Learn English Live / 15th September 2019 / with Misterduncan in England
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Learn English Live / 15th September 2019 / with Misterduncan in England

September 16, 2019

here we are again it’s
Sunday afternoon in the UK and we are live on YouTube once more hello world
how is your Sunday is it a good one or is it terrible either way I hope I will
cheer you up somehow with today’s live stream now I should say it is a very
strange day today because the weather is rather unsettled to say the least it
looks as if it is about to rain however the forecast says there might be
maybe a short shower so we will have to wait and see but there you can see a
live view right now so that is the view out of my studio window looking across
into the distance of the beautiful Shropshire landscape and Here I am hi
everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you ok I hope so are you happy are you happy because that is part of
today’s livestream I will be asking you what makes you happy are you a happy
person in life are there things that maybe on a day when you are feeling a
little unhappy a little down perhaps something comes along that makes you
feel happy and sometimes and this is something I’ve noticed in my life
sometimes the simplest thing that the smallest thing can can really cheer you
up it might be just a very simple thing maybe you see a butterfly go past your
window and maybe the rest of your day will be cheered up because of that one
lovely moment of time so I hope today you are feeling good
what makes you happy that is today’s big question also we’ll be looking at other
things as well we’ll be looking at recycling something I mentioned last
week and here in the UK we have a very interesting scheme where you have to pay
for your plastic bags so when you go to a supermarket and if you want to put
your shopping into a plastic bag you have to pay a small charge for the
plastic bag so that is something I will be talking about and showing you a
little bit later on as well meanwhile we are here today this is my third live
stream in three days so on Friday yesterday and also today I was here live
and for those who are wondering well first of all you can follow me on
Facebook you can email me and also if you want to help my work continue you
can also donate to this address at PayPal as well don’t forget I do all of
my teaching for free it costs you nothing and if you want to catch me live
you can every Saturday from 12:00 midday and also on Sunday from 2:00 p.m.
both of those are UK times so don’t forget to check what the time difference
is between your country and the UK so I am here every weekend however I have
something special I have something very special something very nice arranged for
next month because October is my 13th anniversary 13 years I’ve been doing
this on YouTube so today we are looking at lots of things but during October we
will be looking at many different subjects that’s all I’m talking about
for now as far as that is concerned the other thing of course
is there is a question as to whether or not I am going to grow a beard in
October and this is something I have been talking about on my You Tube
channel you can vote so there is a vote taking place on my youtube channel
during September would you like me to grow a beard in October quite a few
people have said yes so at the moment more people are in
favor they want me to grow a beard during October so we will see what
happens but at the moment it would appear that most people or the majority
want me to grow a beard it’s a little bit like brexit but more fun let’s just
say so I hope you’re having a good day it is Sunday it is the 15th of September
2019 we are already half way through September so October isn’t very far away
it is just around the corner as we say I might have to adjust my camera sometimes
because the light keeps changing it is cloudy but also the Sun comes out now
and again so I might have to adjust my camera now and again so lots of things
to talk about also coming up later today after many
requests I will be showing the puddle dance a lot of people have asked mr.
Duncan we love the puddle dance for those who don’t know what the puddle
dance is you will find out later on so I will be showing the puddle dance later
on it’s only short it’s only a very short video but apparently lots of
people seem to like it hello to the live chat hi live chatters nice to see you
here today don’t forget don’t be shy give it a try say hello on the live chat
and we have a lot of people already talking and
chatting away sometimes the chatters will ask me a question but sometimes the
people chatting will also talk to each other so think of this as a big English
community an English language group across the whole wide world
isn’t it nice so hello to Chris oh hello Chris guess what you are first
on the live chat today so of course that deserves a big SuperDuper round of
applause so congratulations Chris you are first
on the live chat today also Alamgir is here talking to everyone and also Tomic
hello Tomic blue thunder hey you guys so happy to see you here again it’s nice to
be here live from England a lot of people ask mr. Duncan where are you I’m
in England broadcasting live at this very moment it is 11 minutes past two
o’clock on a Sunday afternoon here in the UK also hello to Julie annik Anna
Coby hello Anna Coby where are you watching
hello Martha in Poland Martha Poland we debuffs we
the boss I like your name very intriguing hello from Spain nice to see
you here today Guadeloupe is also here Jeong Jeong ji
is here as well nice to see you andrew is here also Boyka hello Boyka
nice to see you on the livestream as well by the way you can have live
captions let me just show you what you have to do if you want live captions you
can actually press this button on your keyboard and you will get live captions
so not only can you see me live not only can you hear me live but also you can
read what I’m saying as well and now you can see the Sun is coming out or trying
to come out so if you want to have live captions press this and also you can if
you want if you have a mobile device you can go to the settings which are up
there so there are some settings on tablet devices and smartphones
there and you can activate the live captions on your smartphone and mobile
device including Apple devices as well so even if you are watching on an iPhone
you can get live captions I think that is a very useful thing for those who are
learning English because not only can you hear me you can also see what I’m
saying however sometimes the captions are
slightly incorrect so sometimes they are not correct
especially when I’m reading the names out so if I read your name out you might
find that the caption looks nothing like your name it looks nothing like it
whatsoever hello also – Tong Thuy who is watching
in Vietnam I think mr. Bruno is here hello mr. Bruno I haven’t seen you for a
very long time where have you been mr. Bruno it’s nice to see you back here
again did you receive a notification I think so maybe YouTube is starting to
improve the way it tells my subscribers about my live streams I hope so I really
do now see ya hello mr. Duncan how do you do I’m doing quite well even though
I’ve had a very busy week I was here live on Friday also yesterday and today
as well so it has been a very very busy period of time for me hello to Maria
Maria I’m saying hello to Maria live on YouTube hello Franco good afternoon mr.
