Menzerna I Power Lock Ultimate Protection (EN)
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Menzerna I Power Lock Ultimate Protection (EN)

March 6, 2020

Premium polished finishes last longer with Menzerna Power Lock Ultimate Protection. Menzerna Control Cleaner and Endless Shine boost the Power Lock effect. The smooth clear-coat finish reflects light strongly and evenly. Deep gloss that needs to last. Menzerna Control Cleaner removes leftover polish, oils and grease, leaving no residue so Power Lock can grip more effectively. Simply place a small amount on the Menzerna Wax Foam Pad. Apply Power Lock evenly to the clear-coat finish using a orbital machine. The surface appears transparent. A film of grease is noticeable. After approx. 30 min, the surface seems milky. Now wipe with a soft microfiber cloth. Done. You can reapply Power Lock after approx. 4 hours for a longer-lasting sealant effect. The result: a much smoother finish that is extremely soft to the touch. Dirt residue does not stand a chance. The elegant beading effect ensures rapid and residue-free drying. Brilliant! Menzerna Power Lock boosts reflection and shine and impresses discerning users. Menzerna Endless Shine: seals and revitalizes shine. Great news for all smooth finishes. The polymer sealant for professional vehicle finishers. Long-lasting protection against environmental influences, brilliant deep gloss and premium beading properties. The perfect additions: Menzerna Control Cleaner and Menzerna Endless Shine. Menzerna polishing compounds. Perfection in Polishing

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  1. How do I know if I am getting a genuine product and not a counterfeit. What is the colour of the sealant and the texture??
    The colour ???

  2. Do you can use menzerna metal polish in glass?
    What plastik surfaces in car i can polish with.menzerna metal polish? Thanks

  3. Is it possible to top it with a Carnauba wax after it's cured?
    I know that it will not last, but some days I want my car to pop if you know what I mean.
    Since they are some sealant out there that do not allow the Carnauba wax to bond so it makes is sweat or haze?
    Some sealant does allow the Carnauba wax to bond without having problems with the sweat or haze. But ofc with a short durability!,

  4. Fantastic product. New to the world of DA polishing but the results I have had with 2 medium cut compound followed by 3 super finish plus then power lock have been perfect. Incredible results..

  5. I love love ❤️ it
    Super great product!!!!
    First time user , after Clay the car menzerna compound , them polished then I use eraser IPA
    And them menzerna power
    Now anyone can help me how to re apply the sealer , do I have to polish again ???
    I have waxed 3 times carnauba , last time month ago and now how I do to Make menzerna bound to the paint
    Just wash or need to re do all or part of what I. Did

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