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Learn Fast and Memorize Introduction | English | Sikander Sultan

January 7, 2020

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh My name is Sikander Sultan. I’m a Chartered Accountant and Qualified Business Advisor. Over the last 15 years, I’ve been researching on our Mind. How we can improve our retention and memorization? and what skills we need to learn to accomplish this? if you are interested to know about me or my past or why did I start this research then please refer to my other videos where I’ve talked about my past and my background the purpose for this whole channel is to share my knowledge with You! so you can enhance your ability of memorization and retention I believe this channel will be useful to You! if you are a parent, a student, Entrepreneur, a career seeker anyone who wants to build their memorization skills we all complain about our memory and retention abilities I’ve left a key somewhere but I can’t remember where I go to shopping and I forget about the list, picking things around leaving things around, stuff like this forgetting about things on a daily basis. I’m sure you can all relate to this! so the objective of the series is to dig deep into our brain and try to master this ability of storing information in our brain, so we have two parts to our brain Consciousness and Subconsciousness when we are awake we are using our Consciousness or Science also calls it a Beta State, so when we are Awake, we are at a Beta State and our consciousness is fully awake so Consciousness is 5% of the brain and 95% of our brain is called Subconsciousness or a High Consciousness right, so when we are Awake, we are using 5% of our brain so the person that comes to my mind is Csikszentmihalyi, he wrote a book “Flow State” I will talk in later videos what is Flow State and how is that going to be advantageous to you but to accomplishing something big
in life we have to master Flow State as well or at least know what Flow State is? so I will Insha’Allah discuss that later on but from this book one thing that came to my mind which Csikszentmihalyi discussed is how much information our eyes are retaining when we are awake so in the Consciousness State in a Beta State, when you Awake! how much information your eyes are picking up from your environment what he says is our eyes picked around Two Million (2,000,000) bits of information from our environment but our brain our Consciousness filters out all the Two Million and only retain about Hundred Bits of information so it ignores all the 11 Million plus information and there’s another part to our brain which is called Subconsciousness which is also retaining a bit of that information from that Two Million! which your Consciousness is Ignoring but that bit is only retained to the level that your brain thinks your sub consciousness thinks is important to it and that usually links to safety and security of our body and it usually filters out and only a bit of information is retained by our consciousness which is 5% percent so when we’re Awake Science tells us that we are in a Beta State so very low level information get stored into our brain so as compared to computer is called a RAM like Random Access Memory (RAM) it only retains very little bit of information so at the Beta Level, we are storing very less information as compared to that we have a Delta Level! when we go to sleep, so when we Asleep we are in a Delta State! In a Delta State, our Subconscious is fully awake! and our Consciousness is very low because all of our senses the five senses are asleep usually at that time we have sixth sense that is awakened that’s why we see Dreams when we’re in a Delta State and our religion Islam talks about it a lot and this is the area which is a grey area at the moment in science but I have obviously research in that area as well and I’ve got some new findings for you which I don’t think Sciences hasn’t progressed to that level so in between this these two levels, the “Beta Level” when you are Awake and the “Delta Level” when you are Asleep in between that there are 2 more levels, one is “Theta Level”, when your Consciousness is Surreal and you are in a fully creative mode and you are joyful You feel very joyfulness and very calmness like when you’re taking a bath you are actually in a “Theta level” and there’s another level called “Alpha Level” in which your Subconsciousness is highly active and this Alpha Level is usually achieved when you are watching a TV, watching a program and you’re watching a movie when you’re watching sports so the information Usually don’t get filtered at that point and you feel sort of like a connection between you and the characters in TV and you feel like you You want to talk to them or you are them at this point Your brain is in “Alpha state”! so the 4 Levels that we picked up are your “Beta Level” when you’re Awake and your Consciousness is Awake! and this is the level which is the lowest level in terms of Storing information in your brain you should ideally be in a “Theta Level”, where your Consciousness is awakened and you’re feeling Playfulness, you’re feeling Joyfulness, you’re feeling your creativity to another level! and it’s like a Surreal experience! and the next level is “Alpha Level” as I said like when you’re watching a Telly (TV) and there’s your Subconscious is Awake and you are getting information in your brain without much filtering a very dangerous level as well because I’ve also studied Psychology I did write about that in one of my books I didn’t write too much on Psychology but very first book that I wrote Psychology on a Project Management I did discuss that in the Psychology, there is a field called “NLP”, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP language) and Milton Erickson was a founder of that field and Insha’Allah I will talk about that later on if you know this language (NLP) you can influence someone some other person’s Subconsciousness, so at the “Alpha Level” our brain is on that level where anyone can affect you at a subconscious level so you need to be aware of that but to learn the information quickly ideal States would be ‘Theta’ or the ‘Alpha’ and according to as I said is Islam in a Delta level as well we do get information but I will tell you later on how we can try and filter out the information which is coming in the the Delta Level when we asleep but our target is for when we awake obviously so our target is to try and master the ‘Theta’ and our ‘Alpha Level State’ so the reason why I brought this up is for you to Set up an Objective! of what we are trying to accomplish, so if you have been following me in my other channels I do talk about Setting an Objective and then using Your Energy and Hardwork Consistency to accomplish this so what our brain is? It’s a muscle like any other muscle in a body a person who doesn’t walk his legs get weak but if you start running if you start walking and then running you can strengthen your thigh’s muscle right you can go to a gym and you can use muscle’s exercises and you can develop your muscles Arm muscles right different muscles so brain is like that so brain is also muscle when I was a kid I learned Chess and I started playing chess! and within a couple of weeks I became so good at that I could envisage this chess board (invisible) in front of me not one chess board 15 chess boards! and I could play each and every game so I was playing by myself and I was the opponent of myself! so it’s incredible that human brain has got so much potential! and in my other videos I did mention that How much storage capacity do we have in our brain? so we have 2.5 Petabytes Storage Capacity which is equal to 2.5 million GB data so in a laptop, in a computer we have thousand GB so you can imagine 2,600 2,500 different laptops all combined together You have more storage capacity than that! then why don’t we use that I think the environment has actually made us a bit lazy, and there’s too much information overload from different angles, and also the technology, there’s a bad side to it as well! like phones, we’re so used to using our phones and computers to store data such as planning our schedule ahead days, weeks, months ahead and setting up alarms in the computer and storing information in our phones as if we don’t believe that we have ability to store and we really start doubting our ability of storing information! From the science, we also have learned that our body cells die every 3 to 6 months all of our body cells die and they get replaced so what I’ve heard from people is they get this feeling that their brain is actually getting weaker by days and that’s Not true! so this is a myth that I want to take out from your life it’s the muscle that can be improved So first rule for improving the memory is to believing in it that Allah has given you sufficient brain power! so that you can use information, Store information in your Brain! and there’s a reason for that right, so we need to first have a belief in you that You can improve your memory! the Memorization ability! now! we have also discussed about the four levels of our brain! Beta Level, Theta, Alpha and Delta and we will discuss that we will continue discussing it how you can differentiate between that and how you can take yourself to the next level in the Theta and remain in the Alpha level so that you can retain information much faster then that you’re doing at the moment so we will continue our discussion in our series Insha’Allah Assalamu Alaikum

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