Duncan how are you I’m okay not bad for a boy that’s what I always say not bad I’m not a boy I’m a long way from that
hello Luis Luis Mendez says hi teacher and hi
everybody hello Luis swatching in France as you can see the light is very strange
today sometimes it is very bright and
sometimes it is very dark and dull dark and dull
hello mica mica is saying hello to everyone else on the livestream Thomas
is here Pedro hooray hooray hooray Pedro Belmont is here as well I feel as
if I want to sneeze I feel as if I have a sneeze in my nose do you ever get that
do you ever find sometimes you get the feeling as if you want to sneeze I have
that at the moment I feel like I’m going to sneeze my head off hello to all the
English men and women gathering to see mr. Duncan thank you very much it’s nice
to see you here as well it is live English if you want to improve your
English you have come to the right place especially if you want to improve your
listening and also if you have the live captions you can read as well
at the same time I love technology very much I would say about 90% of my life
involves using technology so everything I do almost everything I do in my life
involves some sort or some type of technology especially when I’m making my
lessons Maria once again also Belarusian hello
Belarusian and nice to see you here as well a lot of people joining me thank
you for giving up your Sunday just for me
isn’t that nice Chris says what a scenic view yes the view is rather nice even
though it’s a little bit dull let’s have a look at there we go a lovely image
there into the distance look across the fields and yes the harvest
season has just come and gone but now many farmers are busy because after the
harvest they have to prepare the land for the next crop and I thought well
yesterday I was out and about and I thought hmmm why don’t I do some filming
and then show it to you on Sunday afternoon so yesterday I had a lovely
walk I went out and about after finishing my livestream and this is what
I saw we are going to have a look at what happens after the harvest something for you there something very
interesting I hope and something that made you smile some views of what
happens after the harvest we always think about the harvest itself but we
never think about what happens after the harvest is finished so you could see
there there was a huge tractor did you see that tractor it was amazing and I
wish I could have showed you the sound as well I wish you could have heard just
how loud it was it was really loud a very noisy tractor
it was like an aeroplane taking off and also you saw at the very end you could
see that something was being spread on the ground and that particular thing is
called slurry slurry it is raw sewage it is raw fertilizer however it is also
natural also very natural so I hope you enjoyed that I hope that put a smile on
your face and that is something we are talking about today what makes you happy
as a person what makes you smile yes smiling even if you smile by yourself
can make you feel better for some reason when you smile your body does something
quite magical something very interesting happens when you smile I always like to
smile put a smile on your face smile when your heart is breaking so I hope
you enjoyed that hello to Helena hello Helena the fields look very tidy
the farmers did a very good job yes and you saw all of the hay bales so there
were many hay bales so when we talk about Bale we mean a collection of grass
or stubble from harvest so quite often that they will
use the hay to feed the cattle during the winter months
so eventually they will take the hay back to the farm so I think someone
asked mr. Duncan what happens to the hay afterwards so in a few days the farmers
will collect the hay and they will take it to the farm where it will be stored
safely under cover so that’s what will happen next one of the things I love
about living in the countryside is there is always something going on there is
always something happening especially around here because there are many
fields full of crops and also animals as well even at the back of my house right
at the back of my house there are some cows and some bulls at the moment as
well back to their live chat Wow a lot of people want to speak today please sir
can you give us some more information about improving our skills in English
professional I suppose you mean business English do you mean business English
hello Rosa hello also two blue thunder I realized
that if we smile everything will be better I think so I agree with you
sometimes yes it might be difficult it might be difficult facing an unpleasant
situation but I will say from my own experience that smiling can go a long
way they say that a smile can go a mile to making you feel all right new char
mr. Duncan how are you great topics for today best regards from Kurdistan nice
to see you here as well anna says what does the word zing
mean zing is an expression that means to have lots of energy you have
zing you have a lot of energy you have a lot of motivation you have a lot of zing
zing it’s a great word by the way and it really does express the feeling of
having a lot of energy you have a lot of zing you have a lot of zest
you have a lot of energy zing it’s a lovely word I feel as if I have a lot of
zing today because I had a beautiful I had a lovely sleep last night I did I
had the most amazing sleep last night sometimes when you sleep have you
noticed sometimes when you sleep you go into a very deep sleep I always call it
my coma sleep because the sleep is very deep it’s almost as if you no longer
exist that’s how deep the sleep is so it feels as if you have gone into a coma
a very deep sleep the Sun is out hello son
nice to see you back hello mr. Duncan you you are adorable
today Thank You rose bush that is very kind of you to say Helena hello to
Helena again hello mr. Duncan I’ve changed my name to
an English name so you can name me freely but I have a question what what’s
your relation to the idiom closely but no cigar I I have no idea what you mean
there I have no idea lilia or Illya Illya Johnson I have no
idea what you mean there what’s your relation to the idiom closely but no
cigar I’ve never heard of that I’m not sure if you are getting it right I’m not
sure apparently sin or sin or D arrow says I
repair tractors so you are actually a mechanic so in your job you repair
tractors so your background is mechanics mechanical I’m afraid I am NOT very good
with mechanical things technology yes very good mechanical things not so good
not so good hello mr. Duncan are you happy I hope so
I am from Iraq and I followed you for 10 years and I really love you thank you
dower dough air jasmine thank you very much
I love your name jasmine a beautiful flower a Madhu says hello mr. Duncan I
am in Ghana hello to Ghana I do have some some viewers in Ghana I think I had
someone in Zimbabwe yesterday so there was actually a person watching my live
streams yesterday in Zimbabwe as well so I know I have a lot of people watching
in Africa pappi I’m rather happy today can I use that can I use rather in that
