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Man Wants To Prove Paternity To Maintain Custody (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

January 6, 2020

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Brown v. Stuart.
Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Brown, just two
and a half months ago it was revealed that
your 18-month-old son Colby may not be
your biological child. Even though you currently
have full custody. Yes, Your Honor. Today you’ve dragged
Miss Stuart to court
to prove that you are Colby’s
father because you fear if you are not, you will
lose him for good. Yes, Your Honor. Miss Stuart, you admit
you kept the secret
from Mr. Brown but claim the truth
is the truth. And the fact is you were
secretly cheating on him and you appear in
court today to prove
that the other man is the father. Yes, Your Honor. So, Mr. Brown,
tell us what’s at
stake for you today? Everything is at
stake, Your Honor. My whole entire family
knows him as theirs. I have two grandmas
that have Alzheimer’s that know him as
their grandsons. My 14-year-old son
knows him as
his little brother. My house is a more
stable home for him.It’s a place where he’s
taken care of and I know it’s
the better thing for him.
So, Miss Stuart,
you saying that
you know for certain that he’s not Mr. Brown’s
biological child? I’m 100% sure
he’s not the father. JUDGE LAKE: And you
understand what’s
at stake though? You understand that Mr. Brown is saying he has
a healthy happy upbringing
in his home. I know when he’s with
me and he’s gonna be
happy and healthy. I can provide that for my son
’cause I’ve been working
my butt off every day. Going without
seeing my son…
I see him once a week. What’s that to a mom
who has raised and gave
birth to that son? Mr. Brown, you have
custody, so how did you
even find this out? Well, because after she
moved out she asked me if I wanted him for a couple
of days while she was
moving her things out. She called to tell
me when she was coming, and I told her that I wasn’t
going to give him back
at that point in time, because I knew what
my rights were, I knew
that the living situations at my household were better than where… Yeah. And I have a right
to see my son. ..she was at. I mean, I’ve got
a five bedroom home, where he’s got his own
playroom, he’s got his
own bedroom. When did she say to you
that this is not your child? Right then and there,
but she waited almost
five days before she brought the cops
to my house. (AUDIENCE GASPS) If that’s not my kid
why didn’t you come
that day with the cops? So what happened when
she brought the police
to your house? You know, by that time
I’d already talked to
one district attorney and three police officers
who told me the same
thing that I already knew, that, by law, I did not
have to give him back, due to the fact I signed
the paternity affidavit. I was on
the birth certificate and the cop that she
brought was probably
the only one on the force she could
get to side with her.And he came in,
told me it was in
my best judgment
that I give the child back. And I asked him if
it was in, you know
my best judgment or if by law
I had to? And he said, in his
opinion, he thought
that I needed too, but there was nothing
he could do about it. So, therefore I asked
the officer to please
leave my residence, because there was
nothing he could do. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You were trying to take
my son away from me and that’s what
you did, exactly. Ripped my son from
my life, from my home. And when the results say
that you are not the father,
I am leaving today with my son. That is guaranteed. BROWN: Glad you’re
so confident. Yeah, I am confident,
because he don’t
look like you, he don’t look like anybody
else in the family. He looks like
the supposed father and the other supposed
father’s other baby. What did you say exactly
to Mr. Brown that day? I’m just… I’m sad
and hurt because he
took my son from me and that is when
I told him…Texted
and said “Okay…” I said “He is
not your son.“I know I should have
told you in the long run
but that is not your son…”
BROWN:That… That was
after she lived in
my household
for over three years
and mooched off my family.
STUART:No, I never
mooched of your family.
It’s more like your
family was giving to me. (BROWN GIGGLING) They were being generous. Miss… Miss Stuart. (BROWN LAUGHS) Why did you wait
so long to tell him? Why not tell him before, so he would have
never had the child
in the first place? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Because, Your Honor… Your Honor, I really,
truly, believed that my son was Mr. Brown’s. Because at that time…
Yes, I was… I went to another
friend to comfort me because at this time
Mr. Brown and I had
decided to take a break. So I went in that time
and talked to a friend
like I always do. Comforting friends,
and one thing led
to another and my son was conceived. June 13th. So honestly
when my son was born my son did look
like Mr. Brown, and it looked like
some of his family.So that is why
I have withheld
because I was happy,
I was in love with him,and the fact that my son
was going to be raised up
in a good environment,
and good home. Thinking that I had
a good man on my hands. What… What changed? STUART: What changed was when he decided to
take my son from me. JUDGE LAKE: So,
you broke up and then he
wanted custody? Yes. So, if you had stayed
in the relationship would you have ever
told him that this
may not be his child? No, because I honestly… (AUDIENCE GASPING) Because, being with a good
man like Mr. Brown… She told my family
the same thing. Is this that you don’t
believe he’s the father or you’re just unhappy
that you broke up
and he took the child? No, I believe that
he is not the father
of my son. I’m 1000% sure. And I know the truth needed
to come out, it should have
been sooner than later but it came out. What was your
reaction, Mr. Brown? “You’re lying.
