Maintaining a Competitive Advantage
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Maintaining a Competitive Advantage

February 29, 2020

It’s a
challenging market out there today. We’ve got a tight labor market, we’ve got
competition up, down, sideways. Lot of consolidation happening out there. So, the big question we’re going to talk about
today is how do you maintain a competitive advantage? I’m gonna walk through a little bit of 101,
kind of where to start. We recommend starting with defining your targets,
position, and differentiators. So, first, understand who are your audiences
that you’re speaking to, what’s your position to them, and what really sets you apart in
the marketplace. Now, this is a lot easier said than done,
but research can be a really strong tool to get there. The main point is to get inside the audience’s
head and understand what makes you special to them. Second, focus on building out the key infrastructure
for your brand. So, once you understand your differentiators
and who you’re talking to, consider the infrastructure you’re gonna need to get that message out
there. Last, consider a holistic approach to your
brand experience. When your audience first gains awareness of
your brand, what is the first impression? When they’re beginning to consider your brand
against competition, what’s your advantage? What’s important to them at that point? And, their issues are going to shift and change
as they move through selection and then make their final choice. So, consider your brand experience all the
way through the client journey, and that will help you really clarify what you’re saying,
when you’re saying it, and where you’re saying it. If you’d like to learn more about this, check
out Thanks.

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