MANIFESTING $10,000 Per Month By Using Semen Retention – My Most Powerful Way to Manifest
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MANIFESTING $10,000 Per Month By Using Semen Retention – My Most Powerful Way to Manifest

January 9, 2020

Uncle C.
Back in the office. I’m gonna ask you a question real quick. Why do you want to make more money? Now before we begin, what I wanted to say
is I wanted to tell you that the applications for the masculinity
mastered program is now open. This month of December, I’m looking for five
individuals and five only that are looking to transform their life and their masculinity
and they’re dating to work one on one with a coach. So if you think that is you fill out the application
and schedule a call with me but what you have to know is that on the call if it sounds like
we’re a good fit, if it sounds like I can help you, that is the point where I asked
you for the financial commitment right then and there to start working with me. So if you’re needing a coach that buttons
for you, if you’re not ready to invest, do not click it. honest question for yourself, Why do you want
to make more money and not only that, who do you want to make
it for? You want to make it for yourself? Do you want to make it to prove to other people
that you made it? Do you want to make it so that way you can
prove to yourself that you’re enough to make it? Do you want to be able to sleep better at
night? Do you want women to look at you like you
have more value you see, these are probably some honest questions you’re gonna
have to have with yourself. Because before you start this process of male
self improvement, whether that be to improve your dating game to improve your masculinity,
to just improve your finances to walk, talk and just feel a little bit more confident,
you need to know how to do it. What I’m titling this video, as I’m titling
this video, manifesting $10,000 a month by using semen retention, and how this will help
lead to a better masculine male how this will help lead to a better dating game, how this
will lead to more social abundance and ultimately how this will lead to you having more confidence
day to day because you’re not a slave to the grind of work. Know you guys might be surprised. But
to get 10,000 a month is actually a little bit easier than most
people think it’s actually a lot easier than most people think. Because what you have to do first off before
we get into semen retention before we get into how you’re actually going to manifest
this, before we even get into why you want to manifest this, what you have to realize
is Money Follows value. How much money can a person give you for what
you’re worth? To make 10 grand a month? What do you want to do? Do you want one client to pay you 10 grand
a month and get a new client a month? Do you want to clients to each give you 5000
a month? Do you want to find 10 clients to each give
you 1000 bucks a month? Do you get what I mean? Or maybe you want 20 clients that each give
you 500 bucks a month for something that you sell. It doesn’t matter what what the case is the
cases that you have to actually feel Figure out how you’re going to do this. You have to figure out how much money you
can bring in due to how much value you provide the earth. Ask yourself this, why do you want the money? Do you want the money for the women? Do you want the money for yourself? Do you want the money for your ego? Do you want the money for your validation? To you want the money to prove that you’re
worthy as a man that you can manifest it? Here’s what I’m going to tell you. Whatever the case is that you want it. Maybe it is for your dating game and masculinity
and whatever, whatever it is. It’s okay. I don’t think it’s talked about enough that
it’s okay to desire a better future. It’s okay to actually try to do better. And it’s not until you realize that until
you get your finances under control, you’re probably not going to feel as confident and
as secure in your dating and masculinity. As you should be. Now, yes, it’s true. They’re socially awkward, weird guys that
struggle with dating, and they make lots of money. But listen, like I’ve said in every single
video, every part of the chain link has to be connected. You have to have your health together, you
have to have your wealth together. You have to have self respect. You have to have your charisma on point you
have to be a value. You have to not be afraid to show your sexual
mail. All of these interlinked, manifesting $10,000
a month by doing semen retention. Where we’ve been talking about semen retention,
why are we talking about sperm retention? Why are we talking about holding in these
things that make you male? Well, let me tell you something. Three months ago, three to four months ago,
before I invested anything into my own self, I was a broken man. What I mean by this is, I was at a stalemate
with my business I was still made with females, I was at a stalemate and everything in life,
I was happy with my current online business with coaching back, you know, three, four
or five months ago, just making three to four grand a month I felt completed, I felt secure. I’m like, Yeah, I got my own thing. But deep down, I knew I could do so much more. Deep down, I knew that there had to be a better
way. Deep down, I knew that I could manifest more
money because I felt like I had that value to give. Now, how did I break past the 10,000 a month
barrier? How did I do it consistently? And how did I make sure I can even multiply
that more so now this month, I’m closer to even 20,000 you see, how can I teach you how
to do the same so that way you can improve your data you can improve your masculinity
to it starts with semen retention. Because what I’ve said in all videos is that
if you do what the mass majority of men do, you will only get the mass majority results,
which is basically zero. You have to get this most men have no results. Most men have no results with dating. Most men have no results with finances. Most men have no results with their success
in life. Most men are ashamed that they’re actually
a man. And they hide this pain. They hide this sorrow in ego and do sex in
Cheap Thrills with alcohol and porn and masturbation. And what they do is they tell themselves that
