KEEP YOUTUBE VIEWERS WATCHING LONGER increase watch time & retention
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KEEP YOUTUBE VIEWERS WATCHING LONGER increase watch time & retention

January 9, 2020

so I was recently asked this question
“how can I make my videos more interesting” there’s a few techniques
that you can use to hold people’s attention. People’s attention is as an
all-time short span, so paying attention to these five things that I’m going
to tell you that you can do is going to really help you keep the attention of
your audience. Hi I’m Justina, I’m your video professional helping you make the best
videos for your business. It’s true in this modern age of instant gratification
everything is as our fingertips in a moment we no longer have some wait
week on week, to watch our favourite series we can just get the box set and binge
watch it all in one go. We don’t even have to wait that long to buy anything we
want to buy with Amazon delivering next day or even same day we just don’t have
to wait very long. The goldfish has a memory of about seven
or eight seconds and guess what our attention span isn’t that different. So you can
test this out for yourself when you’re watching television or a movie whatever
it is next, after watching this video just count the number of seconds before there’s
a cut now not talking about a scene change it will probably be the same
scene but you’re seeing it from a different angle or different camera or
different cuts of that camera shot so just your head
you’ll be counting 2 1 3 5 4 it’s not often you get close to 10 seconds even
and when you do you’ll be thinking “oh here we go
there’s a short change coming” so just have a go is fun game to play. But what
it demonstrates is that we do need to keep changing things up when we’re
making videos so talking head videos for YouTube like this we have a slightly
longer tolerance we’re not expecting to have that many shot changes because
usually we’re really looking for that particular content, so we’re ready to sit
back and watch and learn so we don’t have the big budget or even the time to
invest that movies and TV programs have so what is it that we can do but I want
videos for our businesses that we’re filming ourselves. These five things are
going to help you on that road so what’s the first one? The first one is to use
your face to be animated yes and you at your face and smile a whole lot more then you
think you need to. Because it’s an easy thing to start not smiling and when we
don’t smile on camera we actually look so much more miserable than we think we
are looking and the reason for this is because when you’re in a conversation
with someone you’re not smiling all the time but that’s fine because you in that
two way exchange when we’re filming is just a one-way exchange so you want to be
smiling at a whole lot in fact you want to learn for us a smile talk and that’s
exactly how it sounds, it’s talking and smiling at the same time and feeling
that you’re just smiling a bit too much. It’s going to really be helpful and of
course if you smile in the camera then probably a person watching is going to
be feeling happier for seeing your smile and we want our audience to
feel good about what our videos don’t we.
So the second thing to do is to use your gestures so don’t just stand there
without moving feel free to use your hands of course you don’t want that to
become too distracting so you don’t to be waving your hands or helpful I like
this too much because that won’t help. But by expressing what you’re talking
about with your hands what you’re doing is you’re creating movement in your shot
now by creating movement in our shots we kind of do what we can to have those
shot changes that we can’t afford to do a lot because we don’t have a movie
budget. Having movements that we’re creating in our talking head with our
gestures means that the human brain is paying more attention because our primal
brain from back in the caveman days is used to paying attention to where
there’s movement so that it doesn’t get eaten so of course you don’t have to
worry about that today but by cooperating gestures it means that that
person’s attention is being held just a little bit more. Plus Vanessa
Van Edwards conducted a study on TED Talks that she found all the Ted Talks
that went viral has some things in common that were missing in the TED talks that
didn’t and that was the smiles and the gestures, she found out that the viewers
perception of that speaker was that they were more charismatic more intelligent
when they use gestures and when they smiled. The third thing is to add what’s
called b-roll so b-roll if you haven’t heard of that time is what we do when we
see some other footage or still images that are laid over the video so you
don’t see me you just hear me so this is a great way of adding texture and adding
more interest to your videos of course it does many little people work in the
post production your editing but it’s worth it if you ready to take that
step so think about what b-roll you can add. So the fourth thing is to add some
on-screen graphics or some on-screen text now that can actually be while
you’re on shots because it still changes things up or it can be completely
covering the shot so again you’re just hearing my voice and you’re seeing
something different so this is something you can add in your post-production
relatively easy now depending on what platform but use it to edit your videos
with. So the fifth and final thing is to do to change your shot size so change in
your shot size again just add some sort of extra dimension to the video. As a
rule of thumb you don’t want to make it a tiny change you want to make it about
a 30% shot change size so that it doesn’t just look accidental or a little
bit odd so that it looks really purposeful and actually does have a
different look I’ve just been a little bit of a different look you can even do
an extreme cutting and this is actually called a cutting and sometimes when
you’re doing b-roll that’s called a cutaway and you’re cutting it away from
the shots and the cuts in is when actually you’re highlighting something
from the shot. So if I was holding a book that I wanted to show you then we might
do cut it in to show that book in a bit more detail. So let’s recap what those
five things are; the first one is to smile second one to use gestures, the third one is to incorporate b-roll, the fourth one
is think about on-screen text or graphics and the fifth one is to change
your frame size. Now how frequently should you do these you might ask. I
would say for YouTube videos obviously the more the better, but try to think of at
minimum having something going on thirty seconds so that you’re breaking
up the monotony of just having a talking head if you can. So have you used any of
these in your videos already do you think some of these are ones that you
can use? Again tell me what your thoughts are in the comments below I’ll be
answering every single person’s comment. So that’s it for now but remember the
more your audience sees you on video the faster they will connect with you and
I’ll see you in this video.

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