visited the studio for the first time within our date range and then come back a second or third time within our given date range.

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