Know How to Maintain Good Bowel Function

February 26, 2020

Know how to maintain good bowel function. In this video you will learn how to maintain
good bowel function. This includes: what the bowel is, what is
good bowel function, what is constipation, and how to prevent constipation. What is the bowel? The bowel has two parts: the large bowel and
the small bowel. The small bowel absorbs nutrients and fluids. Nutrients come from the food you eat and drink. They give us energy and help build muscle. Nutrients that the body does not use become
waste. This waste is then moved to the large bowel. The large bowel absorbs the water from the
left over nutrients, which is waste. When water is removed the waste then becomes
poo. The rectum stores poo until it passes out
of your body. What is good bowel function? Good bowel function is poo that is soft and
easy to pass and it happens on a regular basis. For some people, this may be every day, or
every other day. What is constipation? Constipation means you are pooing less often
than is normal for you. If you have constipation, your poo may be:
small, hard, dry, or hard to pass. Constipation can be due to different reasons. It may be a side effect of your anti-nausea
medicine – for example, ondansetron or granisetron. Pain medicines like morphine or hydromorphone
or other medicines you may take. Some patients think they have bowel obstruction
but they are actually constipated. Constipation is not the same as bowel obstruction. Talk to your doctor about your symptoms. What can I do to prevent constipation? To prevent constipation, it is important to:
drink 6 cups or one and a half litres of fluids every day. Fluids include any liquids that do not have
alcohol in them. Stay active. For example, walking may keep your bowels
moving and may help prevent constipation. Talk to your health care team about taking
medicines such as laxatives to help with your bowel function. In this video, you learned about bowel function. This included: what the bowel is, what is
good bowel function, what is constipation, and how to prevent constipation.

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