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Kill Algae in Retention Ponds | 704-816-0526 | Charlotte NC

January 8, 2020

Hey it’s Richard here with Platinum Ponds
& Lake Management. We wanted to show you an algae clip here that we took at we took the Altogrove apartments in
Charlotte North Carolina. Algae management is probably number one problem with retention ponds and what we want
show you here is one of the solutions that we found. The best way to take care of the algae in your retention pond is to starve it to death. So we’ve been treating this pond
proactively throughout the entire year on a monthly basis with bacteria and enzymes. Locking up phosphorus levels in the pond which are those areas in
which have high nutrients, so we’re seeing a bloom here
that we’re about to treat. With a surfactant build, copper sulfate which actually burns
through. Which is a reactive approach which gives us great results within 12 hours. Kills the algae back, but we need to come
back on a regular basis to keep this under control until we have blocked out these
nutrients. Check us out on the web at We would love to hear from you.

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