I don’t believe that.”
Or did you think “Well, yeah, you were
kind of getting missing
back then.” I was dumbfounded,
Your Honor. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I was dumbfounded.
I… I didn’t know
what to think. I mean, I’ve…
I’ve lost a lot of sleep, I’ve shed a lot of tears
over this whole situation. I mean, I’ve the only
thing that my boy has got. When you first got
the news from her and she dropped
this bomb on you, did you say I want
a DNA test? Did you think to
get a DNA test? Yes, Your Honor
and I called, uh, DHS
and talked to them, and they informed me
that I needed to call
Child Support Recovery. ‘Cause that’s who does
the DNA test in the state
that we live in. When I went down
and filled out
the paper work, once they started
running it they informed
me that I couldn’t do the DNA test
because Miss Stuart had already filed
child support on me. (AUDIENCE GRUMBLES) Wait! Now, you’re
saying he’s not the child’s biological
father and you know
that for certainand yet you’ve filed
to try to get him to
pay child support?
How does he get
an open case?
I don’t know, Your Honor,
I’m not even quite sure,
I don’t understand that, but I never went and
I never told them that he was the father
and that I wanted
child support from him because I even told
DHS and the Child
Support Recovery that I did not want
any money from him. And if he has custody
why is he paying
support anyway? He don’t. BROWN: They can’t
get it from me. One, because she
doesn’t have him. And two, cause
I’m on disability. So… (SIGHS) Mr. Brown,
you have a witness I’d
like to hear from her. Please stand, ma’am. State your name. Sarah Teske. Miss Teske, thank you
for joining us. You are… I am his girlfriend. This is between me and
Mr. Brown, not me and
Miss Teske and Mr. Brown. Well, Miss Teske
takes care of your
son, you don’t. Yeah and Miss Teske
ain’t supposed to be
around our son. Okay. All right.
Now I know what
it’s about. Uh, moving forward. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Moving forward. Yeah. Moving forward.
So, Miss Teske what… What do you
have to add… What do you know
about this situation? Well, I know that
right now I am
involved emotionally and financially involved
in this whole situation. I love this man with
all my heart, I know he loves
Colby with all his heart, he takes very
good care of him. He’s the best father
in the world to
that little boy and I know this is going
to devastate him completely
if that’s not his son.And I know the other
gentleman that is
supposedly the father.
I have known him for
a couple of years actually
and I have actually
talked to him, so I do know that they have slept
together because he
did admit that to me. He didn’t tell me
around the timeframe
or anything like that, but he did admit it… Does the other guy think he was the father? BOTH: No. He said he doesn’t believe
Miss Stuart whatsoever. So, Miss Stuart,
let me ask you again. Did you go down
and file paperwork or sign anything… No, Your Honor. …requesting child support? No, Your Honor. ‘Cause I went down
myself to see if I can
get this DNA started. And they said that
we couldn’t do nothing because he has signed
the paternity affidavit. As you were going through
the process did you tell
any government agency, “This is the father.