sentence rather happy yes I feel rather happy so it is a way of expressing that
yes I am definitely happy I feel rather happy today rather quite I feel quite
happy I feel rather happy of course rather can also mean something that you
prefer to do so something that you would rather do means something that you would
prefer to do so rather can also mean preference as well
something you prefer to do you would rather do it I would rather be in bed
then go to work if I had the choice but also you can say rather to express your
feelings as well I feel rather happy today I feel rather happy what makes you
happy though what makes you happy one thing that makes me happy is just after
having a cup of tea in the morning so I have a cup of tea in the morning and
then afterwards I feel quite happy because of the warm sensation of the tea
going into my tummy I don’t know why but it makes me feel very happy and relaxed
and calm so not because of the tea but actually because of the feeling of
having a hot drink it makes me feel very cozy very warm very pleasant in fact
Mika says oh this is interesting Mika says the smell of coffee makes me
happy so very similar very similar to what I just said so having a drink a
warm drink can make you feel happy but also when you smell coffee especially
coffee I love the smell of coffee it always reminds me of when I was at
school and sometimes I don’t know if it happens now but sometimes they would
give coffee to the pupils at school during the lunch break and quite often
you could tell that the coffee was being made because the whole school would
smell of coffee I remember what it was yes of course what they used to do they
used to give us coffee and also doughnuts as well so they would serve
coffee and doughnuts to the children it just seemed very strange nowadays to
think of coffee being given to children because we don’t often think about that
anymore but yes when I was at school
a young child that sometimes they would give us coffee and donuts for lunch and
we always knew because the whole school would smell of coffee you could smell it
so that used to make me very excited Doh s says hello mr. Duncan once again Pedro
is here Oh Pedro says when I near a beautiful girl I feel happy I think so
Pedro to be near a beautiful girl or an attractive lady makes Pedro feel very happy mr. Duncan in Alentejo a
Portuguese reason region sorry I will try that again in Alentejo a Portuguese
region a hay-bale like that is called a tea cake as a slang term really I didn’t
know that I don’t know why because I think tea cakes are round aren’t they
they’re not square but yes that’s interesting so in Portugal in a certain
part of Portugal the hay bale is actually known as a tea cake as a slang
term mmm I didn’t know that but now I do and one
of the wonderful things about being here sometimes you learn things from me and
sometimes I learn things from you Connell says there are several English
words that I have to memorize but I can’t because I don’t like their
spelling or pronunciation and I can’t make myself use them isn’t it strange
well we all have words that we don’t like to use even native English speakers
might have certain words that they don’t like to use or maybe they say something
instead so I think yes I think that that must happen in every language I think it
must happen in all languages in fact I think so blue thunder is here again ah
very similar to Pedro my girlfriend said that I am a funny man who always smiles
what a happy day well I’m glad to hear your girlfriend appreciates that you are
a happy person isn’t that lovely hello also to Rosa now everyone is
saying hello to each other which i think is great
isn’t it a shame that the whole world can’t be like this isn’t it a shame that
YouTube doesn’t encourage more of this instead of people shouting Eevee in each
other you will notice that YouTube likes people to argue and complain because
that’s how you get viewers where is here you will very rarely hear me complain in
fact the only thing I really complain about is YouTube YouTube does annoy me
sometimes new Shar says smiling can increase the hormones connected to
happiness and that is why it is very important I think so I think so
something that makes you happy can actually make you feel better
up here and also here as well so I think you’re right yes
Mika green tea I’m not a big fan of green tea I’ll be honest with you when I
was in China they would always give me green tea and I’m not a big fan of green
tea it’s a little bit too bitter for me mr. Duncan how do you use throughout in
sentences and what does it mean well throughout means all through so all
through a certain event throughout throughout or of course when we are
talking about a place or an area if we are talking about throughout it means
right across so maybe the whole area so throughout the UK people are talking
about brexit throughout across so many people in a particular area or doing a
certain thing throughout so quite often it is used to show the occurrence on a
very large scale throughout or if so of course something happening for a very
long time so sometimes when I’m in bed I will snore throughout the night
throughout the night I will often snore so it means from morning or should I say
from night time to the next morning I snore throughout the night throughout so
over the whole period that particular thing happens throughout hello to Nessie yeah nasiha says I am a
landlord oh I see so you you take care of property that you own so a person who
is a landlord will often take care or they will look after a certain property
and quite often they will own that property so the landlord is quite often
also the owner of maybe a house or maybe land or maybe both the landlord yes the
son keeps disappearing it is not a great day today even though it’s very warm I
am so hot standing here in front of the lights on
a Sunday afternoon it is already coming up to 20 minutes away from 3 o’clock
hello also to saturina I’ve had a tough and harsh life the things that
make me happy are just simple things I like to sit down on a rock and look at
the sea and think a few happy moments that life has given me I love that I
look at that that is almost poetic that almost sounds like a poem so the
things that make me happy are sitting down watching the sea and thinking of
the lovely moments from my life or the lovely moments that life has given me
lovely yes so as I said earlier it is strange how sometimes simple things can
make you feel happy and normally they are very small things very small things
even on a day-to-day basis maybe during the day maybe you are walking through
town and you see a stranger and the stranger
gives you a smile that can make your day completely better a smile from a
stranger an innocent moment of time but it can make you feel better someone out
there has seen you and they have decided to give you a smile very simple thing
hello rose sorry hello Palmyra Palmyra is talking to Rosa and says I saw the
legendary Brazilian player Oscar Oscar Schmid who is in the final that sounds
