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  1. What was the point of this video? If you’re going to remove the spark plugs you might as well just replace them with new NGK/Denso iridium spark plugs which is an original equipment provider to Mazda. This is the direct injection engine and these cars have a propensity or the engine has a propensity as other direct injection engines to build carbon on the backside of the intake valves. Clean the spark plugs is just something to kill time but does nothing for performance.

  2. What is that can? Is it like carburetor cleaner? I´m from mexico and these spark plugs are 30 bucks a pop, great vid!

  3. This is the first video I have ever seen someone cleaning spark plugs, i usually just throw them away and get a new set of plugs and replace them, I might just try this next time.

  4. Pointless vid . Just replace them if you have them out, not to mention all those plugs had blowby so he is loosing some compression .

  5. Hello Felix, quick question about the 14mm spark plug socket – what length does it have to be to accommodate the spark plug? Thanks in advance!

  6. From the front of the vehicle, from left to right, is cylinder 1, 2, 3, 4? My 2016 CX-5 has P0304 Code which is cylinder 4 misfire, I would like to figure out which is cylinder 4. Thanks.

  7. What was the torque specs on those plugs? Did you check the plug gap? If so.. what was it? While the video was good, it left more questions than answers..

  8. Hi again, yesterday just see that there is small leakage of oil on the valve (I think that is the Valve Timing) that is next to first pasanger sparkplug, is this dangerous? can be replaced the seal of that valve without to open the engine. Already buyed the valve seal but do not know how to change. Are you alredy changed it?

  9. Hi im a Mazda Master Tech, please dont waste your time and money doing this, the plugs are iriduim plugs and good to 120000km , if you clean them you can damage them more as the iridium will just fall off and plugs will fail even faster as they cannot take the heat .please replace your plugs every 100000km so they dont seize ,cleaning them is a good way to foul your plugs ,spend the 60 bucks that your saving not paying a tech to do it on plugs new plugs have a coating on threads to prevent seizing do not add oil or antisieze or dielectric just making a bigger mess and please do not over torque heads will crack and a 60 job can turn into 2000 dollar job fast

  10. Thank you very much, this made things super easy. I replaced the spark plugs instead of cleaning them but same concept. Thanks Felix!

  11. very usefull video.. my check engine light come on. plugged the reader and i have the code P0300 Cylinder misfire. you think that your technique will help ?

  12. Despite what everybody says that don't fiddle with the spark plugs I still do this. Everybody has their own experience and know-how on engines. I know where you're coming from and I guess you seldom go to the dealership for maintenance. It's nice to see someone else is doing this. I also work on my own car since I was a teenager and I learned a lot. For some it might seem pointless to do this or even harm the engine yes that's true if you don't know what you're doing. But there are some days where I just pay a mechanic to do it, but he can't fool anyone because you have the knowledge, which is my point. Have some experience doing it, it's easy to throw money at it. Haha

  13. Why is it every website I have read says bolt on 2014 Mazda cx5 is 9/16 but every spark plug I have received from store or online have a bolt size of 5/8?

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