Maintain Keeping a Straight Razor Edge, The Straight Razor Edge Friday Special

January 9, 2020

Welcome to the Friday special straight
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now the night Friday special is maintain keeping a straight razor edge
now I have got a zy 430 that is in dire need of some TLC
it just didn’t shaving the way it should and it’s hollow grid that is stainless steel so we
are going to be using my 30 degree strut which has fabric side and that has Pro
mocks on it and what we will do is we’ll go ahead and work through the
progression on the strop and then that way we’ll be able to clean up that edge
and be able to shave with it next we have got my gold dollar 66 now this guy
I actually kind of hit the handle while I was dropping it and I think I’d end up
not the edge here so what we’re going to do with this one is we’re going to use
two stones into a two stone refresh so it’s 90 total home but to still refresh
and that is carbon steel and now those two stones I’m going to be using the
Shapton 8000 ceramic stone so just really nice stuff and that works just
wonders absolute wonders and then I’ll be using my Imperial LaRocca and this is
the premium stone which is just beautiful and we’re going to put an edge
back on that gold dollar so we’re going to
refresh both a zy in a gold dollar in two different methods alright so the
first thing you do is I’m going to roll that leather side out of the way and
we’re going to put chromebox one the straw now this is the inside of the
fabric and what I normally do is I didn’t have to be taped on but we’re
looking to get enough form there to do the job okay and I do it on the inside
and I do it on the fabric and I really don’t do it on the weather I feel this
those a better job you kid yeah just better to get my kind of achieve income
so there we go next what I’m going to do try to hold back out of the way there we
go and we are doing 30 laps on the chrome ox fabric tie and now this is
very little pressure with not trying to push it in the truth cuz we can roll the
edge but it’s fun fun pressure and you don’t have to go under two miles an hour all right actually that was maybe a
little more than 30 but that’s okay that’s okay
now we’re going to put that down I’m going to clean that blade off a little
bit and now we’re going to go to these clean fabric size 30 laps there’s 30 and
now we’re going to get this fabric side out of the way and now we’re going to do
three laps on the suede side all right now we’re going to do 60 last
one the smooth leather side now I’m warmin up that straw by rubbing my hand alright there’s 60 left on the smooth
leather side we’re going to see the hanging hair test see if this is ready
or not oh yeah that was cutting hairs halfway up effortlessly absolutely vain
okay now what I will do is I’ll go ahead and give you a shot of that okay so now
what we’re going to do on this coal dollar is I’m going to be using my shaft
in and this is the 8k and we’re just going to do it right under running water
okay this is all we’re doing is a refresh on this so basically what we’re
going to do is some extras all right let’s see how this goes yeah now we’re going to do some cleanup X
stroke and really the number of these doesn’t matter okay it really is just a
matter of making sure and resetting that bevel at this point you know the bevel
was already set this thing used to shave no problem now all we got to do just
reset that bevel and get everything where it needs to be so now what we’re
going to do and then just do the thumbnail test make sure strata and it
is dragging yeah so that’s good next the Imperia LaRocca okay and this is the
premium stone and it is not only beautiful it is a fine stone to work
with so now I think yeah let me hold it – okay now yes we’re going to do some
more extra but we’re going to just run a little bit half strokes all right mana I started he starting to
stick okay that’s really starting to stick pretty good okay now let’s go ahead you turn that
water out if the hydrophone effect a little bit better
yeah anything it up and it’s starting to stick again so I
think we’re almost there and this is as simple as it is to do a refresh on a blade that is just not happening okay
and it’s only a two stone refresh and for most everybody that’s probably all
you’ll need is just two stones because you’re not going to ever need to go all
the way back to a full home because the bevels already been set okay that’s it
right there yeah and this one is doing it all weapon down the blade the hanging
hero test and it is just cutting right along yeah yeah
oh yeah from the heel to the toe it’s doing it question of the day how do you
maintain keeping your straight razor edge let me know in the comments all
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