like a very interesting topic a conversation about football something
that I know nothing about I am NOT a follower of football soo Kat says hello
mr. Duncan hi sue cat I haven’t seen you for such a long time where have you been
where have you been hello everyone hello and goodbye oh okay
that was quick I am going to an animal reserve that is an hour from my town to
visit a baby wild cat that we delivered a few weeks ago
so when you say delivered you mean you watched the small animal be born so you
saw an adult an adult wild cat give birth amazing
that’s incredible the only thing I’ve ever seen being born is a sheep or
should I say a lamb so the only thing I’ve ever seen being actually born
actually coming out is a baby lamb which was just behind here in fact one of the
fields in the distance there were some lambs
being born and mr. Steve and myself were lucky enough to see one actually pop out
isn’t that nice Pierre is here hello mr. Duncan and
everybody I am late my computer does not work very well I know the feeling I am
having a slight computer problem at the moment but it’s not a problem with the
computer the computer works perfectly but I am having a problem with the
amount of data the amount of storage inside my computer for some reason and I
don’t know why and this seems to be a big mystery but apparently it isn’t very
unusual the the C Drive so the main drive on my computer keeps keeps filling
up and I don’t know why so at the moment I only have about one gigabyte of free
space on my C Drive so it’s very annoying and sometimes I I will get an
alert on my computer which says you are running low on disk space please create
some more space on your disk so I don’t know what that is all about but maybe
there is a computer expert watching right now who can tell me but for some
reason the C Drive so not the other drives I have other drives are the hard
drives on my computer but for some reason and I don’t know why the C Drive
keeps filling up and it’s very annoying I’m sure someone on here is a computer
expert now Ruto asks mr. Duncan can you tell me why do the British people use
dinner instead of lunch you will hear people saying I will have my dinner
meaning I will have my lunch this is something I spoke about
I think a couple of weeks ago I talked about this yes
breakfast most people agree that breakfast is called breakfast however
when we talk about lunch some people say dinner so when we say
dinner we just mean the main meal so a main meal a big meal something that will
fill you up so we often think of dinner as being a big meal so you might have
lunchtime you will have a large meal so we will
say yes I’m having my dinner but also we will say lunch and evening as well so
evening meals we can also say dinner my evening dinner or some people will say
tea so I’m having my tea so tea in that sense means evening meal but these are
often used in British English British English and then there is supper as well
supper Sergio has a comment to make why do they sell coffee in closed cups
I suppose it is so people don’t spill the coffee all over them because many
years ago and this is something I remember from the past many years ago
people would go into McDonald’s or Burger King or KFC and they would order
a cup of coffee or a cup of tea which of course would be very hot and sometimes
people would spill the coffee or the tea over them and then they would get burnt
they would get harmed they would suffer pain and then afterwards they would sue
the restaurant they would sue McDonald’s they would sue
KFC they would take legal action to get some money for the injury that they
suffered so I think that is the reason why they seal they put the top on a cup
of coffee so you don’t spill it all over yourself and even on the side even on
the side of the cup it tells you this is where we are now this is where humanity
is we have to be told that the cup of coffee that contains hot tea or hot
coffee is hot we have to be told that can you believe it
so there we are life in 2019 hello Shiraz hello also to franceska
Anna wow so many people are here I won’t be able to say hello to everyone today
because there are a lot of people here today
Helena to stay happy I always look for good books good music and free time to
enjoy them learning English makes me very happy too I’m very pleased to hear
that I hope my lessons also make you feel a little bit more happy a little
bit cheerful talking about being happy we are now going to take a look at one
of my one of my early English lessons and this is one that I made many years
ago the other day Luis Luis Mendez mentioned this actual lesson so I
thought it would be a nice opportunity to show you some excerpts so this is not
the whole lesson this is just one or two parts of the lesson and the lesson in
question is all about being happy and feeling sad we all have feelings they are the
individual part of our character that show the way we feel depending on the
situations around us when we say feelings we are actually describing one
feeling at a time although sometimes for example due to illness
a person may experience many feelings at once the way you feel relates to your
emotional state mood frame of mind temper disposition state of mind spirit
good or bad can be added to all of these words to show a positive mood and a
negative one our feelings and moods are all related
to the way we think in our minds the study of this subject is called
psychology this also covers the way we behave generally our minds control
everything we do besides actions your mood can also
affect your health if you were to feel unhappy over a long period of time then
you may need to see a doctor you could be suffering from depression
this is often caused by stress from a sudden change in your life such as the
loss of your job or the death of a loved one there are many different things
around us that have the ability to change the way we feel a piece of
classical music might make you feel sad it touches you emotionally it moves you
a happy story may uplift your mood and cheer you up
you may find yourself both laughing and crying while watching a romantic movie
either alone or with your lover I feel happy I feel glad I feel excited
I never feel sad the day is alive and I feel great tomorrow will be good I just
can’t wait my heart is warm with a rosy glow the smile on my face I love to show
I need to jump I like to sing I want to live I love everything I feel down I feel bad I feel miserable
I really feel sad I hate this day I dislike it all my heart is down feel
like I will fall so gray is this world with its trouble and strife so cold my
spirit in this dark and gloomy life happy cinnamons bright content cheerful
elated glowing jolly joyful Mary sunny sad synonyms blue forlorn depressed down
gloomy glum moody solemn woeful it would be fair to say that we all go
through times when things seem bad people can sometimes let you down they
have the ability to say things that make you unhappy events and circumstances may
come along and destroy your plans for the future
