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MINDBODY Support – Retention marketing

January 7, 2020

The Retention Marketing Dashboard helps
you stay in touch with your clients. The Dashboard’s interactive text messaging reminds clients of upcoming appointments and waitlisted classes, and allows them
to confirm a spot using SMS. The Dashboard also provides tools to win back lapsed clients, with automated check-in emails and optional incentive offers. Through it all, you can track the performance of these tools using a suite of statistics and graphs. In this video, we’ll go over all the features available to you on the dashboard. Click on Home, Dashboard, Retention Marketing. On the Retention Marketing page, you will see several different sections. These sections are different statistics on your business and clients. Each section will also have a “Settings” button, located towards the right. These “Settings” icons will take you to the different areas of the Retention Marketing settings page, where you can start setting up different features to retain your clients. We will start with the “Prevent No-Show Appointments” section. First, click on “Settings.” Once the page refreshes, you will see that you are now in the Retention Marketing Settings section, underneath Appointment Reminders. You will also see several tabs to the left, underneath Retention Marketing Settings. At the top of the page, you will want to enter in a business reply-to name, a business reply-to email address, and a business copy email address. If you’ve already entered this information on your Business Information page, the fields will be auto-populated. Then you will see Email Settings and
Text Message Settings. Your clients have the ability to receive email reminders on their upcoming appointments, as well as receive text messages, if they’re opted-in to receive texts. Not only will your clients receive a text reminder, but they can also confirm they’re attending by replying to it. When they confirm, it will update the status of their appointment in your site. If you enter anything in on this page, don’t forget to click “Save.” Now we will look at the Wait List Notification section. Similar to the appointment reminders, you will want to fill out the business reply-to name, email, and copy email, if it does not autofill. Then, you will want to adjust the email settings so emails can get sent out if you use waitlists in your site. Now click on “Retention.” The Retention sections will help you track and check in with your active clients, recover clients you thought you lost, and set up retention emails to keep them coming back to your business. First, you will see the business reply-to name, email, and copy email. Enter these in accordingly. If you are opted into the MINDBODY app, you will see a checkbox for the MINDBODY app footer. The footer encourages clients to book their next visit through the app and directs them to download it. This option is set by default to display on all of your retention emails. Next, there are two retention emails that can be set up: “Just Checking In” and “We Miss You.” Both auto emails have similar settings to help bring back clients who haven’t visited your business recently. The “Just Checking In” auto email will be sent first, usually after a few weeks have passed since the client’s last visit. Then, if they still have not returned after a few months, the “We Miss You” email will be sent. The options below each auto email can be changed to customize the emails. This enables you to send the auto emails to specific groups of clients and to add incentives to return, like 15% off the client’s next purchase. If you make any updates or changes, don’t forget to click “Save.” Finally, click on “Social Media.” Here you can enter your business’s Facebook page and Twitter. Once you enter in these and click “Save,” they will appear on the Retention Marketing main page. For further information on any of the features we covered in this video, please see our related articles section below.

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