they can never make the money that they want to make, because they’re just not that guy. They’re like, that’s not me. I can’t do it. I’m not that guy. I’m not the guy that can manifest that money. And it’s totally backwards thinking because
the only reason you can manifest that money is because you’re still doing what everybody
else does. And if you do what everybody else does, how
do you actually expect to get that money very, there’s very few slight amount of people that
can actually get that consistently every month 100 to 200 grand a year. Just keep coming and just keep rolling it
in very, very few people. can do it. And let me tell you something I know. I know that it seems like on the internet
everybody does it. It seems like everybody’s the next millionaire. Everybody has half a million dollars bank. Everybody has all this money. They don’t. They’re full of shit. And they’re liars. And most people are liars. And the reason why I feel like I can give
authority on this topic is because for the past three to four years, I’ve had my nose
to the grindstone seven days a week, figuring out how to do this figuring out how to get
better with women, figuring out how to multiply my money, figuring out how to become a better
man, I’ve been doing this work. Here’s where semen retention comes in. It wasn’t until I started retaining my semen,
that I started to understand all of the pieces of the puzzle before when I was just, you
know, doing what everybody else does like party sex. It was summertime, I would just, you know,
I would occasionally drink I would occasionally just engage in low level behavior. I would not treat my seat as something respectable
like anything like that. I would just live my Life really, you know,
blind with the blinders on as everybody else does. And what I got trapped in is I got trapped
in this same mass majority thinking, the same mass majority movement that just this is how
life is. I make about the same as everybody else, I
do the same as everybody else, I think the same as everybody else. But when I started retaining, that’s when
I had my breakthrough moment. When I started retaining, that’s when I started
to notice Whoa, I can do life away differently. Because when you hold in the seed that makes
you man, when you hold in the seed that is actually able to procreate and make new life,
you start to appreciate yourself a whole hell of a lot more, which meant that I could now
think more clearly. You see, my brain wasn’t all bogged down with
all these alcohols with all these low level women, just all this party sites like I was
actually a man who now had mission and purpose. Not only that when I started retaining, I
got a wild hair up my assets. I Casey you need to start finding other people
who are smarter than you. I got my first two mentors. I invested $12,000 into figuring out who is
going to teach me how to do this. And if you look at my past success with YouTube,
I made 360 videos with no return. In three years, I made $800 only from YouTube
and it was from one client that contacted me via email. That’s it. Now fast forward to having mentors. Not only what I did was, I tripled to quadrupled
my income. You know, this month I’m going on almost 20,000
before four or five months ago, what I was doing was I was doing three to four grand
a month if that and it all came when I started retaining. Now when you retain you walk better when you
retain you talk better. When you retain you’re also more masculine,
which means that when problems arise, you’re not afraid to comment. Them See, that’s what I want to get, get you
guys in the mindset of is conquering your problems. And as my channel grows, I’m going to actually
show you an inside look at my business, I’m going to show you an inside look at my dating
life, I’m going to start to show you who I am as a person. But right now, as I’m so connecting with this
small audience, one on one, what I’m going to do is I’m just going to give you the first
base layer, and the first base layer is getting you guys exposed to this stuff. Now, if you want to make more money, you have
to walk differently than everybody else, you have to talk differently than everybody else. You have to radiate different types of energy
than everybody else radiates. And you have to be able to connect one on
one with people in a way that most can’t. Because think about this, if you have a prospect
in front of you that has no idea about you, no idea what you can do for them, and you
have to convey value in yourself to get them to pay you for it. That’s a very, very challenging task. Now the benefits that come with semen retention
is all of those things with confidence because Most men are very, very shy of women very
scared of women, especially the more beautiful the woman is, the more beautiful the woman
is. Oftentimes the guy just falls over and doesn’t
even know what to say. He doesn’t know how to act. He’s in this mindset where he’s like, shit
this this, this bad girl. No, she’s hot. What the hell am I gonna say he’s the guy
thinks anything he said she’s just gonna know that he wants it. The thing is, you guys all have this anxiety,
all this fear starts to diminish when you retain. Because you start to fuel the beast. What you have to realize is that there’s beauty
energy and there’s beast energy. She’s the beauty. She’s the sweet one year the beast, you have
to be the beast. And you can only feel like that when your
body has a reason to you see if you’re not jacking 24 seven on porn
or on hooking up. You’ve got this build up, man, your your body’s
just ready to bust through that and find a mate that’s just hot. That’s like, perfect for you. But the thing is, is you can’t because You’re
suffocated, because your body doesn’t have a reason to actually go manifest that in real
life. And it’s because of the fact that you’re wasting
your seed every single day on other women and other types of behavior. Back to the original point, how does? How does retaining help you make more money? Well, it helps you make more money because
you start to value yourself as a man fell as you can’t make more money unless you can
pay unless you convey more value to the world. You just can’t there’s no boss, there’s no
CEO, that’s just going to get you and look at you and go, yep, Timothy, you got a lot
of value to you. We’re just going to give you 10,000 a month. No one’s going to do that. Unless you’re giving back that type of revenue
plus on to the company, there’s no way in hell anybody’s going to pay you that which