as the poet Stephen spender once wrote you must live through the time when
everything hurts life comes with no guarantees or promises the sunny days of
contentment can only be truly appreciated through the dark gloomy
nights of despair for without sadness we would never really know what it is like
to be truly happy I hope you enjoyed that one of my very
early lessons all about feeling happy and being sad well you don’t have to be
sad today because I am here live on YouTube we are talking about what makes
you feel happy and maybe the things that make you feel sad as well so I have
received quite a few questions here and very interesting hello – let’s have a
look shall we well Naruto asks mr. Duncan what makes
you sad and what do you do when you are a sad or when you feel sad what do you
do what do I do well some things do make me sad some
things make me very unhappy some things make me angry maybe I think one of the
things that makes me really sad is when people are unfair and I think that’s it
so unfairness so unfairness in society unfairness in a situation when you see
one person being unfair to another so I think unfairness is one of the things
that really makes me feel a little sad and unhappy but generally speaking I
would say that I’m quite a happy person I’ve had periods in my life where I felt
down felt unhappy but what can you do as I said in the video that you just
watched sometimes life brings things your way that are difficult or hard to
cope with and other times life is just full of joy and that is it life comes
with no guarantees or promises the dark nights of despair can only be fully
appreciated by the warm sunny days and vice versa
so without happiness or without sadness we would never really know the joys of
actually existing that’s how I look at it anyway maybe you agree maybe you
disagree Sergio oh I see Sergio has something to say
about my C Drive you just need to separate your C Drive from all the other
storage well I have my computer is very high spec very high specification so I
have a separate C Drive and also other drives which are not connected to the C
Drive I know that so I know that already so it is nothing to do with that but for
some reason and I don’t know why something is creating files and data
inside my C Drive and I have done everything I have cleaned the computer
I’ve done system cleans or cleanups as they call them so you can clean your
disk to get rid of all of the unwanted files I’ve done that I’ve done
everything but for some reason my C Drive keeps getting full and it’s very
annoying so that makes me sad so there is another thing that makes me feel sad
sometimes when my C Drive keeps filling up and I don’t know why so I don’t
normally get sad and not as much as I used to I used to be a person who would
worry and think about things too much but over the years I have learned to
relax and calm myself and not get too upset by the things around me especially
things that I can’t change so sometimes you might find yourself becoming sad or
feeling unhappy about something that you can’t change stop Belarusian you are
making me cry oh I see Belarusian says this
lesson touched my heart mr. Duncan well I the reason why I made that lesson
wasn’t to make you sad it was actually to make you happy and feel a bit of joy
so I suppose it is keeping everything in perspective
so sometimes we think too much about negative things when we should be
thinking about nice things it sounds easy
when you say it but in reality it is not so easy to do so I do understand that
Blue Thunder says I love winter winter is a full fun time yes I think here
winter is great especially when it snows as you know I love snow where is the
puddle dance well the puddle dance is coming up in a few moments because we
are coming up to three o’clock and a lot of people have asked mr. Duncan can we
have a look at the puddle dance so for those who have requested the puddle
dance and I really hope this puts a smile on your face here it is right now thank you thank you
thank you oh how kind thank you very much for those applause as well I hope
you enjoyed that yes I said it was short not very long so there was my puddle
dance that I recorded I think I made that last year
dancing in the puddle paddle paddle paddle so when the water
collects in a hole maybe the rain falls and then the water will collect in a
hole we call that a puddle puddle what a great word Thank You Mika
really I’ve always bought my cup with me when I get coffee at a shop I suppose so
and I think this is something that is happening now especially in the UK and I
suppose many countries around the world as well people are being encouraged to
bring the same cup back to the coffee shop
so yes I’m not sure how hygienic that is though I suppose you have to make sure
that you wash the cup before you take it to the cafe but yes I think that’s a
very good idea I think so if you take your own cup then you don’t have to use
a plastic cup or a paper cup do they still have paper cups do they still have
paper cups I I think many of them are now plastic so mark I think your boots
were soaked says Tomic no fortunately fortunately I can safely say that my
boots are waterproof so the water did not get in satury no gives me some
advice on my computer oh thank you very much I really need your help
if you can help me solve this problem I need to solve it I need to sort it out
some editing software creates several copies of your work and saves them for
the editing ah yes I know what you mean yes well we call them scratch disks
scratch disks and also you might find in certain software the the software will
create a copy of what you are editing however my my Premiere Pro which is what
I use so the editing software that I use is naturally Premiere Pro CC and it’s
the new version but as far as I know everything that that particular software
uses is in a separate drive it is in another drive so it isn’t in the C Drive
it is in a completely separate drive but that is a very interesting suggestion so
I’m not saying that I’m not going to listen to your suggestion because I
think it’s a really good one that’s a very good suggestion Thank You satury No
so I will check that out later I need to find out why my C Drive keeps becoming
full all the time it’s very annoying I don’t know why I feel happy and sad or I
feel sad and happy at the same time I think I am crazy not necessarily not
necessarily I did not say what you read out I asked whether your boots got
soaked or not no they didn’t know fortunately my boots are waterproof so
the water didn’t get in but they got wet on the surface but inside my feet stayed
nice and dry hello Anna hello char hello charred nice to see you what does you
never know mean something in the future that is unknown maybe something that may
or may not be possible something that might or might not happen
you never know you never know so it is an expression that means nothing has
been determined nothing has been planned so maybe
something you want to do in the future something you want to do in your life
later do it because you never know you never know do you like to dance mr.
