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Learn Fast and Memorize 3 Memory Elements | English | Sikander Sultan

January 7, 2020

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahim Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh So let’s continue with our Journey! on improving our memorization and retention abilities so from the first video We set a Rule! to believe in ourself, and our memorisation abilities, looking at Brain as a Muscle and don’t discredit our memorisation abilities, It is a Muscle! that can be enhanced and improved over time so, the information is stored in our brain, 95% is stored by our Subconsciousness, and 5% is stored by our Consciousness, which is equal to a RAM (Random Access Memory!) of a Computer! and the objective is to try and See, how we can reach to the ‘Theta Level’, right, ‘Beta’ is the Level when we are Awake! is the State when we are Awake! then we have a ‘Theta Level’, when we have Surreal experience, when we’ve Joyful experience, Creativity enhanced, then we have an ‘Alpha State’, when we are watching TV, we are watching Sports, we are watching a Programme, that we like! and then the ‘Delta State’, when we are Asleep! So the Target as I said in the previous video is to reach to somewhere in between Theta and Alpha level! and, if we can somehow master these two, and we can take our brain there, then we can store information as and when we like! so it’s like we are saying that our Brain has got some “ON and OFF Switch”, that whenever we want we can Switch ON our Brain! and Switch OFF our Brain! so it is like that! over the years, I have build this! Ability! of reaching to this State! and that’s what we are all aiming for Insha’Allah! so, What is Memory? so, Memory is a compilation of 3 things, It’s a Information 1. ‘INFORMATION’ that you want to retain 2. is Your ‘EMOTION’ what were you feeling? or what are you going to feel? when you’re going to retain the information, and the 3. is the ‘LOCATION’ so, 1. INFORMATION 2. EMOTION and 3. LOCATION these three combined is called Your Retention! right, it is called Your Memory! it is called Your Retention! so, if you think about a Past event! from your life, from your childhood! let’s close your eyes, and think about a Past event that happened, or any Past Memory, from your past! you will pick up, That! You Remember! the Information, from that! whole event, You Remember! the Emotions, whether you’re Happy, Sad, at that time, and Where did it actually happen? the Location, so to improve a Memory, You need to Focus! on these 3 things! Information, Your Emotions, and the Location, and we try, to understand! these 3 things! and then Apply at the Theta and Alpha Level, that’s what we will try and Accomplish! in our in this video sessions, so when I started writing books, I very soon became the Number 1 Best Seller! on Amazon! and there I noticed another person Vishal Lakhani, who is the founder of ‘Mind Valley’, He was also one of the Best Sellers, so, I got curious to know, what topics he wrote on? and he wrote a book on Mind, Key to “(The Code of) Extraordinary Mind” and he is also researching in ‘Mind Valley’, he is researching on our Brain, there are other people, Steven Kotler, who has been researching on ‘Flow State’, for a while now, so what they are trying to Tap into! is to Master these 2 Levels! which is ‘Theta Level’, and the ‘Alpha Level’, Alhamdullilah, I have done this! and I have also got information for you! for the ‘Delta Level’ as well, when you are asleep, how you can get more information in there, and how you can filter out whilst you’re sleeping! but that’s I think is very Advanced Level! let’s leave that for now! let’s just discuss! on the Theta and the Alpha level of improving your skills! so, One of the Rules that I have set for myself! is Where Focus Goes Energey Flows! and this is how Your Conscious Mind works! anyway, like, You only focus on certain bit of information! like if you focus on Blue! you can only Your brain can only retain information about the Blue Colour! if you’re thinking about finding a tree, your eyes will wonder around and You will only focus on Tree! and nothing else! even though, you’re getting 2 Million plus bits of information, every second! your brain automatically filters it, so, Where Focus Goes Energey Flows! and this is what you pick up, from it, another Rule, which I have got, is Do The Difficult When It’s Easy! so when, You want to memorize something! Do it! when life gives you an opportunity, to Do That! so if, You are a Student and You want to Study! for exams, so, Don’t leave it! to the last minute, Not just before exams You start studying! Pick Up the Books! And Start Studying! not like that, when, You have Life! You have Good Health! and Everything is Calm, around you, that’s the Best Time! time to study, so 3 things as I mentioned, 1. Information, 2. Your Emotion and 3. The Environment so obviously, if you are attending a marriage (ceremony) or, there is very loud music, in your environment, then it’s very difficult for you to concentrate! on the Information, and your right emotions perhaps won’t, Trigger! so, It’s Very Important to understand, that Environment also impacts, on your Retention, Abilities, so, Insha’Allah, in the next videos, we will carry on with our Journey, and whatever I have learned, from my past, history, I did mention a bit about my past, history as well, that, I have picked up lots of Skills! from many, different people, so, Vishal Lakhani, is good, Steven Kotler, is good, I have also picked up alot of things, from Bruno Furst, Dr Bruno Furst, in my journey back in 2006, and then Dominic O’Brien, and then, Anthony Metivier, so about Languages, about retaining Vocabulary, about presenting Information, about speeches, and even the Actors as well, the people who make videos, or make movies, they are also following! the similar methods! “Stanislavski Method”, to store Information! in their brain, so Insha’Allah, I will share my knowledge, with you, and You will See, that your Insha’Allah, that Your Memorization and Retention Abilities will very soon Insha’Allah Start to go up! so in the next videos we will Discuss about the exercises, that You Can Do! and the Nutrition, Element, Insha’Allah, also I will discuss, in the next video so, Stay Tuned! Speak Soon! Insha’Allah Assalamu Alaikum

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