means everybody’s capped, everybody’s capped at the same three to 6000 a month rate. This is just normal. This is how it is. And it’s not until you convey more value to
the world that people will pay you individually for your own services. So you have to ask yourself You got to go,
What can I do for the world? What can I do to show people that I’m worth
10,000 a month? What can I do to show people that I’m worth
six figures plus a year? What can I do for myself to show myself that
I’m worth that? Most of you guys, if you look in the mirror
right now, and you go, I’m worth 10,000 a month, you can’t say it confidently, because
you don’t think it because you don’t have high enough perceived value of yourself. And this is the same reason why you show with
women is because when you look in the mirror, you don’t think you’re enough. So what am I trying to get you to do with
these videos, I’m trying to get you to become enough, not fake confidence and put your best
foot forward and say, Hey, I’m just enough because I told myself I’m confident it doesn’t
work like that. Most of you guys don’t have anything to be
confident about. And when it comes to women and dating, you
can’t fake that either because you know that you’re not a confident male because you haven’t
conveyed any value yet. You see, confidence can be faked and it can’t
be perfect. It’s built. That’s why you see millionaire sons and co
sons. And these these kids that have lived very
pampered lives, they still struggle with women, they still struggle with themselves. They can’t develop. They’re constantly emotional, weak little,
like, they’re they’re just destroyed because everything’s been handed to them. You have to build the man. You have to build the fucking man. And what you what I’m trying to get you to
realize is that before retention if I was hit with a problem, and it was seven o’clock
at night, like let’s say I had an email campaign to go through
in my, in my email software, and I had it had it not go through and it
went to everybody’s spam folder. This is just one example. If it was seven o’clock and it’s Friday, before
attention, I would do that I’m so tired. I deserve a beer. I deserve this. I don’t need to take care of that email campaign
and fix that right now. Let’s just worry about that for Monday, and
two days would go by and those two days. What I started to realize on retention is
that there’s another 22 year old That’s working both those days. And not only is he working, he’s working 16
hours a day. And that son of a bitch is going to surpass
me if I don’t step up my game, but you see, I didn’t realize this until retention. Fellas, you’re always going to be hit with
problems. There’s nothing in your business that will
go smooth because as soon as you as soon as you make money now let’s say you do handle
everything software wise, tech wise, you don’t get any ad accounts shut down like I did. I lost 30 grand to Facebook. Let’s say everything does go smooth and you’re
making 10 2030 grand a month solo, well, guess what? You’re going to be hit with hiring. There’s your next problem. Now the business is capped. Again, you might get hit with advertising,
you have to advertise it right away. What if your ads don’t convert? You might have software that breaks. You might have managers that destroy your
business like you don’t know where life is going to take you is what I’m saying. The only way you’re going to make this 10
grand a month is for three reasons. First, you can convey value to the world that
you have a product or a service or Some sort of skill or trade that is worth the $10,000
a month plus, secondly, you’re willing to fight tooth and nail and nail to get over
any problem where this 10,000 is going to arise. And thirdly, you have the confidence to look
yourself in the mirror and say, Hey, I’m worth 10 grand a month. And here’s why I’m worth six figures. Eventually, you want to be able to look in
the mirror and say, I’m worth seven figures. Because you knew that all these years you
put in the work to manifest the money that most people won’t. And that’s why you can now manifest the lifestyle
most people can’t, which means you can now manifest the women that most people will never
get the women that most people can ever look directly in the eyes and say, Hey, I know
damn well, you’re not better than me and not say that but think that stand toe to toe with
a dime or toe to toe with a girl and just know that my masculine energy that I’ve put
in the work over the years, there ain’t no amount of beauty you can hold over me. That’s going to make me submit
to this whole interaction. It’s not until you can look at the woman like,
Hey, I fucking deserve this girl. Because I know I’m enough because I put in
the work. You’re going to get her. But listen, guys, you’re going to get that
until you start putting in the work till you start laying the foundation. So you guys don’t like that I plug my courses
I plug my stuff I got a lot of people in the cause of delay. Oh, this guy sells masculinity like yeah,
I sell masculinity. Yeah, I sell dating. I teach male masculinity and I teach female
dynamics. So if you want to go down below and you want
to pick up my course and more never left on red, I teach men how to never be left on red. I teach you how to maintain the frame of high
value through the interaction. I teach you how to maintain the frame of masculinity
and not only that I teach you how to keep her feminine. Because fellows if you don’t know the female
dynamic part you’re in for pain when she pulls back. So if you want to master your dating game,
get that course below. You’re going to want it you’re going to need
it it’s 500 bucks we get this it’s going to save you years and hundred or even thousands
of dollars on dates. When you waste time, energy and resources
with the wrong woman. I want everybody to Like comment, subscribe,
start to get on your grind start to retain the seed that makes you male Do not waste
that seed on your hand or a vino use that as male drive use that as male energy. use that as male aggression to put towards
your work to figure out what it is in this life that you fucking love, and that you will
do anything to get. That is how you do it. That’s the only way to do it. 16 hours a day, seven days a week, 365
days a year.

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