Duncan yes I do pachoo I love dancing when I was a
teenager I used to go to the discos all the time there used to be a disco on
Saturday night very close to where I lived and I used to go there all the
time I love dancing I love music I love to move my body move my body move move
move move move a boogie boogie boogie boogie boogie so
yes I do I really do like to dance and also I love music as well as you may
have noticed in my videos so many of my video lessons contain all sorts of music
many different styles of music next week on the 21st spring will arrive in
Argentina and we will be watching the bare branches of the trees growing their
tiny leaves I love spring I think springtime is a magical time of year a
little bit like autumn so I always think that springtime is kind of the opposite
of autumn so during autumn everything starts to
fade the leaves fall and everything starts to go to sleep the
trees will use every little bit of energy that they have so autumn and
spring are opposites you might say Alamgir says I am hungry I have to go
now because I’m starving you’re not the only one I’m also a
little bit hungry as well I am looking forward to my tea cake today I am really
looking forward to it mr. Steve was in the garden earlier and I will give you a
little clue as to what he was doing you can you see what I have there in my
hand these are damsons
and right now the damsons are ripe they are ripe on the trees and so mr. Steve
has been busy in the garden this morning picking the damsons off the trees so you
can see here there are some dams ins these are ripe they are ripe which means
they are ready to be picked so that’s what Steve has been doing he’s been busy
in the kitchen in fact that’s where he is now Steve is now in the kitchen and
he’s making some Jam so for those wondering where Steve is he is now here
but he’s in the kitchen so he’s not here next to me he is here around the corner loretta says hello mr. Denker and I have
some questions what’s the difference between make a point and have a point
well a point is always something that you express may be an opinion so you
make a point about something in that particular sense so what is your point
what is your point of view so we are talking about a person’s opinion so your
point of view is your opinion so point means that is the thing that you are
focusing on your point of view so where does your point of you go to what is
your point of view so to make a point means to express something that you want
to get across something that you want to express maybe an opinion your point of
view you have an opinion that you want to make about something and if you have
a point it means there is meaning to something so to have a point means to
have meaning or a purpose so you have a point you have a meaning you have a
purpose so there are some differences between those two sentences do now
everyone I want you to join hands because I have a strange feeling that
I’m about to be joined by the one and only mr. Steve I think he is on his way
mr. Steve is here hello mr. Duncan hello got to be careful
today because I’ve got a bit of a sore throat oh yes I forgot to mention that
Steve isn’t feeling very well today you have a slight now you think maybe you
have a slight cold yes fever suddenly came on yesterday
sore throat the classic symptoms runny nose I don’t know why it’s very early I
don’t normally get colds this early on in the flu season mr. Duncan but anyway
I’m very busy I’m very busy should I here’s a clue
here’s a clue what is written on my you have to go right back that’s it oh I see
so on mr. Steve’s apron it says Steve domestic god oh okay then bow to me mr.
Duncan bow to your God domestic God yes so what does that give you a clue I’m in
the kitchen I’m pretty sure people are going to ask what does domestic mean
domestic means things you do in the house or at home so if you are a person
who does domestic jobs you are doing things in the house maybe cleaning the
house maybe you are in the kitchen cooking the food or or all have a
domestic yes you have a de missed if you have a domestic it means you have a
fight that’s right maybe a husband and wife are having a fight yes doesn’t have
to be physical it could be just verbal mmm but a domestic you might hear you
might hear the neighbors shouting at each other you might say oh they’re
having a domestic next door so it just means that you know in the domestic
environment your home people are arguing as opposed to a work place argument so
what am i doing in the kitchen mr. Duncan I don’t know what are you doing
in the kitchen mr. I’ll give you a few clues these tell me here we go so first
of all I’ve got a big thermometer that’s a very big one Wow very big thermometer
can I hold it I’m going to stick that we’re later and take a temperature
reading Steve is going to put this somewhere I don’t know where I don’t
know I don’t want to know where where where are you going to put this well
it’s got to be very hot oh okay that mr. Duncan it’s a thermometer I don’t think
this will fit in that is a thermometer Debbie disgusting that’s thermometer mr.
