Learn About Spear Patient Education – Patient Retention for Dental Practice Growth
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Learn About Spear Patient Education – Patient Retention for Dental Practice Growth

January 8, 2020

You have big goals for your practice. You want to be successful, profitable and
leave a lasting impression on your patients. You can care about your patients’ health and
the health of your practice. And you want your patients to be happy and
committed to the high-quality treatment you provide. But there’s one thing bringing you down. You feel like you don’t have enough patients,
and you want more. Likely, it’s primarily because you want higher
streams of revenue and greater overall profitability. Maybe it’s also because you want to increase
your case acceptance and take on different types of cases. You think expanding your patient is going
to bring in a wave of revenue and be the best solution. But this is not your problem. The problem is patient retention. Your existing patient base is decreasing because
they’re leaving out the back. Why is this happening? It’s because they don’t value treatment. So maybe you need to present it differently. Maybe they’re not understanding the full impact
of their potential treatment. But if you don’t have a strategy for more
case acceptance, adding patients won’t solve your problem. You have to get to the root of the issue,
which is patient retention. But how? Spear Online’s Patient Education tools will
help you better communicate their diagnosis and treatment options. It’ll also communicate the importance of seeking
treatment and the potential consequences of not doing so. Our videos will show your patients the basics
of home care, symptom progression, appliance care, post-op care and procedure details. We conducted a couple of studies to test the
efficiency of our Patient Education programs and found that the majority of patients who
watched the waiting room videos better understood the consequences of neglecting treatment,
were compelled to move forward with treatment and wanted their dentist to show the videos
in their practice. Patients who watched our 3-D animated Patient
Education videos had similar sentiments.

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