The father is Mr. Brown”? No, Your Honor. Jerome, this
ain’t adding up. I agree. BROWN: Your Honor,
she’s still getting all kinds of benefits
for Colby and she
doesn’t even have him. That then sheds
some light on why they would be coming
after Mr. Brown for child support. If you are receiving some
type of state assistance. They want their
money back. AUDIENCE: Yeah. So, Mr. Brown. BROWN: Yes, Your Honor. You are here
requesting a DNA test to prove that you are
Colby’s biological father… BROWN: Yes, Your Honor.With the understanding
that the result
may indicate that you are
not the biological father… Yes, Your Honor. But you are
the current legal father of record because you’re
on the birth certificate
and you have custody. Yup. JUDGE LAKE: So
you do understand that you are basically
putting yourself out there in a way that you
would not have to because in the eyes of
the law you are his bi… You’re his legal father. BROWN: Yes, Your Honor. It doesn’t matter
whether or not you’re
his biological father, when you execute,
you put your name on
that birth certificate you’re saying I’m
responsible for this child,
this child is mine. That’s why you have
custody right now. So, why is it that
you’re continuing this pursuit and
pressing this issue. ‘Cause Miss Stuart
named him after my
father who’s deceased. He’s got my father’s
full name in his name. Like I said, I both
thought and believed
he was your son. But as our son got older,
I started realizing he
was not your son. BROWN:Colby’s got two
middle names which was my
dad’s first and middle name
and then of course
my last name. So my dad’s whole
name is in Colby’s name. And I honestly feel
that me and Colby both
deserve a right to know. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
That I understand. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) You just want…
You want the truth. SCOTT: Yes, Your Honor. And you are willing
to put it all on
the line for the truth. I raised that little
boy for 18 months,
almost 19 months.That little boy is my world.
That little boy is going
home with me tonight.
STUART:No, he’s not, ’cause
he’s going home with me.
When it turns that he is…
You are not the father, he is going home
with me today! Miss Stuart, you do
understand if there is
a custody order and effect you could get into
a little bit of trouble if you try to just
take your son… I mean, one thing we
can say is it is your son. So I want to caution
you to not do anything
out of emotion or just to stick it
to Mr. Brown, revenge, that will put
your freedom in jeopardy. Because then what
are you going to do? He’s going to go right
back to Mr. Brown’s. You have to handle
things the right way. Even as hard as it may be,
I see that this is making
you very emotional, and I know as a mother
it must be difficult to
be without your son. It is. BROWN: But, Your Honor,
she has the right to
come see him anytime, there’s open door
policy at my house. But it’s so sad that you
don’t let me have a one
on one with my son. You don’t let me take
my son for a weekend. Every mom should
have every right to have their son
for a weekend. You know, I do
have every right. That boy is my world
and it’s like you guys
don’t give a crap about how I feel
and how it feels
to not have my son. I know exactly
how you feel. I know exactly
how you feel. No, you don’t because
if you did… Yes, I do. …then you would understand
and tell Mr. Brown… Yes, I do. That I should have
every right to that boy. Because he… Where are
you living at and where
is he living at right now? And you know that’s
what’s best for him. If… If Mr. Brown
is not the biological
father today does the other
gentleman… Does he want to be
involved in Colby’s life? Your Honor, I have
talked to the supposed
other father, he said he would,
if the results came out that Mr. Brown
was not the father then he would like to
step up and be there
and do what he can. All right, I think it’s time
for the results, Jerome. Here you go, Your Honor. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Brown v. Stuart,
when it comes to
15-month-old Colby Brown it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Brown, you… Are not the father. (AUDIENCE GASPING) STUART: I told you!
I told you! (SNIFFLING) Mr. Brown, do you need
to sit down? Do you need to take a seat? No, Your Honor. I’m so sorry. I just don’t understand
how someone can do
that to somebody? 18 months.
It’s a long time. It’s a long time. He’s still my boy. Miss Stuart. You said all along that
you didn’t believe he was Mr. Brown’s
biological child. No. And you know for certain
it is this other gentleman? Yes, Your Honor. This court has of course
provided you with
the answers we’re here to provide,
which is the DNA
testing, and result but now this case will have to continue
in your home state. The custody order
that is in place is based upon
his legal right acknowledgment that
he’s the father, he’s on
the birth certificate. There’s no other
way to cut it.
This cake is baked. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So you can’t just
remove the child from his home,
you’re going to have to go
through the process and even if
the court determines that he remain
in his home, the court has
that discretion. And let me give
you a news flash, if you’ve ever
handled anything
in the court system you know it’s not going
to happen overnight. (AUDIENCE GIGGLING) Right? BOTH: Right. So, in the meantime you have to put
this child first. If you all love him
the way you say
you love him… You hear this all
the time right, Jerome? “I’d do anything
for my kids!”
Oh, will you? Yes, I will. Will you get along with
somebody you don’t get along with for your child?
Will you respect… I’ll try. …somebody that
disrespected you
for your child? Will you let your child
see his biological mother even when you don’t
really think you want too, but will you
help him kinda of
make the transition when it’s not
what you want? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: That’s the part
of caring for a child. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: We have
counseling, we have
resources for you. Take advantage of it. I wish you all
the very best of luck. Court is adjourned. STUART: Thank you,
Your Honor.

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