Duncan is designed to be put into very hot liquids okay and what we’re talking
about today like hot water or your that sort of thing
maybe something else maybe something very sticky I can think of I can think
of something very hot and sticky that you might put this in double-entendre is
very very naughty mr. Duncan here’s another clue granulated sugar sugar oh
yes Lois has guessed correctly has had other people that’s that’s mr. Duncan
Dietz naught that through earth or a straw I love sugar
that’s mr. Duncan’s cocaine what well that’s what they described sugar as it’s
or it’s virtually they have identified it as addictive as cocaine okay but can
I just say that I have never snorted I have never snorted sugar at my nose
ever so there we go and this is the final clue of course I’ve been picking
them this morning the damsons are finally ripe
I’m fact they’ve gone a bit over right but there aren’t very many this year so
I’ve just got enough to make about 14 pots of jam okay and give some to the
neighbors and literally as we speak hmm the damsons are just starting to come to
the boil I put some water in them that’s the first stage bit of water boil them
up cook them for half an hour add the sugar get rid of the stones boil
it till the set point is reached and then put it in to the jam jars I have to
be careful here I will be doing that very shortly I can’t stay for long
because it could be boiling over yes okay
oh no it’s these I guess sweet well I can smell something
burning yes para mirar is she she says that I think mr. Duncan is pampered I by
mr. Steve yes as you have discovered week on week I’m the one that seems to
be doing all the difficult jobs it’s not true
I’d also do some jobs as well I put I put the dishes in the dishwasher and
sometimes I cook for mr. Steve when he’s in a hurry so I will make meals for
Steve so I I do I do things I wash his stinky disgusting underwear very I’m
Miriam you see see the damsons a bit closer will that be in focus mr. don’t
code it probably won’t know it’s a bit like it’s a type of sort of plum I
suppose you would say a soft fruit with a stone in the middle a hard stone in
the middle but they’re a little on the bitter side they’re not that popular in
this country no they make great Jam Thursday because I said the other week
it’s it’s not it’s not a plum but in fact it is a type it’s a type of plum is
I think it is yes I think it is a stoned a stone fruit yeah so it has a small
stone inside yes and I’ve got to get rid of them because if you don’t get rid of
them and you give somebody some of your dams and Jam and they spread it onto
their bread and there’s a big stone in it they could break that break my other
teeth yes or Chubby’s and choke on the stone three very important to remove the
stones from the middle that will be amazing though I would like to see the
death certificate of someone who’s choked on your jam and and the reason
the cause of death will be choking on mr. Steve’s damson Jam damsons Lerato
abut dams and Jam type of plum yes house wife belongs to mr. Steve well I’m a
house why I do everything I do all the jobs don’t I mister don’t can you name
it I can turn my hand to any job it’s not true though because that then sounds
as if I don’t do any work in the house but I do I take care of all the things I
have to I have to wash his stinky underwear
and sometimes I don’t know what he doesn’t I don’t know what he does I I
think he might have a bit of a problem you know but you know when you get older
you know to get older and you know it elderly people they sometimes you know a
little bit of something comes out oh somebody wants a pizza they don’t want
Jam are you talking about you Wittering on about mr. Duncan I’m gonna go and
quickly check because I don’t want the the jam to boil over no mean do you mind
if I go and I can always come back if you want no I won’t be here much longer
I’m only here for another 10 minutes okay and then we’re going to have tea
cakes and a cup of tea so that’s a brief visit from me today so I’ll go back into
the place of work why do you keep doing that I don’t want to catch your cold oh
I see I’m defending myself yes I’m talking I’m not going to project too
much today mr. Duncan good Zota tower everybody I’m going back into
the kitchen to slave away of course I’ve got this cold because I have to work so
hard and run down run down through all the work and effort that I’ve been doing
over the last few all the jobs and so I’m now very susceptible to getting
these cold Oh mr. Duncan cold there is your that’s for you yes there
we go you see hold that mr. Duncan you see when the jam is at the right
temperature for setting yeah because you’ve got to get rid of some of the
water there’s a little mark on there a red mark and when you put the
thermometer in and the thermometer comes up to that level then you know the jam
is ready there are other ways of telling whether it’s at it’s set point but
that’s the most reliable way good bye mr. Debose differ I don’t like
Jam says that lerato but I would like to know a damned yes it tastes like sort of
plum jam plums sweet lots of sugar and in the version I’m going to make this
right goodbye Tatar see you all next week hopefully I
will be vocally louder and there was mr. Steve so he was
hanging around but he is very busy in the kitchen at the moment making some
lovely Jam so thank you Steve and thanks to everyone who has been involved today
before I finish this is something that I talked about last week I talked about
the environment and also recycling and I thought it would be fun to take a look
at one of my lessons I did all about the reasons why we have to pay for our
plastic bags I’ve always been interested in language
and the way it is used more than that I have for a long time been intrigued by
the effects of certain types of language on the psychology of us this area
includes the use of words and the language used for certain reasons at a
particular time or the use of influence and words to alter our behavior 2016 has
seen some great moments where certain types of language use has engrained
itself on the consciousness of society with I’m sure lots more still to come
before this year is out in October 2015 the UK government decided to put a levy
on plastic carrier bags in England which would bring it in line with the rest of
the UK which already had a levy in place a levy is a form of monetary charge or
tax normally implemented as a way of raising funds a levy can also be brought
in as a way of changing behavior such as a levy on tobacco or a levy on alcohol
the plastic bag levy was originally introduced so as to discourage people
from constantly taking free carrier bags each time they did their grocery shop
for many years it has been reported that discarded plastic bags were creating
environmental issues the production and disposal of these Handy items has for a
long time being widely seen as problematic by conservation groups the
habit of picking up a few plastic bags during every shopping trip had to be
broken and a levy seemed the best way to do it before the charge was introduced it was
decided that the levy itself would be five pence per required back which means
that if your supermarket shopping requires six new plastic banks for
packing you will be charged thirty P extra on your shopping bill the concept
of charging for each bag used ensures that money will be raised for good
causes while at the same time making people aware of the need for them to
reuse the bags they already have stored it home you could say that the levy
serves as a gentle way of prodding the general public into changing a
particular habit what is interesting about this exercise is that the charge
itself is quite small five pence per bag does seem like a very tiny amount of
money to pay however even the levy as small as that would seem to be enough to
get people to change their neglectful and careless ways
in July 2016 it was reported that by the end of the year the use of plastic
carrier banks in England will have decreased by 83 percent meaning that the
levy scheme had worked not only that but the money raised so far by the five P
charge had totaled over 41 million pounds with a portion of the money going
to environmental causes the upshot of this is that there has been an actual
change in the behavior of the general public regarding how they use and reuse
their plastic carrier bags so the psychology are and the attitude
towards our plastic bag use has been altered by nothing more than a few
carefully worded campaigns and of course the 5p levy but what exactly has this
done to our brains would it be fair to say that this change in behavior has in
some way altered our brains has it in some way made as more environmentally
aware perhaps a few new synapses have been created appear by this new attitude
that we’ve been coerced into adopting I know from my own shopping habits that
I’ve sometimes had to turn back halfway down my driveway after realizing that I
didn’t have a carrier bag with me there is no way I’m going to pay five P for a
carrier bag when I have piles of them stashed away in a cupboard back home
these days my brain won’t let me go anywhere without at least one rolled-up
carrier bag in my coat pocket you know just in case words use today intrigue aroused the
interest or curiosity of something or to make secret plans
the secret planning of something a mysterious or fascinating quality levy
to impose a charge or tax a penalty or fine a charge or tax a penalty or fine
psychology the study of the human mind the attitude and way of thinking among
people the way in which the mind works behavior created by thought mental
factors governing a situation implement put something into practice carry out a
plan or idea by putting it into effect fraud to poke something with a finger or
sharp object to coerce and encourage by persuasion to encourage a reluctant
person to do something stash to put something away in a safe or secure place
to place many things in one place for storage items hidden away for
safekeeping or to be used and there it was a lesson all about
reusing and also charging people for using plastic banks it is a beautiful
day it’s Sunday it is a fun day and we are learning English together well I’m
teaching and you are learning but sometimes of course I will learn from
you as well especially when it comes to certain things that I don’t know about
like why is my C Drive filling with information on its own
hello to Galina who is here after such a long absence hello – Galina nice to see
you back with us again apparently we have to pay for plastic bags in every
kind of shop says Maria Sergio thinks and being distracted
Sergio Sergio thinks that there are certain types of plastic that are eaten
by bacteria ok Steve come on show is the disaster there’s been an accident mr.
Duncan yes now whilst that video was playing I went to the kitchen to see if
mr. Steve was making his jam and what happened Steve well while I was talking
to you all know there hasn’t been a murder I know it it looks like blood
this is what happens when you cook dams and jam and you leave it on the stove
and you walk away and do a bit of a live stream and then you go back and discover
that it’s boiled over that looks horrendous it looks like blood mr.
Duncan came into the kitchen he looked through the window and I was mopping up
what looked like blood III ran in I ran in and said are you ok because I thought
some I thought mr. Steve had had an accident you know physically I thought
maybe maybe he had had enough of me but yes so
yes I had to clear it all up with these paper towels so this is its and in fact
if you get this anywhere they used to use damsons to dye cloth because you can
see what happens when you boil them you get this red dye that comes out and
that’s the color of the jam when it’s ready
finish clearing up I think the color is really nice I think I might have a
nosebleed it’s very dramatic he was all over the floor I probably lost about 1/4
of the jam yes anyway good job I hadn’t put the sugar in because that would have
been horrendous tomorrow that would have been a terrible terrible moment yes so
me Mika says did your jam boil over yes boil over so there hasn’t been a murder
in our house although there might be I’m blaming the live stream so once again I
get the blame right I will go and salvage what is left
so salvage means you’re going to get something it’s ruined but you’re gonna
get you’re gonna get to try and get something from it yes or what remains
what’s the mains of it and and try and make something with it so probably we
won’t get 14 pots of jam I think we’ll get 10 okay so see you next week so the
rest of the jam is now on the floor in the kitchen unfortunately but it did
give me a little bit of a shock when I looked through the window and there was
red things red stuff there was red everywhere and I wasn’t sure what it was
I thought mr. Steve had finally decided to do the indecent thing yeah anyway I’m
going now I hope you’ve enjoyed this that was unexpected but that is the
thing about doing a live stream you never know what is going to happen so
because of my live stream and because mr. Steve wanted to say hello to you his
Jam is ruined it is a very big disaster Ahmed you are right thank you Anna
thank you wrong Thank You Valentin thank you Jeff
Jeff is here oh I like your new logo you have a new icon Jeff oh no that that’s a
different Jeff you are a different Jeff because there is a Jeff who follows from
the United States but Jeff her Jeff her says my wife and I keep bringing cloth
bags to the supermarket for over four years so these particular banks are
called banks for life so these are banks that will last for many years and they
are often made of cloth or some of a recycled material so my wife and I keep
bringing cloth banks to the supermarket and we don’t buy plastic bags we haven’t
bought plastic banks since 2015 well here in the UK you have to pay for
plastic bags you have to pay for them if you want to put your groceries in there
thank you – Louis thank you also – Meeker JC Jordi Thank You pal Mira
thank you – amra wardi thank you – Jay oh hello Jay ah nice to see you here as
well so I now have to go into the house where mr. Steve will probably have some
very harsh words for me because I caused him to ruin his jam so on a light note
we are going to end with the poodle dance because a lot of people like to
watch me splashing around in the puddle I will see you next weekend
don’t forget live times there they are and also you can get in touch as well
lots and lots of ways of getting in touch and don’t forget you can also send
a donation to help my work continue forever and ever and ever and of course
until the next time we meet here on YouTube this is mr. Duncan in English
and saying thanks for watching see you soon and of course you know what’s
coming next ta ta for now let’s get splashing

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